Camp Dolliwatha, Week One: Friendship Bracelets

Camp Dolliwatha

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Hello, and welcome to the first day of Camp Dolliwatha! If you’re here, thank you so much for looking at this post — I’ve put a lot of energy into this camp, and I hope people will enjoy it.

Friendship Bracelets

To kick off Week One’s theme of Summer Days, let’s make friendship bracelets for you dolls!


You will need:

  • Brown foam
  • Self-adhesive velcro
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • A needle


Cut a strip of foam that is 4 1/4 inches long (or 4 1/2 if you want to play it safe) and 3/4 of an inch wide. Attach a piece of velcro that’s a centimeter tall to each end of the foam.


Now you’ve finished the base of the bracelet, but you still need to decorate it. You’ll need some basic sewing skills for this part, like how to tie off the thread and do a simple over-under stitch.

Thread your needle with floss color of your choice. You don’t need very much floss for this craft, unless you’re planning to embroider the entire bracelet.


Sew a simple pattern onto the bracelet. Be careful not to sew too close to the edge or pull too hard on the string, or else the foam could break.

Once you’ve finished with the sewing, your doll’s friendship bracelet is done! I’ve shown you just one way you could decorate the bracelet, but you could also use puffy paint, sequins, pieces of foam — or even glue a normal friendship bracelet to the center of it.


My dolls love their friendship bracelets!

If you made this craft, email me up to three pictures at I’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!



Thanksgiving Fun


What with all the photostories and photoshoots in our busy life, Molly and I haven’t had much time together. So, while the rest of the girls were still preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner tonight, Molly and I sneaked off to have some BFF time.


There was a pretty display of flowers on the humans’ table, and we gave names to the colors of flowers. The one Molly is pointing to, we named “Creamsicle.”


Then we began to duel! (Thank goodness they were only butter knives . . .)


Only when I’m alone with Molly does my true inner star shine.


After a close encounter with falling off the giants’ table, we looked out the window and watched for our relatives.


But after about six seconds, that got boring, so we dared each other to run through the snow outside barefoot!


It was SO COLD!


Molly survived the cold the longest.


We came inside and sat before the fire to warm our footsies, drank hot chocolate, and filled out the Thanksgiving worksheets Caroline made.


Here’s mine. Caroline  wrote “THANKSGIVING” vertically on the page, and then we write a word around it of something we’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because often, we take things like family, our house, good health, and food for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving!


After My Visit to AGP (March, 2014)

Hello guys!

I wanted to share with you some, okay, a bunch, of pictures from my trip to AGP back in March!

I went with my two friends, Issy and Kelly. I didn’t take any pictures in the AG store, but plenty in L. L. Bean, the store that my mom and Kelly’s mom insisted on going to after AGP!

*These pictures were not taken with my usual camera, so that explains the not-so-good quality pics*


This is the first-ever picture of my Isabelle!

DSCN2854In front of a small tent!

My friend, Issy, has her Isabelle on the left, Kelly’s Kit in the middle, and my Isabelle on the right.

DSCN2860The dolls biked some!




They found some hats!




DSCN2866They got put in a baby carriage 🙂




Woo-hoo! On top of a box!



None of them are looking at the camera 😛


They played hide-and-go-seek in the clothes rack.

Kit: Where’s Issy?

My Isabelle: Look, Kit! She’s over there!

Issy’s Isabelle: Shoot! You found me!




Girls? What’s going on here?


DSCN2888What’s the fascination with hanging upside-down?

DSCN2893I love this picture 🙂 It’s got to be one of my favorites.


Kelly, Issy and I found this HUGE skillet! Big enough to fry those poor dollies in.


They went to the tent again . . . but this time they brought proper camping supplies! Sleeping-bags and water-bottles.


We got to the fishing section . . . and there were canoes! They dolls grabbed some sunglasses in hopped in one for the ride 😀


We found some tiny fishing vests, and as the parents, made the dollies wear them 😉


I’m not exactly sure what’s happening here, but they might have imprisoned themselves . . . on purpose.


Commercial for a fly tying kit? I can hear it now:

Kit: The all new, dolly-approved, L. L. Bean Fly Tying Kit!

Issy’s Isabelle: It comes with all you need to make 40 flies, complete with full color, step-by-step instructions!

My Isabelle: With these flies, every fishing trip is sure to be a success!

Kit: Great quality products, or your money back, guaranteed!

Issy’s Isabelle: Buy yours now for only $25.99!

My Isabelle: Call 886-FLY-TYING-KIT to order yours today, or visit! Again, that’s 886-FLY-TYING-KIT, or!

(I there is a ‘’ or ‘886-FLY-TYING-KIT,’ I had no idea. I just made this commercial up.)

DSCN2906My friend Issy and I both bought Coconut, and Issy’s just had to come out of the box!

The dolls changed clothes, my Isabelle into the Easy Breezy Outfit I had just bought, Issy’s Isabelle into Isabelle’s Accessories that I had bought, and Kit into my Isabelle’s outfit.


This almost rustic looking staircase was just begging to be photographed!


We went to a candy store! Look at all that CANDY!!


(Sorry for the blurriness)





Riding the pig grill! Yee-haw!


Pork butt 😀 Look at that cute little swirly tail!

All those L. L. Bean pictures were from the second floor! We most show you the first floor . . .



Kelly (Or was it me?) had the crazy idea to let the dolls sky dive from floor 2 to floor 1!

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Tell the dolls we love you and good-bye
  2. Toss the dolls over the railing
  3. One of us girls would be down on floor 1, waiting to catch the flying 18 inch people
  4. Hope that Doll Catcher would successfully catch all the dolls

The moms talked some sense into us, and the dolls were saved.


Down on floor 1, there was this cool display! It had a fake rock-wall, and real water(I think)!


The dolls’ fishy friend came onto land for a photo 😉


Issy’s Isabelle: Oh, look! A cave!

Kit: I wonder what’s in it . . .?

My Isabelle: Let’s go caving!

Kit and Issy’s Isabelle: NO!

My Isabelle: Why not?

Kit: We could fall in the water, and suffer silver eye!

Issy’s Isabelle: We could get lost!


Mwa ha ha!!



Hammock rock climbing wall!





I actually DID have some pictures from the AG store!


Here’s one of them. That MAG doll is too cute!

DSCN2842The salon!

We had to go to the salon to get Tracy’s ears pierced.


Here Tracy is with her new earrings!


Loren the Awesome

Dolls Domain

Hey lovelies! My friend, Kelly, was inspired by the awesomeness of Happy House of AG to create her own blog! It’s called Dolls Domain (It took us about half ‘n hour to come up with that), and she would love it if you would visit her blog *here!* Her first goal is to get 30 followers in one day (Quite ambitious. . .), and so far, she only has 2. So please go check her blog out!


Loren the Awesome

P.S. I have 31 followers!!! Thank you guys all SO much!!!! Maybe a giveaway will appear in the near future . . .

International Friendship Day

Who knew it was International Friendship Day?

I sure didn’t.

Umm, I guess I did . . .

But not until my calender said so!


Your dolls could exchange friendship necklaces!

With another doll . . . or with a . . . pet?

(Coconut! What are you doing?!)

(Anybody notice the awesome charms??? Can you guess which doll suggested I make them pizza? Hint hint, look at the Meet the Dolls page)


Or they could exchange friendship bracelets!

(With real dolls, Coconut. I’ve got my eye on you)


They could also just spend time with each other!





Playing Monopoly,


Playing cards,

Ivy: Woo hoo! I win!



Or talking (Again), while eating ice-cream and/or cotton candy!

Looks like Isabelle and Ivy had a good time getting to know each other!


Easter ~Part Two~

Sorry it took so long to post this…it rained and rained here!


“Molly, will you please bring the baskets?” Caroline asked as she walked down the steps.

“Okay,” Molly replied, picking the baskets up.

“I’m going to find all the pink eggs!” Jillian squealed.

“I won!” Tracy exclaimed, bounding off the bottom step and on to the grass.

“Yeah, good for you, Trace,” Isabelle muttered.


Saige did a flying leap over Tracy’s head, and landed with a thud in the grass. “Woo! I’m second!” Saige panted.

“Go on, Coconut. Go and play with Chocolate Chip. Just jump off that step. It’s not very high off the ground,” Issy coaxed.

“Caroline, will you help me down?” Jillian asked.

“Yes,” Caroline answered, reaching up to help Jilly down.

“Come on, Molly,” Emily said quietly, waiting for her.

“I’m coming,” Molly replied, quickening her pace.


“Molly, please pass the baskets out,” Caroline said, taking a seat in the grass.

“Okay,” Molly said as she got up.


“But first, who wants one?” Caroline asked.


Jillian, Emily and Molly all raised their hands.


“That’s only three, anybody else?” she asked again.

Reluctantly, Isabelle and Saige put their hands in the air.

“I’m only doing this to win,” Saige muttered.


“Molly, are there five baskets?” Caroline asked.

Molly checked. “Yes, there are exactly five.”


“Here, Jilly,” Molly said, handing her a small, blue bag. “A little bag for a little girl.”


“Here, Saige,” Molly dropped a bag in Saige’s lap.

“Don’t you think that you are a little too old for this?” Saige questioned.

“Do you think that you are a little old for this? And no, I don’t. I want to be a kid a little longer; plus, I enjoy doing this, and that’s what matters.” Molly turned on her heel and walked away.


Molly approached Isabelle and handed her a bag.

“Thanks!” Issy exclaimed.


“Thank you,” Emily said quietly, taking hers


“I guess this is mine, then,” Molly announced, holding the basket by its handle.


“Okay, on three, you can start,” Caroline said, “One…two…THREE!”

The girls ran off to find the eggs.


“I found one!” Isabelle thought excitedly as she stashed it in her bag.


“They hide one here every year!” Molly reached down into a ditch and pulled out a blue egg.


“I found a pink one!” Jilly thought, grabbing it.


“I found one!” Emily said, opening her bag.


“I bet no one else has found one yet!” Saige thought, putting it in her bag. She got up to look for more.


“And here’s another!”


“This must be one of the last ones,” Emily decided as she pulled a green one out from under some leaves.DSC_0032

“More pink!” Jillian exclaimed.


The girls gathered at the starting point to be judged.

“I bet that I got the most,” Saige boasted, holding up her bulging bag for every one to see.

“Good for you. Not,” Issy breathed, looking away.


“Please hold out your bags so that I can count the eggs,” Caroline announced. After looking in all the bags, Caroline said, “And the winner is…


Saige!” She walked over to raise Saige’s hand in the air. “Saige found five eggs. Second place is…Jillian! Third goes to Molly, and a tie for fourth between Emily and Isabelle.”

The girls dashed off to eat their candy.


Tracy, who had been playing with the dogs, came to a stop next to Caroline. “Tracy, what did you mean by “real fun”?” Caroline asked, remembering when they had come outside.

“Oh, nothing, just…



“TRACY!!” Caroline screamed.

Later that night…..


“Ahhh! Its the Evil Owl! Back to base!” Jillian screamed with delight, dashing towards the bunk beds.


“I think that we ought to be going now, Caroline,” Viola said, “Thank you for hosting!”

“Thank you for coming,” Caroline replied.


“Jillian, we need to go,” Viola called.

“Okay, mommy, I’m coming,” Jillian sighed.


The Turner family was escorted to the door. Jillian hugged Caroline. Molly and Issy waved. Saige shook hands with Viola. And then the door closed. The sisters walked back to the bedroom.


“I’m bored!” Tracy yelled.


“Yeah, I’m bored to,” Molly said as she sat down on the end of Isabelle’s bed.


“What do we do now?” Saige asked, taking out her earrings, “Pig out on candy?”


“We could get ready for bed. We have school tomorrow.” Caro suggested.

“And why would we want to do that,” Tracy asked.


“Well it 7:00, so we may as well anyway,” Caroline said, avoiding the question.

“No. That says 6:59, not 7:00. Therefore, we don’t have to go to bed,” Tracy decided.

“Says who?” Caroline challenged.

“Says the oldest.”

“Do it.”



“Hey Tracy, can I have your earrings?” Saige asked.

“Sure,” Tracy replied, dropping them in Saige’s hand.

“Thank you.”

20 minuets later….


“I’ll button that for you, Emily,” Saige said kindly, brushing Emily’s hair out of the way.

“Thank you, Saige,” Emily replied

“You’re welcome!”


Caroline walked into the bedroom. “Molly, will you help me make your bed?”

“Okay!” Molly answered as she finished braiding her long hair.


As Molly started to fold the carpet, Caroline pulled a blanket out from under the bed. “Just one more button, Emily. Done!” Saige said.


Once Caro had spread the blanket out on the floor and Emmy had wiggled under the covers, Molly walked over and handed Emily her special doll. Molly had hers tucked under her arm. “Here you go, Em!”

“Thanks, Molly,” Emily took her doll.


Tracy tucked her phone under her pillow just as Issy walked in.


She was brushing her teeth. “Oh, is everybody else ready?” she asked.

“Yep,” Caroline nodded.

“Okay, I’ll be right back then.” She walked away.


Shortly after Isabelle came back without her toothbrush. She pushed the covers aside and climbed into bed. Coconut jumped up and licked her face. “Yes, I love you to,” Issy giggled.


“I’ll tuck you girls in, in a second,” Caroline promised, sliding off the bed.


“Good night, Saige,” Caroline said, kissing Saige on the cheek.

“Good night, Caroline,” Saige replied.


“Night, Issy,” Caroline smiled, kissing Isabelle on the forehead.

“Night night,” Issy snuggled deeper down under her covers.


“Love you girls. Good night,” Caroline said.

“Love you,” Emily said quietly.

“Ditto,” Molly rolled over in bed.


Caroline turned towards Tracy. “Night, Tracy,” she leaned over Tracy.

“No way. You are NOT kissing me,” Tracy protested, squirming away.

Caroline walked into the living room, and grabbed a book.


She came back and hopped up on her bed. The book she had picked up was the Bible. Then she turned to Luke chapter 24. “On the very first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb,” she began,”They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus….Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” Caroline finished, closing the Bible.


“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day that you created. Please bring people to the light. . . you. Thank you for dying on the cross to save us from our sins. And in Jesus’ name, Amen,” Caroline prayed. A chorus of “Amen” came from the girls.


And then the girls went to sleep.