Guest Post: Rolling Rock Dolls

Hey, guys! We’ve got a guest post today from the lovely Celeste about her doll clothes business. I’ve looked at her Etsy shop, and I’m amazed at how gorgeous her products are. My personal favorites are the Merida gown, pink Christmas dress, and the mermaid dress.

Enjoy the post and make sure to check out Celeste’s blog and shops!

Hi everyone, this is Celeste of Rolling Rock Dolls, I make doll clothes and accessories for dolls, mostly for the famous 18″ American Girl. You can find me on Etsy, Ebay and even Amazon. My doll business has been accidental, I just wanted to learn how to sew and then found out I can make an income out of my creativity making doll clothes. I think I am now addicted to collecting dolls, not just American Girl but also other brands like Disney Animators and Barbie. I enjoy being able to stay home and sew some beautiful dresses. Most dresses that I make are princess gowns or fairies. Dolls can be anything their owner wants them to be which is fun. Here are some dresses from my online shops.

Please feel free to check out these links to go to my online shops:

Thank you very much Loren for allowing me to guest post on your doll blog, I enjoy the pictures you post here.

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt

Hi, guys! I have another guest post to share today. This one was sent in by Kara, who blogs over at the Hello Dollie Blog. Kara created a photostory of her dolls collecting Easter eggs — now a bit late, perhaps, but too cute not to share.


Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Time for an Egg Hunt, who wants to join in?

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Looks like Stephanie and Samantha are in!

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

“Can I be the first to start the hunt?”

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Rebecca is ready with her cute sun hat on.

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

“Look, I found an egg, and it is golden!”

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Sammy found her first egg too.

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Maryellen sees one!

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Looks like Maryellen’s egg and dress match in color . . .

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Is that you, Lea, in Maryellen’s dress? You found an egg.

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Careful up there on that tractor, Isabelle, that looks dangerous! You got your first egg, too.

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG


Stephanie is in the fairy garden hunting, can you spot her egg?

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG


Lea found another one in the flower pot, where are the flowers?

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Two eggs for Maryellen, now the girls are tied!

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

Samantha has evened the score, what a fun egg hunt!

Guest Post: AG Egg Hunt | Happy House of AG

It’s such a beautiful day, who is up for a game of hopscotch?


Thanks for sending in your adorable guest post, Kara!


Guest Post From Izzy

Hello! I’ve got another guest post for you guys. This one was sent in by Izzy. Let’s hand it over to her.


Hi, everyone! My name’s Izzy, and I run the blog LOST IN MY OWN WORLD. Today, I will be showing you a few photos of my doll Sadie (Truly Me #47) that I took by a window! Enjoy! :)












Doll: Sadie, Truly Me 47
Dress: Infinity scarf (no-sew!)
Belt: Broken headband (I’m so creative, I know.)
Eyeliner: Done by my mom.
Thanks for sending in the guest post, Izzy! Sadie is a beautiful doll.
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Guest Post From Nicole

Hello! Nicole from Dolls With a Passion (a blog you should totally check out) sent me a guest post: a photoshoot of her doll Lea.

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

Beautiful photos, Nicole! Lea looks great in that scarf, and I love the golden lighting. :)


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TSO, Mini Doll Style — Part Four {Finale}

It’s here . . . the finale of BedtimeBear’s awesome guest photostory series, “TSO, Mini Doll Style!”

Part one, two, and three.



“There she is,” Kirsten whispered almost soundlessly. “Lady Shaloe.”


Lady Shaloe was a big white Maltese who loved fashion and was basically the richest animal in town. The two, well, technically the three-some, had snuck around upstairs for a while before stumbling upon the Lady, who was at the moment busy primping herself with a crowd of admiring fans:


Nancy, who was an adoring fan of Lady Shaloe; Stripey, who was trying to keep from yawning from boredom; and Ollieo, who was probably going to be an easy capture.


I eyed the scene with my mind swirling with the possibility of capturing more than one animal. Without turning my head from the scene I murmured to Kirsten, “Pick your targets.”


Kirsten nodded and eyed them carefully. Lady Shaloe was now demonstrating the art of modeling an outfit, with Nancy hanging on her every word. Ollieo, thinking that this was a Jeopardy thing, was in vain trying to get Lady Shaloe to call on him by first sitting still, then bouncing and waving his arms, er, wings, excitedly. Stripey had curled up for a cat nap.


Kirsten turned back to me, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.  “I pick Lady Shaloe and Nancy.”

“Then get to it, Private!” I whisper-squeaked. As I watched Kirsten scurry off to find what she needed to defeat Lady Shaloe and Nancy, I had to wonder, How would I defeat Ollieo and Stripey?


 “PIZZZZAAAAA!” A loud voice interrupted my thoughts. Shocked, surprised, and flabbergasted, the three jerked their heads up and Stripey awoke immediately from her probably fake cat nap. There in the doorway stood a giant box with big letters written on it saying PIZZA.


“PIZZZZZAAAAAA!” Lady Shaloe screamed as she jumped on the box, struggling to get it open. Nancy bounced after her and the two struggled for a couple of minutes. Then they tumbled into the box. SNAP! The pizza box closed on them.


“Hey! The box was rigged, most fascinating. I must tell Mama!” Ollieo said before waddling off.


Realizing we only had a couple of minutes to spare before Mama came and stopped us, Kirsten and I jumped into action. While I knocked the box down, Kirsten tackled Stripey’s sharp claws with her sword.


Stripey was so shocked that she took to her heels! TSO AGENTS HAD WON THE BATTLE! Until, “REBECCA! KIRSTEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Kirsten and I fled and went into hiding, knowing that now we were full-fledged TSO agents!

(Take up the challenge, you MINI DOLLS! SHOW THEM WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF!)


Thank you so much, BedtimeBear, for sending in your entertaining photostory series! I really loved reading it. :)


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TSO, Mini Doll Style — Part Three

Here is part three of “TSO, Mini Doll Style,” a guest photostory series by BedtimeBear.

Part one, and part two.



Going up the stairs was hard. Yes, we had gathered for the first TSO meeting on the first step of the stairs, but climbing it while carrying a pie and keeping track of JoJo and Kirsten at the same time was hard! JoJo and Kirsten had it easy. Kirsten could use her sword to help propel her up the stairs, and JoJo could fly, but I had to climb the stairs carrying a pie! Thankfully, Kirsten noticed my distress and helped me by taking my hand and hauling me behind her while she was propelled forward by her sword. Let’s just say, I’m not sure which one was worse.


“So when we get to the top of the stairs,” Kirsten said as she huffed and heaved me after her while making a three-step jump.

“YEAH?” (To reassure you, I did not scream. It just . . . sounded like it.)

“Um, Chief? Are you okay?” Kirsten asked in a very concerned voice.


“Let me get to the top and I will be okay,” I gasped, sweat pouring down my face. (What? Did you think milk was pouring down my face? Okay I need to stop interrupting myself. TSO agents never do that!)

“Um, okay.”


So we climbed and climbed. And just as I thought we were at the end of our rope, we saw the top in sight! Also a very naughty bird named JoJo sat there looking very smug at us. He had gotten there hours ahead of us because he flew. I made a mental note to cut his treats out of his diet if I ever survived this mess.

Kirsten made it to the top first, then pulled me up after her. We settled back to enjoy the view. My heart was overjoyed, it was so full of . . .”STOP!” I suddenly yelled. Both Kirsten and JoJo startled and spun to face me.


“Rebec — I mean, Chief, what’s wrong?” Kirsten asked, hand on her sword.

“We’re doing it wrong, for crying out loud!” I stamped my foot. “We’re on a mission and we can’t be sidetracked!”

“Righto!” Kirsten hauled herself to her feet and trotted after me with JoJo trailing behind. “Um, Chief?”

I sighed. “Yes, Private?”

“What is our plan?”

I stopped, confusion written on my face. “The plan?”

“Don’t tell me you forgot the plan!”

“Nope, I didn’t.”

“Good, so what’s the plan?”

I tried balancing on one foot and nearly fell over. “I have no idea,” I admitted with a big smile.


“Chief!” Kirsten wailed. “How will we become TSO agents if you don’t have a plan?”

My smile grew even bigger. “’Cause I know the stuffed animal we’re going to capture.”

“Rebecca, don’t you dare capture Bedtime Bear! Momma would never forgive us if we did that.”

I smirked a little. “Do you think that I’d dare do that? Anyway, he’s nice. I was thinking of someone else.”

“Like who?”

“Lady Shaloe.”

Kirsten’s mouth dropped open.

To be continued . . .