Camp Dolliwatha, Week One: Rope Braid

Welcome to the second day of Camp Dolliwatha! Today, I’m not posting a craft, but a hairstyle . . .

Rope Braid

The rope braid, to keep your doll’s hair off her neck during the hot days! 😉


You will need:

  • Wire hairbrush
  • Squirt bottle (optional)
  • Three hair ties


Start by misting your doll’s hair and brushing it, so it’s easy to work with.


Then separate the hair into two equal sections.


Take one section of hair, keep it close to the neck, and twist it tightly to the left. (If you want the rope braid to go over the doll’s left shoulder, twist to the right instead.) Wrap a hair tie around the end of the coil.

Repeat on the other section of hair.


To keep one coil tight while you’re working on the other one, try tucking it under the doll’s arm, or having someone hold it.


Slip the hair ties off the coils and pinch the ends so they don’t come undone. Twist them around each other, to the right. (If you want the rope braid to be on the doll’s left shoulder, twist to the left.) Tie off the end of the rope braid with the third hair band.


And you’re done!

Tip: Twisting the coils together in the opposite direction that you twisted themselves is what keeps the rope braid together. If your braid comes undone, pay special attention to direction when you’re redoing it.

If you did this hairstyle, email me up to three pictures at I’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!



How to Bead Your Doll’s Hair

How to Bead Your Doll's Hair

Hey! Today, I will be showing you how to put beads in your American Girl doll’s hair.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

You will need:

  • A clear rubber band
  • A spray bottle
  • A wire hairbrush/pick
  • Beads

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

Before we get started, I want to say something about the beads. They need to have large holes, or else it will be nearly impossible to put them into your doll’s hair. Pony beads work best, but any bead with a large hole will do.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

First, take a thin section of hair near the front of your doll’s head. Brush it out and mist it. Make sure that the ends of the section are wet and clumped together.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

Take the first bead and slip it on the chosen strand of hair. Slide it all the way up to the crown of your doll’s head.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

If you can’t get the bead onto the strand of hair, try misting it again. Or twist the ends together, fold the hair in half, and pinch it. Then slip the bead over the twisted, folded, and pinched piece of hair.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

Once you’ve gotten all the beads on the doll’s hair, take a clear elastic. Wrap it around the hair directly below the beads.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

You’ll need to wrap it many times, so it’ll get too thick for the beads to slip over it.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG


How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

Doesn’t Eve look cute with the beads in her hair? 🙂

Try experimenting with different color combos and different numbers of beads.

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

You can do pretty much any style on your doll’s hair while the beads are still in.

Ponytails . . .

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

. . . braids . . .

How to Bead Your American Girl Doll's Hair | Happy House of AG

. . . a braided bun, etc.

The beads add a colorful pop to any hairstyle; perfect for the warm summer months ahead (which I’m already dreaming about. 😉 )!

If you decide to bead your doll’s hair, I’d love to see pictures! Post a picture on your blog and link back to this post, or email me a photo at


Review: Caroline Abbott

Today I’ll be reviewing American Girl doll Caroline Abbott!

Review: Caroline Abbott

I got my Caroline in 2012, so she’s not in the best condition, but hopefully this will still be an accurate review!


Here is an overview of Caroline in her meet outfit with her accessories.


Let’s start with the doll itself.

Caroline had the classic face mold and feathered eyebrows.


She is the only doll with aquamarine eyes. Her unique eyes are what makes her stand out from all the other blonde-haired blue-eyed dolls American Girl has made.


Her hair is the worst part of her. When I got Caroline, her blonde tresses were soft and the many curls framing her face were luxurious. Unfortunately, her hair did not hold up against the test of time and has lost some of its curl and is hard to manage. If I had known how to properly care for her hair, I think she would be in better condition now. If you get Caroline, you should definitely get the Sparkly Hair Pick from American Girl!


Moving on to Caroline’s accessories.

Her straw bonnet is edged in pink ribbon, and a green, pink, and white striped ribbon ties under her chin.


Three hot pink flowers are nestled around a bow on the right side of the bonnet.


Bird’s-eye view.

American Girl doll Caroline Abbott

The bonnet fits perfectly and she looks adorable in it! No complaints here.


Her drawstring bag (also part of her accessories) is hard for her to hold. When her top is in it, it pulls the bag off her hand.


When the bag is flat, it reads, “Caroline Abbott 1812.”


The final part of her accessories set is a top. It’s real wood and actually spins!


Here is the top next to Caroline’s hand. You can see that they are about the same size.


This picture doesn’t capture the true color of her dress because she is in shadow.

Now I’ll review Caroline’s outfit!

A view of the whole outfit, top to bottom.


The dress’s neckline is edged in pink ruffles.


Around Caroline’s empire-waist dress is an elegant rose-patterned ribbon.


Her 2/3 sleeves have the same pink ruffle on them as the neckline, as well as a thin pink ribbon.


The bottom of her dress.


Her simple pink flats go with lots of outfits.


Her white stockings go up to her knees.


Her underwear — pantaloons — are plain white. They cover most of her socks.


The bottom of the pantaloons have lace on them.

I rate her 4.3 stars, because, although she is beautiful and extremely photogenic, her hair is hard to manage. I do not recommend her as a first doll or for younger kids. But if you know how to take care of curly doll hair, then by all means, get her before she is retired!

I hope if you are considering getting Caroline Abbott that this helped make up your mind.


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Beauty in Pink

Hi! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! *virtual pinch if you’re not wearing green* I got a new doll today!! She is . . .




















 ♥♥ Ever After High Briar Beauty ♥♥


Her hair was all greasy when I got her, so I decided to wash it. I’ve never washed a doll’s hair before, but I think it turned out pretty nicely!

First, I covered her in wash cloths and filled the sink with warm water.


I dipped her hair in the sink and let it soak in the water.


Once it was wet, I brushed out her hair.


Then I put shampoo in her hair!


All those bubbles ^.^

I let the shampoo soak in her hair for a few minutes, then rinsed it out with cold water.


After I kind of dried her hair with a wash cloth, I twisted it up in a bunch of mini buns so it would be curly.


Finally, her hair was dry, so I took it down and brought Briar outside!


I just love her outfit 🙂


Curly . .


She’s so cute!!

Handing it over to Bri now . . .


Hey, I’m Briar!  ♪ I can flip my hair, oo oo ♪












Hello again, it’s Loren. I just stole the keyboard back from Bri — the look in her eyes said she was about to go rant on how beautiful she is 😛

Does anyone know how to take Briar’s bracelet off? Just wondering.

Loren and Briar

Briar and Loren

Super Curls How-to

I’m going to show you all how to curl your doll’s hair like *this*!

Let’s get started!


You will need:

AG brush

Squirt bottle

Lots of bobby-pins

A marker


First, squirt and brush your doll’s hair. This technique should work on dolls with wavy or curly hair.


Next, separate a piece of her hair that you want to become the first curl.


Then take your marker and, starting at the top of the piece of hair, drag it down until it reaches the end.


Wrap some hair around the marker, and roll the marker up, so that  all the hair is twisted around the marker.


The marker should be like this up against her head.


Then slip the marker out, but make sure that all the hair stays in place. Put a bobby-pin through the curl to help it stay in place.


Take another pin and get some of the rolled up piece in it, and then pin it to the doll’s head.


Once you’ve done all her hair, mist it.


So now you just have to wait for her hair to dry. *Sigh*


And now, the moment you all have been waiting for . . .


Ta-da, ta-da! Super curls!


The back 🙂


I hope you enjoyed, and I would love to know if you try this!


P.S. Bonus pics!



Tenacious Twirls

Kate and DollDIYs requested a hair tutorial, so here’s one for ya!


Ta-da! Isn’t it the most twirly hairstyle ever?

OK, maybe not.

Anyway, I’ll be showing you how to make a more, eh, humble version.


You’ll need:

A hairbrush

A squirt bottle

A colorful hair clip or bow


colorful or clear elastics (I’m using Rainbow Loom)


Just start with a basic step: spritzing and brushing your doll’s hair. Then take some hair from each side of her face and secure it in the back with your clip/bow.


Then take a piece of hair from one side of her head and twist it.


Take part of the hair that is in the clip from the opposite side of the twist and tie that and the twist together with an elastic.

Repeat on the other side of her head.


When you’re done, it should look like this.


Then take more hair from each side of her face and tie them under what you just did.


Then take even more hair and tie it down low.


And that’s it! You’re done!

To make it’s twists more ‘tenacious’ you could twist the ones that I didn’t.

What’s your favorite hairstyle?