The Dolls

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Here you can learn about my American Girl dolls’ personalities, favorites, and more!



Tracy is my first AG doll ever! I bought her with my own money for my birthday in 2012.
Name: Tracy René
Age: 14
Nickname(s): Trace
Date Received: February 28, 2012
Type: JLY # 39
Birthday: Feb 28
Allergies: None!
Hobbies: Playing soccer, playing with Chocolate Chip(my dog), and teasing my sisters! 😉
Personality: Sassy, sporty, adventurous.  Tracy is a tomboy, hates dressing up, and wearing dresses and skirts.
Awesome Fact: I’m the OLDEST.
Random Fact: School is overrated. An-n-n-n-d . . .Spiderman is da best.
Pet(s): Chocolate Chip.
Fave Animal(s): Cheetahs.
Fave Food(s): Pizza! (Duh) 😉
Fave Color(s): Lime green, and robin’s egg blue.



Caroline is my second AG doll. My parents gave her to me  Christmas 2012.
Name: Caroline Noelle Abbott
Age: 13
Nickname(s): Caro
Date Received: December 25, 2012 (A.K.A. Christmas)
Type: Historical
Birthday: October 22
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Boating, sewing, and being outside
Personality: Caring, kind, ambivert.  Although Tracy is the oldest, Caroline runs the house.
Awesome Fact: I’m not sure how to answer this.
Random Fact: I’ve never had coffee.
Pet(s): None
Fave Animal(s): Birds, kitties, and bunnies.
Fave Food(s): Cinnamon cake.
Fave Color(s): Light pink, light blue, silver, cream, and spring green.



I bought Saige with my own money. She is my third doll.
Name: Saige Courtney Copeland
Age: 11
Nickname(s): Saigie. Tracy is really the only one who calls me this…… she KNOWS I hate it!
Date Received: March 22, 2013
Type: GOTY 2013
Birthday: March 22
Allergies: I’m allergic to the outdoors.
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, fashion designing, acting, and horseback riding.
Personality: Creative, fun, extrovert, stylish, sassy.  Sometimes Saige can be kinda mean, other times she can be very nice and helpful!
Awesome Fact: I’m just awesome!!! That counts, right? Also, I can ride bareback. Not everybody can do that.
Random Fact: I’m immune to colds.
Pet(s): Rembrandt, my dog, and my horse, Sugar.
Fave Animal(s): I Love ALL animals! But I really like horses.
Fave Food(s): Mac n’ Cheese and pancakes!
Fave Color(s): I love ALL colors! Well, almost all.  I really like red, blue, yellow, orange, and GLITTER!!!!



My parents helped me buy Molly and Emily right before they retired. I bought one, they bought the other.
Name: Molly Kristina McIntire
Age: 10
Nickname(s): Krissy, Moll
Date Received: Sometime in October 2013
Type: Retired Historical
Birthday: April 22
Allergies: Peanuts 😦
Hobbies:  Playing outside, photography, writing, and gymnastics
Personality: Brainy, fun, ambivert.
Awesome Fact: I am born on Earth Day! Guess that explains why I have a soft spot for animals and nature…..
Random Fact: I get all A’s, except for in Science.
Pet(s): None (WHY???!!! But I am keeping a puppy named Boo at my house until April while his owners are on their honey moon in Europe.)
Fave Animal(s): DOGGIES!!!! But I love ALL animals.
Fave Food(s): Scrambled eggs.
Fave Color(s): Navy blue, green, and purple.



My parents helped me buy Molly and Emily right before they retired. I bought one, they bought the other.

Name: Emily Natalia Bennett
Age: 10
Nickname(s): Em, Emmy, Emma.
Date Received: Sometime in October 2013
Type: Retired BFF of Molly
Birthday: September 29
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Reading, writing, fangirling, daydreaming, singing, listening to music, doodling, photography, running, crafting stuff with my best friend and watching Disney movies.

Personality: I’m not trying to copy what MJ wrote, but it’s pretty similar: Fangirl, sassy, outgoing, introvert, creative, absolutely awesome.
Awesome Fact: I’m a demigod! OK, OK, fine, I’m British. Yes, that’s right. I have the coolest accent ever.
Random Fact: I used to be super quiet. And I’m an ambivert (an introvert and extrovert.)
Pet(s): None
Fave Animal(s) I love cats  And unicorns.
Fave Food(s): NUTELLA.
Fave Color(s): Black and lots of different shades of blue



American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle Palmer

I bought Isabelle with my own money. She is my sixth doll.
Name: Isabelle Rose Palmer
Age: 11
Nickname(s): Izzy, Sleeping Beauty (Only Tracy calls me Sleeping Beauty.)
Date Received: March 15, 2014
Type: GOTY 2014
Birthday: May 2
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Dancing, fashion designing and having fun!
Personality: Fun loving, sweet, extrovert.
Awesome Fact: I was born in Dance Week!
Random Fact: I have hair extensions.
Pet(s): Coconut
Fave Animal(s): KITTIES!! I also LOVE swans. So graceful…
Fave Food(s): Cotton Candy
Fave Color(s): Pink, white, gold, and SPARKLY!!!!


American Girl doll Ivy Ling | Happy House of AG

I bought Ivy, my seventh doll, with my own money when American Girl announced that she would be retiring.

Name: Ivy Jade Ling
Age: 12
Nickname(s): Poison Ivy (Only my best friend, Julie, calls me this.)
Date Received: June 30, 2014
Type: Retired BFF of Julie
Birthday: February 28
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Gymnastics, climbing trees, taking pictures of cute animals, and reading.
Personality: Adventurous, friendly, ambivert, kind, and spunky. I’m usually a really nice person, it’s only when people really annoy me that I can be a little mean.
Awesome Fact: I was born on the same day as Tracy!
Random Fact: I like clothes, but hate shopping. I love taking pictures of animals(Cute animals, mind you), but I don’t like getting close to dogs.
Pet(s): None
Fave Animal(s): Pandas
Fave Food(s): Lo mein noodles.
Fave Color(s): Gemstones! Amethyst, (My birthstone!) Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, Jade, the whole shebang!


I got Savannah from my parents for Christmas in 2014.

Name: Savannah Juliet Kingsley

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Ana

Date Received: December 25, 2014(A.K.A. Christmas)

Type: My American Girl #55

Birthday: January 19

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Acting, watching Disney movies, singing, and I used to like swimming

Personality: Sarcastic, fearless, extrovert, outgoing

Awesome Fact: Batman. OK, here’s the real one (wait, but Batman IS a real one too!) : I’m from Florida

Random Fact: I have a phobia of swimming

Pet(s): None

Fave Animal(s): Unicorns

Fave Food(s): Ice cream

Fave Color(s): Silver, white, and aqua



I bought MJ for my birthday when I went up to the American Girl Place DC with two of my friends.

Name: Mary-Jane Alina Grace Valdez
Age: 13
Nickname(s): MJ (everyone calls me this) and Shoe (‘cause Mary-Jane is a kind of shoe).
Date Received: February 22, 2015
Type: Re-named GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas
Birthday: July 3
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Singing, watching movies, playing video games, playing my violin, playing basketball, talking in accents, baking, Pinteresting, and collecting stick-on mustaches.

  Personality: Fangirl, extrovert, cool, and just all around AWESOME! Yes, that was really vague.
Awesome Fact: I’m a celebrity.
Random Fact: I live with my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins in Paris most summers.
Pet(s): None
Fave Animal(s): Dragons
Fave Food(s): Lasagna
Fave Color(s): Red, black, and blues.



I bought Nevaeh at the American Girl Place when I went to D.C. with my family for a trip.

Name: Nevaeh Allison Taylor

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Vaeh

Date Received: October 12, 2015

Type: Truly Me #24

Birthday: December 6

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, gardening, hiding in the ferns, listening to the radio, making jewelry, horseback riding.

Personality: Introvert, shy, generous, observant, resourceful.

Awesome Fact: I used to live on a farm.

Random Fact: I love fairytales.

Pet(s): Lyric, a Siamese cat.

Fave Animal(s): Birds. Although my favorites are owls, seagulls, hummingbirds, robins, and chickadees.

Fave Food(s): Potato candy.

Fave Color(s): Honey, mint, periwinkle, and watermelon.



I bought Eve in 2016 with my own money, when my dad and I went to the American Girl store in D.C. for Lea Clark’s debut.

Name: Eve Adriana Cortez

Age: 11

Nickname(s): Eve of Destruction, Cricket

Date Received: January 1st, 2016

Type: Renamed GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

Birthday: August 14

Allergies: None.

Hobbies: Exploring, swimming, hiking, photographing, and playing sports.

Personality: Adventurous, daring, optimistic, resourceful, independent.

Awesome Fact: I’ve been to Brazil!

Random Fact: When I went to Brazil, I kept a blog called Ola, Brasil.

Pet(s): None

Fave Animal(s): Sea turtles!

Fave Food(s): Coconut and shrimp.

Fave Color(s): Anything neon.


American Girl doll BeForever Maryellen Larkin | Happy House of AG


Name: Elise Penelope Larkin
Age: 10
Nickname(s): Ellie, Ellie Penelope
Date Received: February 29, 2016
Type: Renamed Beforever Maryellen Larkin
Birthday: June 7
Allergies: None.
Hobbies: Science, art, exploring, daydreaming, playing outside.
Personality: Energetic, curious, optimistic, friendly, imaginative.
Awesome Fact: I like making my own comic strips!
Random Fact: I’m left-handed.
Pet(s): None.
Fave Animal(s): Horses.
Fave Food(s): Corn dogs!
Fave Color(s): Sky blue.


Name: Parker Jamia Miracle
Age: 14
Nickname(s): None
Date Received: January 1st, 2017
Type: Truly Me #40
Birthday: November 2
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing the internet, sleeping, trying to creep people out, reading useless facts.
Personality: Sarcastic, apathetic, confused, relaxed.
Awesome Fact: I’ve been told that I give off good vibes.
Random Fact: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen aliens.
Pet(s): The laptop. I take very good care of it.
Fave Animal(s): Dragons, man.
Fave Food(s): Plain pasta is pretty good.
Fave Color(s): Vanilla.


126 thoughts on “The Dolls

  1. Hi Loren! I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for sharing all this cool stuff! 😀
    I have a question if you don’t mind? Where do you keep your dolls in the summer when it’s hot and it can damage dolls? 🙂 Thanks, I really appreciate it. I have some dolls and I don’t know where to store them in this heat.

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  2. Awesome! My name is Elise too-a rare one. I especially love your photo stories! They are so neat and the pictures combined with your flowing writing style really hit off!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When you get dolls for Christmas, how do you decide what they’re birthdays are going to be? I have 2 that I got for Christmas, and they’re birthdays are on Christmas. I might change that, that’s why I was wondering. ANSWER ME NOW!!! Just kidding! 😜

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  4. Hi, Loren! I love your blog! I have a question for you; do you worry about balancing the number of blondes, brunettes, redheads, and black-haired dolls in your collection? I have a redhead, a blonde, and a black-haired doll, and I’d like to get another redhead, but I feel like I should get a brunette, ’cause I don’t have one. Do you have any advice?


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