April Showers | AGPS

I would’ve liked to post something else to break up all the photoshoots, but I needed this to go up in April for the title to make sense. They’re just photos of Nevaeh that I didn’t use in my outfit review post, but I liked them too much to never do anything with them.

I guess my blogiversary giveaway is getting pushed back another month, and I’m really sorry. It’s taking a lot longer to come together than I expected. Spoiler alert: I’m probably going to say this exact thing every month until eventually this giveaway becomes a celebration for my fifth blogiversary. I may be joking now, but honestly, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I know how much I procrastinate.

I was really looking forward to spring so I could take pictures of my dolls in front of all the flowers, but I actually haven’t done any shoots like that. Spring always seems to go by too quickly for me, and now I don’t really have any post ideas. Any suggestions would be super helpful. :)




Peppermint Winter // AGPS

I twirl through the driveway with angelic grace
Till I slip on the sidewalk and fall on my face
This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet
I don’t need to taste to believe

Peppermint Winter // Owl City

I took these pictures of Nevaeh all the way back in January, which was probably the last time it snowed. Hope you liked them.

Christmas break is coming up! I’m planning on spending it continuing my novel (I’m currently at 16k) and working through my stack of unread books. One of them is The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill — has anyone read it? It’s got a gorgeous cover.

I’m also going to a Christmas party at a friend’s church (that’s right, this loser got invited to a party). I haven’t really seen this girl in a couple years, so I’m a bit nervous, but hopefully it’ll be fine.

Do you have anything fun planned for the holidays? Let me know in the comments. :)



☼ Love in My Arms & the Sun in My Eyes ☼

And I feel life for the very first time
Love in my arms and the sun in my eyes
I feel safe in the five a.m. light
You carry my fears as the heavens set fire

Technicolour Beat // Oh Wonder

Another photoshoot? You guys are probably getting bored of those. I’m not that sorry, though. I’ll try to put up a comparison of Parker and Ivy sometime soon (they’re my cute lil Asian girls and they have the softest hair ever).

So! Here are some pictures of Nevaeh and her guitar by a patch of wildflowers in the garden. The instruments American Girl sells are so adorable, and I want all of them, honestly. At the moment, the only ones I have are the guitar and violin.

If I manage to post that comparison before July (is it really going to be July in two weeks?), that will be the most posts I’ve done in one month since . . . January? Yeah, January. I can’t tell if that’s disappointing because four posts in a month is a record for 2017, or happy because I’m getting slightly better at posting on here.

I’m guessing most of you are out of school, yeah? I’m mostly finished; I just need to complete my Koine Greek workbook (what can I say, I’m a nerd). Do you guys have any fun plans for the summer? Or are you going to spend your time inside with the air conditioning and wifi?







Definitely not me — some else, probably — but I have lots of shame at the moment and am very sorry.

But, anyway . . . I finally found something to post about! I made a doll-sized basket out of pine needles recently, and it’s so cute I knew I had to share it. So enjoy these photos of Nevaeh with her tiny lil basket, painstakingly made by my own hands.












I love the lighting in this one . . .

13-dsc_0201 14-dsc_0202 15-dsc_0203 16-dsc_0207

Look at her tiny sweater paws. ☺

17-dsc_0212 18-dsc_0215 19-dsc_0221 20-dsc_0227

I’m so proud of my little basket, it took me hours to make. :)


Nevaeh’s Guide to Skateboarding



Tracy and I were standing in the driveway with our skateboards. I was trying not to shiver from the cold as my sister talked about how she was an expert at skateboarding, and that I’d come to the right person.

That’s right: I’d decided to learn how to skateboard. I’d asked Tracy to be my teacher.

“What if I fall?” I asked suddenly, interrupting Tracy. I’d been stalling this lesson for as long as I could because of that. I was so afraid of falling off the skateboarding and seriously injuring myself.


Tracy tossed something at me, and my hands snapped out and snatched it in midair. She’d thrown two protective elbow pads at me.

I started to strap them on. “Don’t you need elbow pads, Tracy?”

She shook her head and casually did an ollie. “Nah. Elbow pads are for newbs.”


Once the elbow pads were on securely, Tracy began the first part of our lesson.

“Alright, Nevaeh. First, you need to know how to pick it up in a cool way.” She placed her toes on the tip of the skateboard and pressed down. The skateboard popped up and she grabbed the other end, tucking the board under her arm. “Give it a try.”


I shrugged to myself. It didn’t seem too hard. But when I tried the skill, I stomped down on the board too hard. It went zooming off to the side.

I groaned and headed after it, thinking, Next time, stomp on the board lightly.

I tried again with slightly better results. I almost got it that time, but the board slipped out of my fingers. I got it the next time, though, and pumped my fist in victory.


“Good job,” Tracy congratulated, though I got the feeling she didn’t really mean it. If I wanted to impress her, I’d have to do a really good job at something.

I adjusted an elbow pad and waited for Tracy to introduce the next skill.

“Alright, let’s move on to actually riding the skateboard!” my instructor suggested.


She put one foot on her black skateboard while pushing off the ground with the other. Quickly, she pulled both feet onto the board and adjusted their positions. Making it look super easy, she glided past me with perfect balance.

She skidded to a stop a little ways down the driveway. “Now you try!”


I took a deep breath to steady my nerves. I would be OK. After all, I had elbow pads to protect be. And it didn’t look too hard. Just put one foot on the board, push off with the other . . .

How hard could it really be?


Tracy yelled instructions at me as I prepared to ride the skateboard for the first time.

Just as I was using my foot to get some momentum, the skateboard slipped out from under me. My arms flailing in the air, I stumbled forward. A shriek escaped my lips as I slammed into the asphalt.


Groaning, I pulled myself into a sitting position. I brushed the curly blonde hair out of my face and inspected myself for wounds. There was a bruise forming on my knee, but other than that, I was unhurt.

Tracy offered me her hand, a small smile on her face. “Give it another try?”

I took her hand and nodded.


I tried and tried, falling off the board multiple times. Finally, just as I was about to quit, the skateboarding started rolling — and I didn’t fall off! I rumbled down the driveway, whooping, until I lost my balance and had to hop off.

Giddily twirling in a circle, I exclaimed, “Tracy, I did it!’


She bounded over and slapped me a highfive. “Good job, T Swift,” she said with a smile, calling me by my nickname.

I beamed back at her.

Maybe skateboarding was OK.


Doll Size Finds at Dollar Tree


Hello! It’s me, Nevaeh Taylor. Loren went to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and found a bunch of cute doll size items to add to her collection. I’m going to be showcasing what she found!


Let’s get started.


First up: this adorable lamp! They come in different pastel colors — purple and yellow, to name a few — and Loren got blue because it’s her favorite color. The lamp doesn’t turn on, but it’s still super cute, and it would make a great addition to your doll’s room.


How about these drawers? The cabinet is pretty short — it only comes up to my knees — but it makes a good nightstand nonetheless. Molly and Emily have a green version of this in their room.


Loren saw this trashcan and knew she had to have it!


You can even lift the lid and deposit all your icky trash.


This little cactus is a sweet household plant that doesn’t require much attention — whether that’s because it’s plastic or simply a cactus is up to you. ;)


I’m excited to plant some flowers in these real terracotta pots come summertime!


With Easter coming up in a few days, Loren knew she had to get these mini Easter eggs! $1.00 for thirty-six glittery eggs.


I can’t wait to search for these with my sisters during our Easter egg hunt!


I saved this skateboard for last because, well . . . I’m sort of afraid of it. I’m a horrible skateboarder, and I have bad childhood memories of skateboarding on my family’s farm in West Virginia. But I have decided to overcome my fear today and learn how to ride!

Later, that is.


The skateboard is a really good size for us American Girl dolls, and I think it looks pretty . . . swagtastic? Totes amaze? Sick? I honestly don’t know what kind of things kids say these days.


Here’s the back. Would cool kids say that it has a wicked paint job?


Well, I’ve decided to try skateboarding. For you guys.


Here I go . . .



As you can tell, that didn’t go well. I suppose that if I ever want to learn, I’ll have to get lessons from a professional — my sister Tracy, maybe.

Have you found any doll size things lately?