Not Dead // Saige is Cuter Than Me

Her freckles. ^.^

Her little buns are so cute, I love it.



The bokeh. Look at it. I‘m crying because it’s beautiful.

Apologizing would be appropriate, since I haven’t posted since April . . . but I’m not going to do that. So here are some pictures instead of an apology. Yay.

Saige’s hair has been like this since January, probably, and I kept meaning to take photos of her. I just never got around to it. But today, instead of working on my other blog, I finally got that done. (And I’m actually kind of proud of these pictures? Yep.) They were taken out by one of our sour cherry trees, with a ladder and a really adorable tiny box as props. :)

“You keep disappearing! You’ll post a couple things and say that you’re not leaving, but then it’s a month before we hear from you again!” I can sense all your angry and bitter thoughts through the internet, so I’m going to address that now. I really am not planning on quitting. But I don’t want to feel pressured to have a consistent blogging schedule, since I’m not as into dolls as I used to be. So I’ll just post my pictures whenever I have inspiration. That probably means that you’ll get clusters of posts, and then silence for awhile. But that’s pretty much what I’ve already been doing. It’s just official now.

I love you guys. :D I love these pictures more, though (just kidding).




Swimsuits, Sand, and Sea {Updates & a Photoshoot}

Hey! I know I haven’t posted since Valentine’s Day, but I actually have a legit excuse. I was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I went with my mother, and we visited my mom’s friend from high school/college and the friend’s family.

Anyway, the drive to SC was extremely long. It took us nearly all day to get to SC, no joke.

Even though it was much too cold to go swimming, we went to the beach anyway. I brought along Saige and Eve and took the opportunity to take some pictures of them with the sea in the background!










As you can see, Eve and Saige are modeling Lea Clark’s Mix & Match Swim Set. I took pictures for a review of that outfit, so you can expect to see that sometime soon. :)



The daughters of my mom’s friend each own an American Girl doll. One of them brought GOTY 2010 Lanie Holland to the beach, and I took a picture of her, as well.


In the Myrtle Beach State Park gift shop, there were these tiny alarm clocks. They were the perfect size for American Girl dolls! I just had to take a picture. ;)

If you’d like to see more pictures from my trip to Myrtle Beach, please check out my other blog, Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes. I’ll be posting about my trip on there a little later.


DFA: It has Arrived! + The Sunny Summer Photo Shoot

Ugh, I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately . . . Seriously, it’s already the eighth of February, and this is only my fourth post! *sigh* I’ve just got to get inspired again. ;)

Anyway, since I have no posts in my draft that are close to being ready, I decided to post another DFA (Dragged From the Archives). This one was originally published in July 2014.

It has Arrived! + The Sunny Summer Photo Shoot

My prize from American Girl Fan‘s Summer Photo Contest arrived in the mail today!!

I am SO excited!


I opened the very special brown box . . . and inside was a baby-blue box, (From AG!) and a note addressed to . . . wait for it . . . ME!!!


Holding the note  closed was this super cute sticker that said ‘love’!


And the outside of the  letter said ‘shine’. (You are not allowed to see the inside. It is classified. By me, for me.) The note was so sweet and thoughtful! Thank you so, so, so much, Liz!


Then, that beautiful box, containing my beautiful prize!


The Sunny Isles Outfit is so cute and amazing!


I took all the pieces out of the box with tender, loving care. (NOT!)


Then Saige, my gorgeous model, tried the outfit on! She graciously accepted my invitation to be my model. (Well, she really was like “Mom! I am going to be your model!”) Being her fashion-loving self, how could she refuse? Then I added some jewelry and headed out for a photo shoot!




I put a border on this one!



Saige: I <3 this outfit! Doesn’t it look FABULOUS on me? *flips hair* Oh wait, everything looks good on me!


The <3 charms mean ‘Kind.’



Saige: I look like a real girl! Plus, I’m just beyond cute in this pic :D


I love where the light falls on her face! Aren’t I an amazing photographer? *flips hair* Thought so.


Smelling the darling flowers *sniff sniff*






I love this pic!




There are these beautiful canna lilies in the garden at my house, they make it seem like she is in a jungle!


This outfit just seems kinda jungley to me :)




Dollie feet! I mean, who doesn’t love feet pics? Especially when they are of shoes as cute as these?



Have an epic day,


Secret Santa 2015

Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to making a Christmas post! Yay, me! :D

See the Secret Santa post from 2014 HERE.


My sisters and I trooped across the street to Nevaeh’s room, where MJ and Savannah were helping her put up flowery decorations.

It made me slightly jealous to see them like that. I’d always thought that MJ Valdez was awesome — she was a celebrity, for goodness sake. But since Nevaeh Taylor had arrived, we’d been hanging out less and less. She’s been spending most of her time with Nevaeh . . .

I coughed to get their attention. “It’s time for Secret Santa!” I exclaimed.


They dropped the decorations and joined us in a circle.

“Since some people don’t know how to play,” I started with a meaningful glance at the Historical Characters, “I will explain the rules of Secret Santa before we get started. There are ten strips of paper in this box, each one with one of our names written on it.” I rattled the purple box. “The box will be passed around the circle, and each girl will draw a name. She cannot tell anyone whose name she drew.

I handed the box to Savannah.


She plunged her hand into the box, MJ and Nevaeh both reaching for it at the same time. They scrambled for a slip of paper. Finally, giggling, they each had a paper in their hand.

I glared at Nevaeh. I was fine with whatever name I happened to draw . . . as long I didn’t get Nevaeh’s name.


Savannah, Nevaeh, and MJ unfolded the pieces of paper, showing each other the names despite what I’d told them.

Savannah had Emily, Nevaeh had gotten Caroline, and MJ had drawn Saige — my name.

They balled up the papers, smiling at us cheekily. Then they passed the box to the next girl.


Molly held the box while Emily picked a slip. Then Emily took the box so that her best friend could draw a name.

While Molly slowly stirred up the papers, they whispered about whose name they hoped to get.


They opened the papers: Emily got Ivy, and Molly had drawn her own name.

“I got ‘Molly!'” she laughed. “Saige, what should I do?”

“Just put it back in,” I advised. “Then draw another name.”

She did what she was told, ending up with Savannah’s name.


The box of names passed quickly around the circle.

Caroline got Tracy.


Ivy drew Isabelle’s name.


Tracy was going to be MJ’s Secret Santa. She did a weird little happy dance when she saw which name she got, because MJ was her best friend.


Isabelle ended up with the name “Molly.”


I, of course, didn’t know which names had already been drawn.

Then the box was back in my hands. I stared down at the one fateful slip of paper remaining. I was hoping desperately that Nevaeh’s name wasn’t written on it.

My hand shaking ever so slightly, I reached for the last piece of paper.



Have you ever done Secret Santa?

~ Saige

The TSO — Part Three: Confessions {Finale}

Part one and two of The TSO.



Everyone was huddled on the floor in front of the humans’ giant TV. We were all in our pajamas (except for Emily; she had misplaced hers), watching the amazing Batman Begins.

Isabelle Palmer, Savannah Kingsley, and I, Saige Copeland, had been spying on our sisters for the past several months. Ever since we had found out that something fishy was going on in our home.


Savannah, Isabelle, and I, the first TSO (Tween Spy Organization) members, exchanged a look. The whole family was finally together . . . we would be able to confront them about their suspicious behavior, and perhaps get some confessions.

“Hey, Tracy?” I called, and the eldest in our family paused the movie. “Could we look at your phone for a second?” During our initiation mission, we had photographed our sisters doing odd things. And those images were on Tracy’s phone.

Well, they had been on her iPhone, previously. But, from her phone, I had emailed the pictures to Savannah’s laptop. However, I could access them through the Sent folder on Tracy’s phone.


Grumbling, Tracy crawled over to where I was sitting and handed me her phone. “Don’t you dare break it,” she warned.

“No worries,” I replied as I turned on the phone. I wanted to make sure that the images had been deleted, so I brought up the camera app and flipped through Tracy’s numerous selfies.


Tracy slunk back to where she had been sitting, and I sank back onto the ground next to Isabelle. I’d gone through about thirty of Tracy’s selfies all ready, and I was ready to believe that the pictures had been deleted, when I saw it: a photo of one of my sisters, Emily Bennett, crying on a heap of bedding.

“I thought you deleted them!” I hissed at Palmer. She had been trusted with the job of erasing the evidence.

Isabelle smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, Saige. I guess I forgot.”

I leaned across Isabelle and tapped Savannah’s knee. “We have to do it,” I told her under my breath. “It’s time.”


Us TSO members awkwardly got to our feet and stood in front of our siblings. Someone paused the movie.

I coughed to get their attention. “Uh, we’ve noticed the some of you have been acting a little weird lately,” I began, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

Kingsley elbowed me in the ribs and whispered, “You’re going to blow our cover, Copeland! They’ll know about the TSO, and then our spying days will be over.”

“Calm down,” I ordered. “I’ve got this.

“As I was saying, you’ve been acting strangely,” I continued. “We sort of, um, borrowed Tracy’s phone and took some pictures of you — because we love you and you’re all pretty — and we noticed weird stuff in the photos. Can you guys explain?”


I brought up the picture of MJ pacing around her room and flipping through her cookbook.

“Here’s one of MJ,” I said. “We thought it was weird that she was looking at her cookbook because she’d told us earlier that day that she was going to bake macarons.”


MJ leapt off the ground and peered at the photo. Then she laughed. “I’d run out of almond flour!” she explained. Almond flour was an ingredient in macarons. “I needed to find something else to bake.”

Oh. That explained it. Maybe we had jumped to conclusions, assuming that she was up to something.


Everyone crowded around us, looking at the phone and telling us what they were doing in the photos.

“Show me the photo you took of me!” Tracy exclaimed.

I obediently flicked through the images until I found the one of Tracy.


When she saw it, she snorted. “You thought that was me being suspicious? I’d died in a video game and I was frustrated. That’s all.”

“What about the Spiderman necklace on the floor?” I asked.

“I’m lazy and I didn’t want to put it on my nightstand. “


Emily had a legit excuse as well. “I was rereading The Lightning Thief, and I got really sad because I know what’s in store for Percy and Annabeth. So I started crying. And as for wearing MJ’s pajamas — I just wanted to see how they looked on me.” She said the last part rather guiltily.


When we showed Molly her picture, she pointed to the sliver of purple sticking up from her lap. “I was doing some schoolwork. You know I can block out everything else when I’m concentrating.”


I showed Ivy her photo. “You don’t like eBooks. Why were staring at your phone like that?”

Ivy shrugged. “You’re right, I don’t like eBooks. But that was a special occasion — neither the library nor the bookstore had the book I was looking for, so I had to resort to reading it on my phone.”


We turned to Caroline, who was standing uncomfortably at the back of the group. “How about you?” I asked. “Do you have an excuse?”

In her picture, she was wearing a sleeveless dress, holding several daisies, and dancing to some pop music.

“Can’t a girl dance once in a while?” she mumbled.

No, no they can’t. Not in my house, anyway. I was about to press her for more information, but Savannah elbowed me again and gave me a look: Drop it.

So our family wasn’t nearly as weird as we had thought. I was sort of relieved, but also disappointed.


Our family settled back down and we continued to watch Batman Begins. Nevaeh Taylor, the newest addition to our family, slunk over to our side of the room and sat next to Savannah.

“I know you’re up to something,” she said softly. Her tone wasn’t threatening — it was just curious. Then she hurried back to her seat.


“That was weird,” Savannah managed, turning to me. “You know, Saige, Nevaeh might be a good addition to the TSO. She’s in the age range, too: ten to twelve years old. Think about it.”

“Perhaps,” I said. “There may be a day in the future where Nevaeh will be needed. But three’s a crowd, and we are the original spying trio.”

Our spying days were not over yet, not by a long shot.

Music in the Ferns — a Photostory


I (Saige, of course) strode into the living room, where all my sisters were gathered around Loren’s huge laptop, looking at Isabelle’s Pinterest page. Tracy, of course, thought the images of tutu-clad dancers were b-o-r–i-n-g, but everyone else was oohing and ahhing over the photographs.

“Has anyone seen Lyric?” I asked. I’d been planing to give our Siamese cat a make-over, but in order to do that, I needed to actually locate the feline.

Molly glanced at me and shrugged. “You could look outside,” she suggested.


Taking Molly’s advice, I slipped out the back door and called, “Lyric! Here, kitty, kitty.” I walked around the deck, searching for her, and that’s when I spotted the girl in the ferns. She was blonde, not much older than me, I guessed. Her back was pressed against a giant pot, with ferns dripping down all around her. Lyric was leaning against her leg, watching the strange girl as she deftly played a golden-orange guitar.


Unafraid, I marched up to her and demanded, in a flood of words, “Who are? What are you doing here? Are are trying to steal my cat?”

The girl’s guitar music faded and she gazed up at me through thick, dark eyelashes. She had deep, searching chocolate eyes. “N-nevaeh,” she stammered shyly. “I’d never take your cat.” She spoke softly, shrinking back into the overhanging ferns.

Nevaeh’s POV

Americna Girl doll Truly Me #24

I stared at the red-headed girl, gently rubbing my guitar with my wrist out of habit. She certainly asked a lot of questions, and I could only think of simple answers. The reason for my sentences’ simpleness was that I had noticed the wary, dreading look in her turquoise eyes and the stiffness in her shoulders . . . almost like she was afraid of me, something that I might say or do.

“OK,” she said tightly. “Tell me your full name.”

I didn’t know why she’d want to learn my full name, but I told her anyway: “Nevaeh Allison Taylor.”


“What are you doing here?” she asked.

Good question, I thought, sighing. I tucked my instrument into its velvet-lined case as I tried to figure out how to tell her. I doubted she would take it well.

She put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently.

“Well . . .” I started, deciding to tell half of the truth. “I’m going to be staying with your family for a bit.” That much was true — I was going to live with her, but not “for a bit.” I should’ve said permanently, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

American Girl doll Girl of the Year Saige Copeland

“Great,” she moaned. “Another one. Don’t tell me — you’re an orphan, right?”

I caught my breath. How did she know? She couldn’t possibly know . . . what happened to Mom and Dad . . .

The girl turned towards the house and shouted, “You guys should come on out! Mom got us another surprise . . .” She practically snarled the last bit.

I’m well aware of your hatred, I thought testily.


I’d slipped my arms through the elastic on the back of my guitar case and was ready to stalk off to some remote corner of the yard so I could get away from the snappish girl when the back door was thrown open and eight girls stampeded out. They swarmed around me, squealing things like, “I love your hair!” “Your dress is really pretty!” and “You play guitar?”

I wanted to crawl back under the ferns with the Siamese cat, where it was nice and quiet, but stood uncomfortably in the midst of the girls and smiled grimly.

“Hey,” one girl with short black hair and bangs called, “give her some space.”

I flashed the girl a grateful smile as everyone took a few steps back. I told them my name, and then one older girl with long, shiny blonde curls introduced her sisters: Tracy, the sports master; Saige, the artist; Molly, the animal lover; Emily, the fangirl; Isabelle, the dancer; Ivy, the gymnast; Savannah, the actress; MJ, the singer; and herself, Caroline.


The girl named MJ walked up to me, grinning, and suddenly I recognized her.

“Mary-Jane Valdez!” I burst out. “You’re the famous singer.”

She nodded and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you, Nevaeh. You play guitar?” When I nodded eagerly, she said, “We should make music together sometime.”

I beamed at her. Mary-Jane Valdez wanted to make music with me, a shy girl from West Virginia!


The dark-haired girl called Ivy rushed up to me. “Do you have any bags?” she asked, pushing MJ aside.

“Um, just one,” I replied. I pointed at my purple suitcase, which was under the ferns. “I can get it –“

Before I’d even finished my sentence, Ivy had grabbed the suitcase. “This is really light!” she remarked. I started to reply, but she cut me short by commenting, “Lyric seems to like you. I mean, the cat does. We’ve had for for almost a year and she hasn’t taken to anyone, not really. She should be your pet!”

“Thank you,” I breathed, stroking the cat’s head. Everyone here was so kind — complimenting me, carrying my bags, offering me a pet of my own!


Once everyone else had greeted me, I began to tremble. Being around so many people was exhausting! I couldn’t wait for everything to settle down so I could get some alone time.

MJ came up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “You’ll be just fine here, Nevaeh,” she murmured. “Just fine.”

And the strange thing was? Maybe a little part of me believed her.

Nevaeh Allison Taylor would be just fine.



YES! I got another doll: Truly Me #24. I bought her on the 12th when I was in Washington D.C. with my family. Isn’t she adorable?!


I also bought Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit, which I’ve been wanting ever since it came out. :)


I got the Guitar Set.


And my awesome dad bought one of the in-store specials — a jacket.

Expect some reviews in the near future!