Parker’s Profile

Hey, guys! I finished Parker’s profile a long time ago and never got around to posting it. But it’s here now. 🙂

Name: Parker Jamia Miracle
Age: 14
Nickname(s): None
Date Received: January 1st, 2017
Type: Truly Me #40
Birthday: November 2
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing the internet, sleeping, trying to creep people out, reading useless facts.
Personality: Sarcastic, apathetic, confused, relaxed.
Awesome Fact: I’ve been told that I give off good vibes.
Random Fact: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen aliens.
Pet(s): The laptop. I take very good care of it.
Fave Animal(s): Dragons, man.
Fave Food(s): Plain pasta is pretty good.
Fave Color(s): Vanilla.

She’s sort of named after Jamia Iero (whose husband is Frank Iero. He was in the band My Chemical Romance.). I like the name Jamia (pronounced ja-mee-a), and I’m band trash, so it felt like a good choice.

I feel kind of bad about how short this post is. But profile posts usually are. idk, what have you all been up to this summer? I want to chat with you guys in the comments. I went to North Carolina for vacation (and I didn’t get any doll pictures, I’m so sorry), and I’ll be going to summer camp with my best friend next month.

Have a good day, my friends! 🙂




Comparison: Ivy Ling x Truly Me #40

Comparison: Ivy Ling and Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

Hello, my friends! Here’s the promised comparison of Ivy and Parker (Truly Me #40).

Comparison: Ivy Ling and Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

American Girl’s Asian dolls all look pretty similar, and it’s a bit of a shame. Give some of them freckles or side bangs or a different eyebrow shape — just something to make them stand out from each other. Anyway, in this post, I’ll be pointing out the differences between my two lovely Asian AGs.

American Girl Jess face mold | Happy House of AG

They both have the Jess face mold, and feathered eyebrows. I feel like Ivy’s skin has a more yellow tone to it than #40’s.

American Girl Jess face mold | Happy House of AG

Ivy’s eyes are slightly different from #40’s. Her eyes are decal brown (#40 has the regular brown), and there’s some light brown around them.

Ivy Ling and Truly Me #40's hair colors | | Happy House of AG

They both have dark hair, but Ivy’s is black, and #40’s is brown. Ivy’s hair is parted down the middle, while #40’s is parted on the left side.

Ivy Ling and Truly Me #40's hair length | Happy House of AG

Ivy has shoulder-length hair. #40’s goes about an inch and a half past the shoulders.

Ivy Ling and Truly Me #40's hair | Happy House of AG

Styling Ivy’s hair can be quite difficult. It’s too short to do much with, except for pigtails. #40’s hair is long enough to do most hairstyles, although i think a bun would be difficult (but possible).

Since Ivy was retired in 2014 (before the awful zip ties were reintroduced), she has neck strings.

I got #40 in January, 2017, so she has a zip tie. Her head moves pretty easily, though.

Comparison: Ivy Ling and Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

And, of course, the main difference between them is that Ivy has bangs.

They’re both beautiful dolls, and I wouldn’t really recommend one over the other. You can do more with #40’s hair, though. And she would be easier to purchase, since, unlike Ivy, American Girl is still selling her.

Which do you like better: Ivy Ling, or Truly Me #40?



// Golden Days //

Featuring Miss Parker and random lines from Panic! at the Disco’s “Golden Days”.

Oh don’t you wonder when the light begins to fade?
And the clock just makes the colors turn to grey

Forever younger growing older just the same
All the memories that we make will never change

We’ll stay drunk, we’ll stay tan, let the love remain
And I swear that I’ll always paint you

Golden days!
Golden days!
Golden days!
Golden days!

I bet they never even thought about
The glitter dancing on the skin

The decades might’ve washed it out
As the flashes popped like pins, hmm

In the summertime
In the summertime

Time can never break your heart
But It’ll take the pain away

Right now our future’s certain
I won’t let it fade away

Golden days!
Golden days!
Golden days!
Golden days!

It was really gorgeous this evening, so I took Parker out to the treehouse and snapped some photos in the dying light. I love flower crowns, and Parker looks lovely in hers. I like how the yellow stands out against her hair.

I balanced Parker on a tree branch for some of the pictures. That was kind of terrifying. She didn’t fall off, though. I guess balancing dolls on uneven surfaces is a skill I’ve acquired over three years of blogging. 😉


Sidewalk Chalk

So I haven’t posted since January . . . sorry about that. I don’t even have a good excuse. I just haven’t had many ideas, and when I do get one, I can’t find the motivation or energy to pull it off. But I finally took some pictures this evening, and even though they’re a bit blurry for some reason, I wanted to share them anyway.











I really like doodling with sidewalk chalk. Sadly, any art skills I might posses don’t seem to transfer to chalk, so my “art” looks like child’s scribbles. But I had fun doing it, and I guess that’s what really counts.

Parker still doesn’t have a personality. I haven’t thought about dolls very much since January (which is how I ended up missing the news that Tenney, Logan, and Felicity had been released).

I’m so sorry for the huge break I took these past few months. Blogging is something I really enjoy, and I don’t plan on quitting.


New Girl


I really was not planning on buying another doll. But as I do not have much self-control in the AG store, a new girl came home with me yesterday.

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

Please welcome Parker (#40) to the HHOAG family.

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

I haven’t quite figured out her personality yet. But I believe she’ll be fourteen, with a love for the paranormal. I’m not entirely sure, though.

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

I almost got #64 instead, but I fell in love with Parker’s short hair.

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

I also bought the Tropical Print Dress from the new mix-and-match set.



My dad bought the Blue Sandals for me.

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

Would anyone like a review of her? Maybe a comparison between Parker and Ivy?

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG


American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG

American Girl doll Truly Me #40 | Happy House of AG



I got a pink hoodie and jeans.


And the Geo-Print Shorts.

That’s all I got at the D.C. store. I’ll probably do some reviews.

Anyway, please welcome Miss Parker.