Bri’s Back-to-School Documentary

Hey, guys, Bri here! School started for me recently, and I thought it would be cool if I documented my transition from summer (aka freedom) back to high school (aka prison). Let’s start with my last day of happiness.

~ The Last Day of Summer ~


Sunglasses, cute outfits, warm weather — summer has it all.





~ The First Day of School~


I did not want to get out of bed that morning. At all.  Eventually I did, and got dressed, did my nails, and did my makeup.



I had to trade in my summer essentials for my school ones . . .



The dreaded place that is high school!




My best friend took some pictures of my back-to-school outfit . . .


. . . Just before I had a breakdown.

I could not go back to school! Months of monotonous classes and boring teachers and annoying peers? The very thought of it made me feel like crying.



Who thinks I’ll get at least eight F’s this year? *raises hand*

Oh, yeah, Loren had her first soccer game of the season today! It was a tie, 2 – 2 (and a really tough game). Loren wants to say that it’s been way to long. And whether she’s talking about soccer or blogging, I don’t know.


Back-to-School Giveaway — WINNERS

Happy House of AG's back-to-school giveaway

Hey! Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday. I spent the day in Washington D.C. with my family and just didn’t get the chance to post, as we left super early in the morning and got home late.

Enough chit-chat . . . I know you guys want to learn who won my back-to-school giveaway!

I got fifty-seven entries, but, of course, there can only be two winners.

Drum roll, please . . .












second place

Second place goes to . . .













first place

First place goes to . . .














Congratulations, girls!

Winners, I’ll be sending you an email soon. If I don’t get a response in five days, I’ll have to pick new winners. I hope you have fun with the stuff!


Giveaway Reminder!

Happy House of AG's back-to-school giveaway

Don’t forget to enter my back-to-school giveaway! It ends on October 12th.

first place

All you have to do to enter is tell me what kind of post I do is your favorite! If you do that, you’ll have a chance to win either first place (above) or  . . .

second place

second place! Each prize comes with a purse. The bags just aren’t in the pictures above :)

Go to this post to enter and learn how to get extra entries:

Best of luck to all who entered!


Back-to-School Giveaway!

Happy House of AG's back-to-school giveaway

This was supposed to be posted on the first of September, but that didn’t exactly happen . . . Some of the prizes weren’t ready, but now they are :) I guess it’s not really back-to-school time anymore, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff for a giveaway lying around, so I figured that I may as well just post this.

There will be a first and second place prize.

first place

The first place prize includes:

  • One signed Happy House of AG poster
  • One mini composition notebook
  • One mini three-ring binder
  • One pencil case
  • Six pencils
  • One rubber band bracelet
  • Two erasers
  • One container


  • One bag

Here are the bags (made by my mom). Whoever wins first place will get to pick which one they want, and second place will receive the remaining one.

Molly with bag

I included these pictures of my dolls modeling the bags so you can see how big they are :)

Savannah with bag

They are big enough to hold the composition notebook and the three-ring binder included in the first place prize.

MJ with poster

The poster will be signed, by me, to the winner.


The notebook and binder sadly don’t fit in the container, but I’m sure you could find lots of things to store in it.

rubber band bracelet #1

The rubber band bracelet is made in the infinity pattern, with green, blue, and purple bands.


The tiny star and ice cream cone-shaped erasers actually work.

composition notebooks

First place winner gets to pick which color composition notebook they want: green or black.

blue three-ring binder

The light blue binder has a picture of my blog’s header in the plastic sleeve. (You can learn more about the binder here)

pencil case

The pencil case. The pencils fit in it if you put them in diagonally.

six pencils

Six pencils laboriously hand painted by yours truly.

second place

Moving on to second place!

This prize set contains:

  • One Happy House of AG poster signed to the winner
  • One composition notebook (second place gets the notebook first place didn’t want)
  • Three pencils
  • One ladybug eraser that really works
  • One rubber band bracelet
  • One bag (second place gets the bag first place didn’t want)

rubber band bracelet #2The bracelet is a simple single-chain style with orange, pink, and purple bands.

Ready to enter?

To enter, just leave a comment saying what type of post on my blog is your favorite. The two winners will be picked by a random drawing (unless I get a ridiculous amount of entries, in which case I’ll use to pick a winner.).

Sorry — this giveaway is only open to residents of the USA.

Get your parents’ permission before entering, because if you’re one of the lucky winners, I’ll need your address to ship your prize to you.

For extra entries . . .

  • Pin this giveaway on Pinterest
  • Post about it on your blog and link back to this post
  • Share this on Twitter
  • Share this on Facebook
  • Tell your friends about this giveaway

Each of the things above will get you one extra entry. You can only do each of them once (except for the tell-a-friend one — you can do that as many times as you want, but tell a different friend each time). And after you do it, leave me a separate comment for each extra entry saying what you did.

The last day to enter is October 12th.

Good luck!


Back-to-School Doll Size Finds

Many people have gone back to school already, but maybe your dolls have a couple days of summer left! I’ve gathered some back-to-school themed doll size finds for you today.


First up are these adorable three-ring binders! They come in five colors — dark blue, green, pink, light blue, and white (not shown). I got them at Staples for 50 cents apiece!


The binders are the perfect size for 18″ dolls!


They have a plastic sleeve on the front, just like the real thing.


It comes with lots of little slices pieces of paper.


The rings come apart. It’s hard the first couple of times, but after that, they come apart easily.


Next are the mini composition notebooks. They’re a little too big for dolls (let’s face it, most things are either too big or too small), but they’re still cute. I decorated mine with stickers and washi tape to give them some extra personality.


There’s lots of lined pages inside. Many stores stock these — Target, Staples, Dollar Tree, etc. I got a two pack at Staples for 50 cents.


Then there’s these clipboards. The one on the left is wooden, but I painted it.


You can find these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.


The other type of clipboard comes with real sheets of lined paper, with a little strip of stickiness at the top. You can find them at Michael’s in a large variety of colors and patterns.


They have a magnetic strip on the back.


Moving on to some things your dolls might keep in their backpacks!

Mini tape holder

First up is a mini tape dispenser. It has real tape and actually works! I got mine at Party City for 25 cents.


You can get these tiny scissors (that can cut thin paper!) in cheap sewing kits at Michael’s.


If your dolls are staying up late studying for a test, they could sure use this lamp! The light bulb works and the lamp bends at the joints. You can find these at Dollar Tree.


Then there’s these super-cute art supplies that actually work. You can buy them on Amazon.


They’re the perfect size for American Girl dolls!


See what I mean?

The rest of this post is about simple school-related crafts you can make for your dolls.


These folders are as easy as folding a 6 and half x 4 and half piece of paper hamburger-style, and then folding the bottom inch up.


The pencils are just painted toothpicks with one end cut off, and you can see how to make the mechanical pencils here:


P.S. Please, please, please please please please please please post about the AG Fan Meet-up on your blog! Just add a little P.S. to a new post, or even dedicate a post to the meet-up! This thing spread like wild fire last year, but this time, it’s only been shared, like, twice.

First Day of 4th Grade


Issy, my friend, sent me a back-to-school photostory!


First Day of 4th Grade
Hello, happy people. Today Isabelle wants to tell you about her first day of school. She was little worried about 4th grade, but it turned out a lot differently than she expected.



An early, sunny morning: a perfect day for school.


Coconut was the first to wake up.


I got out of bed and shook my older sister, Emily, awake.


First, we made our beds.


As Emily slowly got dressed . . .


I brushed my teeth and stuffed my lunch-box in my backpack.


I said goodbye to Emily. She was going to middle school.


On the bus, I worried that I wouldn’t like 4th grade.


After I found my classroom (510), Miss Carrobott signed me in.


(Karrie Wise, Margret Evans and Isabelle Palmer)


After I put my bag in my new locker, I went to my seat in the front row.


We had science first. I learned about different types of butterflies and their names.


My favorite is the Common Tiger Butterfly.


Next we had geography. I learned where the divide line is between Europe and Asia.


In language arts, I wrote a story about Clara the cat.


In history I started a book about a girl in 1911. It’s very interesting.


In spelling I only got two words wrong. That meant I got a gold sticker.


Miss Carrobott sorted her papers while we read.


I practiced handwriting very carefully.


I got a B +. Miss Carrobott can be a little picky sometimes.


My class had math next. We learned the 9 times table.


Miss Carrobott checked our math reviews with her calculator.


In art (My favorite), I drew Coconut at the park.


I joined choir and sang “Mary had a Little Lamb” to Miss Carrobott.


Miss Carrobott gave me a library card so I could check out a book.


I picked out a book about pets.


I gave the librarian my library card.


As I put my new book in my backpack, I felt a tap on my shoulder.


Miss Carrobott gave me another card.


It was a lunch ticket.


I put my lunch money and card on the cafeteria desk.


Then I sat down and ate from my lunchbox.


We had just packed up and cleaned our lockers and were about to leave, when . . .


Miss Carrobott gave us papers.


One said we had pictures next week.


The other was a signup sheet for lessons. I check soccer and dance class.


I waited for the bus.


I said hello to Emily when I got home.


Emily was asleep, so I read my book from the library.


Good night.