What Does My Brother Know About American Girl?

(Inspired by Sam’s post)

Hey, guys!

My older brother, C, agreed to make a post with me. I came up with a list of AG-inspired questions to ask him, with his answers written below. Hopefully you’ll find this as entertaining as I did. :)

What’s my blog called, and how long have I had it?

C: Which one?

Me: The doll one.

C: Happy House of AG, obviously. And I’m going to say you’ve had it since 2014.

Me: I . . . actually don’t know how long I’ve had it. Let me look it up.

C: How am I supposed to answer these if you don’t even know?

Me: Oh, dang, you are right.

C: *dab*

How did I first learn about AG?

C: I almost want to say from toy catalogs. Or internet advertisements? A person? I don’t know. Oh, it was from our uncle!

Me: Yeah, he bought me the Kaya series.

How many dolls do I have?

C: Is it higher than fourteen?

Me: Let me count. Um, no.

C: Is it lower than twelve?

Me: No.

C: Then it’s either twelve, thirteen, or fourteen. Thirteen, that’s my answer.

Me: Good job.

Who was my first American Girl doll?

C: Tracy.

Me: You actually knew that one!

C: Duh, of course I know your first doll. It’s been staring at me for the past four years.

Me: More than four years, actually. I got her in 2012.

C: Fine, almost six years.

Who is my newest doll?

C: Is it Nevaeh?

Me: No!

C: Is it MJ?

Me: No.

C: Oh, wait! S. Is it Savannah?

Me: *shakes head*

C: Wait. Parker! It’s Parker.

What’s the one AG doll that I’ve always wanted?

C: Felicity.

Which internet friend did I meet this year?

C: She was blonde. Right?

Me: No. But she has the same name as one of my friends.

C: Isabelle?

Izzy & Charlotte Anne // Me & Nevaeh

Me: Yeah. Izzy.

How many times have I been to the American Girl store?

C: Somewhere between zero and infinity.

Me: Very specific.

C: About ten?

Me: I don’t actually know.

Which of my friends like American Girl?

C: Isabelle, and . . . *deep look of concentration* Megan?

Me: She used to have one.

C: So it kind of counts.

My mom: Kelsie and Kelly.

C: Does Bethany like them?

Me: No, but her sisters have begged me to give them my dolls.

What’s my most popular photostory series?

C: Well, there are only like three photostories that you’ve actually finished. Road to Pamel?

Me: No.

C: Is it the spy one?

Me: Nah, that was more like a mini series.

C: What is it?

Me: The BFF Wars.

Before it was American Girl, what was the company called?

C: Pleasant Company?

Me: You’re a cheater.

Who is the current GOTY?

C: She’s Brazilian, isn’t she?

Me: That’s not even American.

C: Something Clark.

Me: That’s last year’s. The Brazilian one.

C: Is she African American?

Me: Yes. But you don’t know anything else, do you?

C: No.

Me: *brings up a picture* Her name is Gabriela McBride.

Which GOTY do I look like the most?

Image result for retired american girl dolls

C: *points at Marisol* That one looks homeless.

Me: It was 2000’s fashion.

Image result for grace thomas american girl doll

It’s true, I looked just like her (except for the freckles) when I had side bangs.

C: *points at Grace* You look like that one.

Me: Do you know what her name is?

C: No.

Me: Grace Thomas. My MJ.

C: Oh, the one who lives in France.

Which BeForever doll is your favorite?

C: Will I have to give a reason?

Me: Mmhmm.

C: Kit, because . . . she’ll die the earliest.

Me: No, she won’t.

C: Yeah, lots of people died from starvation during the Great Depression.

Did you know that AG made a boy doll?

C: . . . Yes.

Me: What’s his name?

C: Ken.

Me: What? No, that’s wrong.

C: Oh, sorry, that was from Our Generation. Is it Steven?

Me: No!

C: Dan? Greg? Colin? What do you want from me?

Me: It’s Logan. He plays the drums. *shows him a picture*

C: Ugh, that’s hideous. Just like the rest of them.

Me: *eye roll*

He actually got most of them right, which is pretty surprising! I’ve got to say, I’m kind of proud of him. Maybe.

When I first asked him to help me with this, he was rather uncooperative. He said he would answer selectively. But by the end, he was getting really into it.

Are there more doll-related questions you’d like my brother to answer? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll get C to make another appearance on my blog sometime.




Doll Closets for Sale // Ad

Hello, friends!

Tori and Bella from agsparklesisters are selling two super cool-looking doll closets. They seem to be from either Journey Girls or Springfield. They’re pretty tricked out, with two drawers, a ribbon that you can tie around a doll’s waist, bars for hangers, latches to close it,  and a handle on top.

Both of the closets are being sold with eight American Girl hangers.

The closets are being sold for $15 (US) each. You can see all the pictures on Tori and Bella’s blog HERE. If you’re interested in buying one of closets or have questions, email the girls at agsparklesistersblog@gmail.com.

I don’t usually do ads, but Tori and Bella are blogging friends, so I thought I’d help them out. :)

I can do a post about how I store my dolls’ clothes, if you guys are interested? I could also use some tips on organization, but it is not a very neat system. XD



GOTY 2017 Debut

Hey, guys!

The GOTY debut was a lot of fun. I drove up to D.C. with my dad, walked around the store for quite a long time, made fun of the sets I didn’t like . . . I also got to meet Izzy from Sew Sweet Dollies (a private blog). Getting to meet you was amazing, Izzy! You’re also incredibly cute.

If anyone is wondering, I don’t know what the free debut gift is. I didn’t get one, and I don’t even know if there was one this year. Does anyone know?

Anyway, here are my pictures from the store.

Gabriela McBride


The new Girl of the Year, Gabriela McBride. I like her pants and shoes.

The AG community has been requesting an African-American GOTY for quite some time, and I’m glad our wish was finally granted. Maybe I’m being picky, but I would have liked Gabriela a lot more if there was something more unique about her. She looks just like the African-American Truly Me dolls. If American Girl had given her a feature that made her stand out, I would have considered buying her.


They gave her box a completely new style . . . interesting.


So Gabriela is into the arts, right? Dancing, painting, music, poetry. That’s cool and all (I freaking love the arts), but didn’t we just have a dancer GOTY in 2014? And isn’t Melody a singer? I guess AG has been running low on GOTY ideas.


Super sparkly outfit. I like it, actually.





Her cat creeps me out.

Truly Me


The new Dream Pajamas.


Adorable doll food.


Mix-and-match set.


Ice skating set.

A lot of you have been asking if I bought anything. Well, duh, of course I did. :P I’ll be posting tomorrow, hopefully, about what I got.

And, yeah, I did get a doll.

I wasn’t planning on buying her, but she came home anyway. XD Any guesses?


Flashback — August 2015

World Doll Day Tag picture

World Doll Day Tag! *sarcasm* That rather stunning picture above was taken by me! Doesn’t it look so very professional?

Review: Caroline Abbott

Review: Caroline Abbott. I can’t believe Caroline is really retired! Oh, well — if you want to see a review of her, that link is your guy. ;)

DSC_0419 - Copy

Answers to My Q&A! OK, so I had 121 followers this time last year, and now I have . . . 299?! That’s crazy! But, yeah, I did a kind of lame Q&A; if you guys would like me to do another Q&A, just tell me in the comments.

Road to Pamel poster

Road to Pamel ~season one, episode one~. The first episode of my photostory series Road to Pamel. If you haven’t read it, then seriously, what are you doing? Go read the whole thing here.


Road to Pamel ~season one, episode two~. Part twooooo.


Guest Post — Twist Chain Headband. My Pokedex tells me that this is a very rare thing called a guest post! And what’s more, it’s also a craft, which practically makes it a legendary!


Small Request. Showing off fancy ATCs.


I’m Back + a Photoshoot. Avery sneaks aboard a pirate ship and does the next logical thing: a photoshoot!


Road to Pamel ~season one, episode three~. Ooh, a suspenseful ending to an episode! I’ll just not post the next part for two months! Mwahahaha!

AG Fan Meet-up 2015 poster

AG Fan Meet-up 2015. Huh. I totally forgot that this thing even exists. I wonder if I should do it this year . . .? In the past two years, not many meet-ups between AG fans have actually happened, so idk.


Babysitting by the Book. Caroline babysits a bratty little girl with a bad attitude . . . and she’s terrible at it!


The Queen of Weird Lighting. Lighting hates me. But Saige is beautiful, so idk, go check it out.


What is She Doing?! #6. Gettin’ crazy up in there.


Aciana? Or Cornflower? Do you like mini doll photostories? Because I do. They’re crazy.

American Girl Maryellen Larkin doll

American Girl Maryellen Larkin Release. I poo-poo on pretty much everything except for the Truly Me stuff.


Aciana Among Moonflowers. A photoshoot of Aciana . . . among moonflowers. I’m good with titles.


Back-to-School Doll Size Finds. CUTE LIL’ DOLLY SCHOOL SUPPLIES.


Tip-Top or Fashion Flop? You guys all said you hate this outfit, so how about not commenting on it again? Maybe just don’t read this one.

I can’t help but thinking about how much fun the flashback for August 2016 will be. Literally only five posts. I’ll have to be really sarcastic for it to be any good.


Flashback — July 2015

Megan (Yo-Yon, Mango, Daisy, Jinx) 022

The Last What’s Up Wednesday ~ July 1. Goodbye, WUW! *waves a bit too cheerfully*


What is She Doing?! #5. You guys have really weird captions. Seriously — underwear battles and the Underwear Phantoms?




The Camping Expedition. Can I just say that this is a really weird photostory? ‘Cause it is. There’s talking dogs and a tent that thinks for itself. But idk, it’s OK.




Sunset Wanderer. Pretty sure that MJ is the most photogenic doll ever made.


The TSO — Part Two: Suspicious. Wanna see some terrible spies almost get caught? Then this photostory is for you!

American Girl Maryellen Larkin

18 Inch Maryellen Doll! I spew a bunch of adjectives that are synonyms with “beautiful.” When I get too excited, I turn into a thesaurus — shh.


Stranger in the House. Bri hates everyone, which is a bit of a problem . . . as when she comes home from a day of shopping, a strange girl is in her dorm.

New Personal Blog. Man, am I glad that I started another blog! I recently reached one year and 180 followers on Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes.

DSC_0419 - Copy

Shout Our Your Doll Site — With a 121 Followers Q&A. I have nothing clever or funny to say about this. It a shout out. With a Q&A announcement. Simple.

American Girl doll Truly Me #44

Truly Me Doll Wishlist. I now have one doll from this list. I’M SO ACCOMPLISHED.


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.


Lavender Girl. Aw, Savannah, you’re so PURTY.

Thank you and goodbye.


Flashback — June 2015


Off to Camp Doll Diaries! C-camp Doll D-diaries . . . *sad sigh*


In Which Dolls Discover Littlest Pet Shops. Probably one of the weirder photostories that I’ve posted. LPS get featured for the first time.


Who Likes Updates? Announcements, an archival — fun stuff like that.


Lovely Flowers and Lacy Dresses. A PS of an EAH, if you can believe it. There’s, um, lovely flowers . . . and lacy dresses.


What to Do if Your Dolls Have Cockroaches. A very helpful troll post (with naked dolls). It made some of you cry, apparently . . . oops?


The Great Washing. I had to wash almost EVERY SINGLE CLOTHING ITEM because of a cockroach threat. It was not fun. At all.


What is She Doing?! #5.

American Girl Basketball Outfit

American Girl Summer Release 2015. Why does it feel like this stuff just came out.


The TSO — Part One. My dolls form a spy group, and they’re really rather terrible at it. You guys liked the story so much that I turned it into a series.


Life at Camp — Baking With MJ. My dolls literally cannot bake ANYTHING without it mutating.

That was it. I only posted ten things last June (as apposed to this year, where I posted twenty-two things! ☺). I’m so accomplished.