DIY Doll Shower

I’ve got an awesome craft prepared for you guys today: a shower made out of an American Girl doll box. Enjoy!


-American Girl doll box

-masking tape

-paint (gray, white, red, and blue)

-kebab skewer



-hot glue gun

-thin fabric (for shower curtain)

-small drawer pull (round)

-Mod Podge

-milk jug lid

-silver spray paint

-metal coathanger

-wire cutter

-glass/ceramic tiles (small)

-medium-sized pom pom (any color)

-cord/yarn (same color as pom pom)

-self-adhesive hook

-Sculpey (any color)


-old towel

-sewing pin

The first step is to prepare the box. Rip out all the pieces of tape stuck to the inside. Don’t worry if some of the paper peels off, too. If that happens, just paint over it with light gray.

There are two holes at the bottom of the box and a slit near the top. Cover them in masking tape and paint over them.

Next, hold a kebab skewer across the front of the doll box. Mark where it meets the inside of the box (7 5/16 in.) and cut there. This is the shower rod.

To make the shower curtain, first pick the fabric that you want to use (mine is from an actual shower curtain). Cut it to 16 ½ in. x 7 ¼ in. Then fold the top over about half an inch and hot glue it down, creating a loop. Feed the dowel rod through it.

To keep the fabric from unraveling, fold every unfinished edge over about ¼ in. and hot glue it down.

Attach the shower curtain to the box by hot gluing the ends of the rod.

For the shower dial, take a small drawer pull and paint a line of red on one side and a line of blue on the other. Once it’s dried, brush Mod Podge over it so it won’t rub off.

Use a pencil to poke a hole in the side of the box (I made the hole on my left). Stick the drawer pull through the hole.

Next, make the shower head. I covered a milk jug lid with masking tape and spray painted it silver (the tape was so the paint would stick better). But if you don’t have spray paint, I think acrylic would work, too.

Using wire cutters, cut the top off a metal coathanger just above the curve (you might need an adult’s help with this). Then hot glue the end of the hanger to the lid.

Glue the shower head to the box above the dial. Try to get it as close to the top of the box as you can, or else your doll won’t be able to fit in the shower without hitting their head on it.

Now we’re going to do the floor. Draw a circle on the bottom of the box. Paint gray lines across it for the shower drain.

This part takes a long time, but the results are worth it. Glue small glass/ceramic tiles to the floor around the drain. If you don’t have tiles, scrapbook paper or paint will look nice, too.

I used tile nippers to break some pieces apart so I could glue them into small spaces.

Now that the shower itself is done, it’s time to make some cute accessories!

Loofah/poofy scrubby thing:

All you need is a pom pom, cord or yarn, and hot glue.

Cut the cord to the length you want, but make sure it’s long enough that a doll’s hand can fit through it. Then hot glue the ends of the cord to the center of the pom pom.

Glue a self-adhesive hook (or bent wire) to the same wall that the dial and shower head are on. Hang the loofah on it.


Make a rectangle out of Sculpey (mine is 1 ¼ in. x 15/16 in.). Bake it according to the directions on the package. When it’s cool, cover it in Mod Podge so it will dry shiny.

To make a shelf for the soap, cut a piece of cardboard that’s 2 in. x 1 ¼ in. Paint it light gray and glue it to the wall by the loofah’s hook.


Take an old hand/bath towel and cut it to 15 ¼ in. x 7 ½ in. Wrap it around your doll and secure it with a sewing pin.

These tiny bottles of soap and hair products are freebies from hotels.

Now you have a cute shower for your dollhouse!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! If you make this, I’d love to see pictures. Email them to me at

It took me two days, several burnt fingers, and three broken nails to make this shower. I ran out of tiles when I was almost done, so I had to go buy some more, but they weren’t the same size. I ended up having to tear out nearly all the tiles and redo the whole floor. Moral of the story: make sure you have enough tiles before you start!




What is She Doing #11 | Winners

Hey, guys! As promised, here are the winning captions for WISD #11. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did. :)


Isabelle: Ah! Who are you supposed to be?
Ghosts: We are ghosts, coming to photobomb your pictures, so that you can be famous all over the internet . . .
Isabelle: Convenient. Hold still while I focus . . .
Ghosts: NO!
Isabelle: What?
Ghosts: DON’T FOCUS!
Isabelle: But you said . . .
Ghosts: Everyone knows that ghost photos must be as blurry as possible, with little or no attention to shutter speed, lighting, or focus.
Isabelle: But my reputation as a good photographer will be so ruined if I post a blurry, dark, out-of-focus picture on Instagram!
Ghosts: ‘Tis a small price to pay for fame.
Isabelle: *sighs*


Isabelle walked down the street, clenching Coconut’s leash tightly. Izzy was starting to get frustrated, though, because Coconut would stop and smell the leaf-covered grass. “Come ON, Coco.” Izzy groaned, pulling at her dog’s leash. She had decided to take photos of Coconut, as she wouldn’t really be able to take anymore photos because it was getting cold outside. Izzy was attempting to take Coco to a nearby park, but her plan wasn’t exactly succeeding. Coconut stopped for what felt like the millionth time, but this time not to smell flowers. Instead, Coconut smelled two small figures covered in a white sheet. “Coconut!” Isabelle commanded. “Away from the tiny-ghost-marshmallow-munchkin-thingies! Run back home!” Izzy’s grip loosened on Coconut’s leash, eventually allowing her dog to run home.
Izzy was terrified. The tiny-ghost-marshmallow-munchkin-thingies chased after her, trying to not only bite her ankles, but trip her so she would be level with them. Isabelle sped up, trying to get back home. “No! NOOOOOO!” she cried. “Someone! Please help!” But Isabelle wasn’t fast enough. Two tiny hands grasped her ankles and she hit the concrete.

(Loren’s note: this is so dramatic, I love it.)


Isabelle: Oh my goodness, they’re little ghosts, they’re going to eat away our SOULS, Coconut, we have to run away!
Coconut: Ummm, Izzy, I’m pretty sure they’re just mini dolls.
Isabelle: No, foolish dog! They are demons!
Mini Rebecca: BOOOO!
Isabelle: *starts sobbing*
Coconut: Are you freaking kidding me, that’s Aciana and Rebecca.
Isabelle: *runs away screaming*

You guys have the weirdest humor. I’m incredibly entertained.

Please don’t be too upset if your caption wasn’t chosen, it’s just a game. I’ll probably post more of these in the future, so your caption might be picked then.

Have a good day!



Fall for You // AGPS

I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street
Take wing on the balmy breeze and sweep you off your feet
And you blushed as they scooped you up on sugar maple wings
To gaze down on the city below, ablaze with wondrous things

The Real World // Owl City

Great autumn pun in the title, am I right? Ha, of course not. My puns are never good. Sorry about that.

It’s getting cold where I am. Some of the trees have already lost all their leaves. We’ve got a fire going, and I’ve been drinking hot chocolate (even though milk makes me sick) and wearing my combat boots and cute socks. The weather when autumn is turning into winter is my favorite.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year (writing a novel in a month, for those who don’t know). In the past, I’ve always said I won’t be posting as much during November because I have to spend my time writing instead of working on my blog. But it feels a little different this time around. I think NaNo kickstarted my creativeness, which means I’ve been playing ukulele, writing poems, and blogging more. It’s all just an attempt to procrastinate my novel, but at least it’s productive. Long story short, I’m going to try and pull together a NaNo-themed photostory.

I hope you have a good day and enjoyed the pictures. :)



What is She Doing?! #11

It’s been forever since I’ve done a game of any kind, so that’s what we’re doing today: What is She Doing?! Which is basically just Caption It.

Here’s the photo we’re playing with. Isabelle and her dog Coconut seem to have encountered some tiny ghosts. idk.

If you don’t know how to play, here are the rules:

– Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo

– On November 13th, I’ll announce the winners (my favorite captions)

– There’s no prize, it’s just for fun

Pretty easy, right? I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :)



The Haunted House | Photostory

Related image

It was the night of the greatest Halloween party of the year. Our entire family had been invited, and in the hours before it started, the house was buzzing with activity. The bathroom was crowded with girls doing their makeup and face paint. Shouts of “Has anyone seen my shoes/hat/wings?!” rose above the cacophony every other minute. The excitement made the air electric.

When I say that the entire family had been invited, I really mean almost the entire family. Nevaeh was the only one who hadn’t received one of the pumpkin-shaped invitations. The kid was so quiet at school that the girl who was hosting the party probably didn’t know she existed.

I couldn’t very well leave Nevaeh at home by herself while practically everyone else in the entire school was at the party. So while the rest of our sisters bounded out of the house in their getups, I hung back. We could find something fun to do together. I didn’t really want to go to the party, anyway.

We surfed the web for Halloween activities and decided to go to a haunted house. I’m into creepy stuff — ghosts and zombies and that sort of thing — so it was kind of a no-brainer.

After paying and signing waivers, Nevaeh and I hung out in the brightly lit lobby, waiting for the haunted house guide to appear and lead us on the tour. The Ghostbusters theme played from speakers mounted on the wall. We sucked on peppermints from the bowl on the desk.

A door slammed open on the other side of the lobby, letting out a group of shrieking kids. A young woman followed the screamers and walked over to us. “I’m the guide,” she said, giving us a rehearsed smile. “Are you my next group?”

“We are. Nice costume, by the way. Very scary.”

She laughed, drumming her fingernails on the cardboard sign draped around her neck. Your grades were scrawled on it in black marker. “Thanks. It’s in honor of my report card.”

The woman told us to call her Kate and beckoned us into the haunted house. Dry ice curled around our feet. Nevaeh shuffled closer to me in the dim light.

We rounded a corner and my sister gasped. Dangling from the wall and ceiling were severed hands and a decapitated body. They spun slowly, scraping against the wall.

“This used to be a jail,” Kate whispered in a low, husky voice. “Those bodies? They belong to executed prisoners. Some people believe that their souls still haunt this place.”

A sudden gust of wind made the hanging body parts twirl on their strings.

Kate led us down the hall, where a spirit drifted into view. A beautiful snowy gown was draped over her bony body. When the shadowy form tilted its head in our direction, we could see that instead of eyes, there were just deep black holes in its face.

“Parker!’ Nevaeh choked, grabbing at my hand.

“That is Lady Amelia. She died on her wedding day, along with her soon-to-be husband. She wanders the earth at night, murmuring the vows to herself, longing to be reunited with her lover’s soul.”

The ghost of Lady Amelia floated toward us, hand outstretched. She vanished just before her wriggling fingers found my face.

With Lady Amelia gone, the hall was clear, and we followed Kate down it. Spiderwebs hung over our heads; bloodcurdling yelps could be heard from other victims of the haunted house.

Something was in the hallway with us: scuttling, scratching sounds could be heard around our feet. Three wispy white objects darted in front of us and disappeared into the gloom, giggling.

By my side, Nevaeh was so tense that if anything surprised her, I bet she would jump as high as a cartoon character.

We walked in sinister silence for awhile, bracing ourselves before turning every corner. I had begun to relax when a young girl in a dirty nightie stepped in our way. A holey sweater was wrapped tightly around her. She gazed at us with dull eyes, unblinking.

Nevaeh glanced at me out of the corner of her eye. Her mouth drooped into a nervous frown.

The girl pulled the sweater away from her side, revealing a huge wound in her side. The thin fabric of her pajamas was damp and red. She shivered. Cocked her head. “Please help me,” she croaked.

 We had to press ourselves against the cool, rough stones of the wall to get past. She watched us go with a gloomy expression.

Not even a minute after escaping the bleeding child, another fright appeared. A figure was hiding in a dark alcove, crouched over something white and still on the floor. The silhouette of a person looked over its shoulder as we passed, revealing a pale, angular face and blood-stained chin. It gave us a menacing grin with too many sharp teeth.

The white thing by its feet whimpered. I could now see that the shape was a tiny white dog with blood spurting out of a wound to its neck.

Past the vampire and its meal was a room with bones, feathers, and tribal masks hanging on the walls. A witch sat hunched over a cauldron from which came flashes of green, orange, and purple light. Pots, bowls, and woven baskets littered the space around the hag. They were filled with crystals, insects, critters, eyeballs, and other unpleasant things.

A desperate croak came from a frog dangling between the witch’s knobby, gnarled fingers. She dropped it into the cauldron and the mixture swallowed the struggling creature, belching and releasing an unsavory smell.

The witch’s cat snarled at us as we passed through.


I felt Nevaeh’s hand slip into mine. She was shaking.

She must be really terrified, I realized. Aloud, I whispered, “Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon. Just keep holding my hand. Close your eyes if you have to.”

She nodded and tightened her grip. Her wide eyes flitted around the room. They glinted in the flashing colored lights.

Kate halted. She pointed to two girls who were standing with their backs to us. “Jenna and Elise were best friends hanging out at a Halloween party. They spent the night gossiping, dancing, and drinking punch. But it turned out to be the worst — and last — party of their lives.”

The girls whipped around and lunged at us. Their faces were sallow and their flesh was beginning to peel in some place. They moaned as the rushed toward us.

“Jenna and Elise were turned into zombies that night!” Kate exclaimed, stepping to the side as the undead girls careened down the hall.

Nevaeh screamed. She pushed past Kate and the zombies and sprinted for the door that would lead back into the haunted house’s lobby.

I raced after my sister and found her sitting on one of the stiff canvas couches, breathing hard. I slid onto the cushion next to her and draped my arm around her, squeezing her shoulder comfortingly.

“I’m sorry for making you go through that,” I said, staring at the ground. “I like scary things, but I see now that you’re not into that. I’m really sorry if I ruined your Halloween.”

She took a deep, steadying breath. “It’s ok, Parker. It was fun, actually.” She gave me a hesitant smile. “So thanks for making me go. It was better than going to that party, anyway. At least we’re not going to end up like Jenna and Elise.”

I laughed. “Yeah. Good thing I know how to cure zombification. We might need it, when our sisters get home.”


Happy Halloween from the HHOAG girls!




Oh, Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind, girl, since the flood
Oh, Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love

Ophelia // The Lumineers

(I actually know nothing about The Lumineers. But my friend and I were listening to the radio one night and this song came on, and I thought it was pretty.)

 I’ve kind of missed taking pictures of my dolls. I always feel really great after I’ve gotten one of them dressed up and edited the pictures, so I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. I’m going to try, though. Wish me luck.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted since July. I don’t know what happened. I’m still not ready to commit to a frequent posting schedule, but how about we make a deal? I’ll try to post twice a month, and if I don’t, you’re welcome to leave me angry comments about how I’m a liar.

Time for some Life Updates™ because I don’t know what else to say:

-I went to the place where I planned to take the rest of the pictures for Serpents, and I didn’t bring my dolls?? Sorry.

-Halloween is coming up and I convinced my brother to dress up with me. We’re going to be Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. I don’t actually have any pieces for the costumes yet, so I need to go shopping soon.

-If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you might know that I’m homeschooled. Well, now I go to public school every other day for two classes. I’m not enjoying it.

-Fall soccer season started last month. We haven’t lost a game yet. (Although three have been ties. But still, we haven’t lost.)

I guess that’s it. I wish I had something better to post, but this is all I could pull together at the moment. I hope you all have a good day. ♥