DIY Doll Shower

I’ve got an awesome craft prepared for you guys today: a shower made out of an American Girl doll box. Enjoy!


-American Girl doll box

-masking tape

-paint (gray, white, red, and blue)

-kebab skewer



-hot glue gun

-thin fabric (for shower curtain)

-small drawer pull (round)

-Mod Podge

-milk jug lid

-silver spray paint

-metal coathanger

-wire cutter

-glass/ceramic tiles (small)

-medium-sized pom pom (any color)

-cord/yarn (same color as pom pom)

-self-adhesive hook

-Sculpey (any color)


-old towel

-sewing pin

The first step is to prepare the box. Rip out all the pieces of tape stuck to the inside. Don’t worry if some of the paper peels off, too. If that happens, just paint over it with light gray.

There are two holes at the bottom of the box and a slit near the top. Cover them in masking tape and paint over them.

Next, hold a kebab skewer across the front of the doll box. Mark where it meets the inside of the box (7 5/16 in.) and cut there. This is the shower rod.

To make the shower curtain, first pick the fabric that you want to use (mine is from an actual shower curtain). Cut it to 16 ½ in. x 7 ¼ in. Then fold the top over about half an inch and hot glue it down, creating a loop. Feed the dowel rod through it.

To keep the fabric from unraveling, fold every unfinished edge over about ¼ in. and hot glue it down.

Attach the shower curtain to the box by hot gluing the ends of the rod.

For the shower dial, take a small drawer pull and paint a line of red on one side and a line of blue on the other. Once it’s dried, brush Mod Podge over it so it won’t rub off.

Use a pencil to poke a hole in the side of the box (I made the hole on my left). Stick the drawer pull through the hole.

Next, make the shower head. I covered a milk jug lid with masking tape and spray painted it silver (the tape was so the paint would stick better). But if you don’t have spray paint, I think acrylic would work, too.

Using wire cutters, cut the top off a metal coathanger just above the curve (you might need an adult’s help with this). Then hot glue the end of the hanger to the lid.

Glue the shower head to the box above the dial. Try to get it as close to the top of the box as you can, or else your doll won’t be able to fit in the shower without hitting their head on it.

Now we’re going to do the floor. Draw a circle on the bottom of the box. Paint gray lines across it for the shower drain.

This part takes a long time, but the results are worth it. Glue small glass/ceramic tiles to the floor around the drain. If you don’t have tiles, scrapbook paper or paint will look nice, too.

I used tile nippers to break some pieces apart so I could glue them into small spaces.

Now that the shower itself is done, it’s time to make some cute accessories!

Loofah/poofy scrubby thing:

All you need is a pom pom, cord or yarn, and hot glue.

Cut the cord to the length you want, but make sure it’s long enough that a doll’s hand can fit through it. Then hot glue the ends of the cord to the center of the pom pom.

Glue a self-adhesive hook (or bent wire) to the same wall that the dial and shower head are on. Hang the loofah on it.


Make a rectangle out of Sculpey (mine is 1 ¼ in. x 15/16 in.). Bake it according to the directions on the package. When it’s cool, cover it in Mod Podge so it will dry shiny.

To make a shelf for the soap, cut a piece of cardboard that’s 2 in. x 1 ¼ in. Paint it light gray and glue it to the wall by the loofah’s hook.


Take an old hand/bath towel and cut it to 15 ¼ in. x 7 ½ in. Wrap it around your doll and secure it with a sewing pin.

These tiny bottles of soap and hair products are freebies from hotels.

Now you have a cute shower for your dollhouse!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! If you make this, I’d love to see pictures. Email them to me at

It took me two days, several burnt fingers, and three broken nails to make this shower. I ran out of tiles when I was almost done, so I had to go buy some more, but they weren’t the same size. I ended up having to tear out nearly all the tiles and redo the whole floor. Moral of the story: make sure you have enough tiles before you start!



DIY Clock for Your Dollhouse

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted a craft, so I thought it was about time for another one. I’ve been reorganizing my dollhouse, and I decided to create a cute clock to go in the living room. I hope you guys like it. :)

You will need:

  • Two colors of foam
  • A cup
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Rhinestone stickers (optional)

(The foam I used was extra thick, but normal sheets of foam work just as well.)

Place the cup upside down on one sheet of foam. Trace around the rim, then cut out the circle. This will be the base of your clock.

Cut another circle out of the second color of foam. Fold it in half and cut out the center, so you have a ring.

Hot glue the foam shapes together.

Use your Sharpie to write the numbers on the face of the clock.

Cut two small rectangles out of the second color of foam. One should be short and wide, and the other should be slightly longer and thinner. Glue them to the center of the clock. If desired, stick a rhinestone on top of the hands of the clock for the final touch.

Attach your new clock to the wall using double sided tape.

If you make this, I’d love to see photos! You can send them to me at


Dollhouse Tour ~ Part 1

I’ve been asked multiple times to do a tour of my new dollhouse that my dad built, so here you go!


Today I’ll be showing you the top floor and Tracy’s bedroom.


All the way on the left is where Molly and Emily sleep.


Molly has the top bunk. Sometimes it I think it’s funny that I used Molly (or Ellie’s) blanket from *here.*


On Molly’s pillow is her “special doll” that I designed to look like her. Molly received it at her and Emily’s Welcome Party. (Come to think of it, I believe I have pictures from that hiding somewhere . . . I’ll try to dig ’em out ;) )


On the wall is a colorful thing that says “Smile” that Molly got for Christmas.


On Emily’s bed is her “special doll.”


And on the wall is a poster Molly made for Emily’s birthday.


Beside the bed is a dresser.


On top is Emily’s library card and a book, also from her birthday.


The top drawer holds a scrapbook, handkerchief, hair ribbons . . . and, uh, a bunch of other stuff.


In the bottom drawer is a tons of papers Molly has scribbled random historical and math and science things down on.


Under the bed is Emily’s paper dolls and Molly’s notebooks.


Next is Caroline’s bed.


On it is her pink bear.


On the wall is one of her Christmas presents, a picture frame.


On the floor next to her bed is a collection of pink rocks, one seashell, and piece of paper with the meaning of her name on it.


At the foot of her bed is the cat’s blanket. Even though the cat doesn’t belong to Caroline, she spoils it because she misses Inkpot :)


And then there’s her birdhouse. She can’t wait until springtime so she can set it out for the birds!


Last on the top floor is Ivy’s bed.


She has a panda stuffed animal, and the blanket and pillow are made by me and my mom.


On the floor, where Ivy’s dresser would be if she had one, is her phone, a piece of paper with the meaning of her name on it, and the first two Percy Jackson books.


Above that are two posters.


Above that is a shelf with two figurines, a deer named Feline (from Bambi :) ), and a . . . thing named Buttercup.


On the second floor is Tracy’s room. (It’s Savannah’s room too, but I haven’t figured out where she’ll sleep yet . . .)


So here’s her bed. It’s got nothing on it for a change =)


Above her bed are two Spiderman posters.


At the end of her bed is her skateboard and bag of doll clothes.


Then there’s a bunch of stuff pressed up against the wall.


First is Tracy’s doll Rebecca.


Next is Savannah’s things: a chalkboard/dry-erase board, a drawing of the ocean, a mermaid figurine, sunglasses, a necklace (thank you Megan!), and a map of Dollytown.


On Tracy’s dresser is her phone, DS, Spiderman and My AG necklaces, her name meaning, radio, bottle of Amethyst and two gems.


Chocolate Chip’s bed is next to the door.


Above the dog’s bed is Savannah’s stained glass of dolphins.

I hope you liked the tour! It still needs a little bit more, like *this* poster Savannah is oohing and aahing over.


It’s Almost FINISHED!!

So, I was going to wait until it was actually, completely finished, but then I thought, “Why not?”

Behold the awesomeness of.




So, as you can see, it’s not exactly finished. *twiddles thumbs*

But it’s still 2 stories tall!


The first floor is white, and there is a doorway that is missing it’s working door ;) The door has a doorknob! hehe


And the floors are stained :) Not that you can really see it . . .


It’s so BIG!


And then there’s the second floor that’s not painted yet.


But it will be painted soon! The color in the middle, Ocean Whisper. (BTW the pictures really don’t do the colors justice)


And then if you go through this little door . . .


You get to Tracy’s room! Yes, she does get her very own room while her six other sisters are cramped up in the other upstairs room. She’s sure it’s because of birth rights ;)


Here’s a picture of Saige keeping Dad company while he built the house.


Random cookie picture!!


Oh, and today is the last day to enter my giveaway.

See link to the giveaway post here:

Ta ta, lovelies! ~Loren ♥

Dollhouse Tour

Hey all!

I’ve decided to show you guys my doll house!




Here’s an over-view.


Hello, I’m Izzy! I’m going to start the tour with the . . . outside-the-main-house part! ;)


Right here would be the door . . . if we had one.


We keep the scooter beside Sugar’s pen.


And here’s Sugar!


We keep her tack on one side of the pen.


I’m going to hand it off to Saige now. Bye!


Heya, peeps! I’m going to show you all some random stuff, like my art studio.


Here is the closet.


This is an over-view of my art studio. It is on top of the closet.


I keep my apron on this hook.


Here I have two little tables, two painted rocks, and a stone hanging from a string.


Then I have my easels.




I’m going to show you the living room.


There’s the book shelf.


Then we have a couch right beside the shelf.


We keep hair ties in this pot Mom made.


On top of the book shelf, there is a bunch of doo-das, like books, pots, a rock that looks like a donut, and some other weird stuff.


Here is the cork board and message board.


Then there’s the desk.


(Sorry that the picture is sideways)

On the desk we have:

pencils in a cup, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a pen, a tissue box, a stone, scissors, a ruler, note books, laptop, real pencils, and yeah.


The calender.

(It says May because I took these pictures, and others I haven’t posted, back in May.)


On the floor between the desk and the book shelf are some little odds and ends.


Between the desk and storage thing are a trash can, notebooks, and a pot with jewelry inside.


So here’s the storage thing.


More of the stuff between the desk and storage. The hair brush, tape, a purple box, and some little stuff like Tracy’s soccer ball in the silver box.


On top of the dresser (Storage thing) is a picture frame, library cards, a phone, credit cards, and another pot.


Beside the dresser is two bins with sit-upons in one, and hair accessories in the other.


That’s all for my part!


I will show you just a little section. The table and another smaller table.


Um, so here’s the small table.


There’s a lamp, a mirror, a sticky note pad, make-up, perfume, and a tea box.


Above that is a peace poster.


And then there is the eating table.

Caroline will show you the rest.


Hey guys! I’ll be showing you the bedroom.


Beside the table is the doggie’s area!


The doggie’s food bowls.


Their beds.


And their toys.


We keep our earrings on this hanger Mom made for us.

(Leave a comment asking for a tutorial if you want to know how to make this!)


Then we have our little tables.


This is Tracy’s. She has a DS, a radio, her phone, a gem, and a bottle of Amethyst.


This one is kind of shared. On top, it has a gem, a notebook, and a toy deer.


The first drawer Molly and Emily share, and the bottom one has homework.


The next one belongs to Saige. It has her ring, bobby-pins, and the box holds her art supplies.


This is Saige’s, too. It has her alarm clock, her DS, a gem, a glass rock that was painted on, and a little ninja toy.


Here is a birthday card to Saige, and a dream catcher. Saige says it reminds her of New Mexico.


This is a little toy named Buttercup, and an Altoids container.


Then there’s this poster that says ‘Dare to be different.’


This is Saige’s bed. Her cat, Button, likes sleeping at the foot of the bed.


Under Saige’s bed, Molly’s, Emily’s, and Tracy’s bedding is kept.


They don’t have beds, so they sleep on the floor. Tracy’s is on the right, M and E’s is on the left.


I (Caroline), sleep on the top bunk.


Some of our purses hang on my bed.


Isabelle’s bed is beside the bunk-beds.


She has a box that hangs off my bed. She keeps her gloves, Anna Hart and bus passes, her pink hair, her hair comb, welcome home sign, and a bottle of pink dust in it.


The railing on her bed is at the right height that she can practice ballet on it!

You know what Emily said about me showing you the rest? Well, there is just a little bit more . . .


‘Sup! It’s Tracy the Awesome!

I’m gonna show you the attic, and this really is that last part!


Here we have Chip’s carrier, a jump for Sugar, and stuff for a bathroom we hope to have some day, along with some American flags, and stuff from Molly and Emily’s welcome party.


Then there’s the holiday decorations. Easter stuff, stockings, Christmas tree and ornaments, and a little table with a bunny and bunny print bowl.


Hope you liked the tour!

Ba Bye!