Happy Valentine’s Day from the Ever Afters!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you guys! I put together an extremely festive photostory to celebrate, starring my Ever After High dolls!


I adjusted the daisies, plumping up their fresh white petals. Everything — including the flowers — needed to be perfect for the Valentine’s Day party I was hosting for my friends.

There was a knock at the door. My friends were here! I rushed to let them in.


“Hey, Cupid!” they exclaimed together.

Briar Beauty, whose mother was the legendary Sleeping Beauty, waved a ginormous heart-shaped lollipop at me. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” she grinned.

I beamed at them and stepped aside to let them in.


Avery Ella, daughter of Cinderella, was holding a huge red paper heart. It read:


Happy Valentine’s Day


The second they’d put their things down, I tackled each of them in an excited hug. “You guys are here!” I squealed, bouncing up and down.

“Yup,” Bri agreed, un-peeling herself from my hug. “Let’s get this party started!”


I showed my friends to the treats table and pointed at the main attraction: giant Hershey Kisses. “Try one!” I urged, grabbing one and rubbing it lovingly against my cheek.


Bri selected one and folded down the silver wrapper. She nibbled on the chocolate. “Mmm!”


Avery picked up a large cup filled with bright pink punch. She took a sip, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and announced, “Wow, Cupid, you’ve really outdone yourself! This place looks ama-a-a-zing!”


We gazed around the pink heart-coated room, and my cheeks flushed from pride.

“It was nothing,” I said, though I was secretly overjoyed that my friends had complimented my work.


“Seriously, this place is awesome,” Bri told me. She took another greedy bite of her chocolate. “I wouldn’t have had to patience to decorate it all!” Then she spotted something on the other side of the room, shot off toward it as fast as she could in her high heels, and said, “Ooh, look at that!”

Avery and I shared a look and giggled.


“Bri! Get back over here,” I called. With a dramatic flourish, I waved my arms at the vases of flowers I had been working on earlier. “I got you guys valentines!”


Briar zoomed back over. “Ooh!” She reached out and touched the petals of a fuchsia tulip.


I’d bought flowers for my friends at the local flower shop. Daisies for Avery, tulips for Bri.


Bri picked up the Valentine’s Day card that was addressed to her. “Thanks, Cupid,” she smiled.


Avery stroked her flower’s petals, covering her mouth with her hands. There were tears in the corners of her large green eyes. She tended to get emotional over even the smallest things.


Suddenly, Bri cried, “Photo booth!” She grabbed my arm and Avery’s and dragged us over to the photo booth that I had set up.


We squished onto the oversize mailboxes and struck poses.










Happy Valentine's Day from Happy House of AG

Anyone notice how there were less words captioning each picture than normal? In photostories, I usually accompany each picture with several paragraphs. This time, I decided to do something different: more photos, less text.

I want your opinion. In the future, would you rather see photostories with more pictures, less text, or the normal — more text, less pictures? Tell me in the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Something Important Happened on the 29th . . .

You just have to pretend that today is the 29th of September, and not the first day of October (oh, hello, October!), alright? Good.



On your birthday, you’d typically expect to wake up to the delicious smell of breakfast being carried right to your bed. Maybe you’d get bacon and pancakes and cocoa to eat. But being poked and prodded by your best friend, having your cheeks pinched and your nose wiggled back and forth . . . that’s not exactly the best wake-up-it’s-your-birthday thing.

Of course that’s what I got.

I cracked one eye open groggily and peered up at Molly. “Could you stop?” I moaned, scowling at her.

She smiled and pinched my cheek one more time.

I rolled onto my side so I was facing her. “It’s my birthday.”



I dragged myself sluggishly out of bed. Molly helpfully found my glasses for me and stuck them on my face, prodding the end into my eye before she got the glasses on correctly.

The weird thing about birthdays here is that you never know when the party will happen, if ever. We might celebrate before school, at lunch time, at ten-o-clock at night. It could be a week after your special day before anyone remembers your birthday.

The way Molly was helping to put my glasses on told me that we might celebrate in the morning.


I wandered sleepily toward the stairs, but as I turned away from the bunk bed that I shared with Molly I saw ALL of my sisters crammed into the right side of the third floor. When I spotted them, they shouted, “Happy birthday!” in several languages: English (of course), Spanish, French, Greek, even Latin.

It made my inner nerd happy.


Growing more awake by the second, I made my way over to my family and sat down in front of my presents. Our cat, who was recently given the name Lyric, strutted over to me, and I scratched her behind the ear. She purred with pleasure.

“So, which present should I open first?” I asked once Lyric had walked away. I probably sounded rather rude, blurting that out and not thanking them for the cool multilingual “happy birthday.” But I’d just woken up, and my sisters knew that I couldn’t function normally until about ten AM.

“One of the small ones,” Molly replied.


There were two small presents — one wrapped in purple, the other green — and I selected the green one first. I’ve always loved trying to guess what was in a box by the sound it makes, so I shook the gift back and forth beside my ear. All I heard was a faint jingle.

Not knowing what it could possibly be, I decided just to go ahead and open the gift.


I ripped off the chartreuse paper and found, lying inside a clear plastic box, a sky-blue headband and a bracelet with lime, tangerine, and amethyst-colored beads.

I blinked. “Pretty,” I remarked. I actually did like them; I was just too tired to put my feelings into words. “Thanks.”

“We thought the headband matched your eyes,” Caroline began softly. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said again, tying the bracelet around my ankle.


Pushing the green present’s wrapping aside and promising the try the headband on later, I grabbed the purple present. It was heavier than the last one, but I still couldn’t figure out what was in it by shaking it. I carefully peeled the iris-colored paper off the gift and found . . .


. . . a box if chamomile tea and a white mug with a hot pink flower painted on it.

“It’s so British!” I exclaimed gleefully. In truth, it didn’t really look British, but tea always reminds me of home.


That left two gifts —  both were huge, and I didn’t have the slightest clue as to which one I should open next. I glanced up at Molly and raised an eyebrow. Which one?

We were really quite good at communicating through subtle gestures, so when Molly shrugged, I knew that she was saying, Doesn’t matter. 


I chose to open the tawny gift bag first. I pulled out handful after handful of amethyst tissue paper, but I didn’t find anything. They must have hidden the present really well . . . Finally my hand brushed against something hard, and I pulled the thing out of the bag.


It was a doll! She had silky blonde hair and wore an orange halter dress. I squealed and hugged her against my chest.

Only Molly knew how much I’d wanted a doll. She must have convinced my family to buy one for me!

“Thank you so much!” I shouted. I fanned my face so I wouldn’t cry. I finally had a doll . . . “Did she come with a name?” I inquired after I’d calmed down a little bit.

“Kelsie, I think,” Savannah supplied. “Of course, you can change it if you want to.”

I shook my head. The name was perfect.


Tracy pointed at the last present: a giant limegreen box. “Are you going to open it?”

I didn’t know what could be better than a doll, but I figured I should probably open the last gift, just in case it was something incredibly  awesome. As I pulled the box towards me, it made a weird wimpering sound. My interest suddenly piqued, I scrambled to open the box.


Inside was the tiniest, cutest creature ever. A little black-and-white puppy, but smaller than any dog I had ever seen. It looked up at me with these huge, trusting eyes, and it seemed to smile at me.


Molly leaned over my shoulder and started chattering. “He’s really cute, isn’t he? And do you see how small he is? That’s because he’s a teacup puppy! A dalmatian, too. What are you going to name him? Do you like him? I hope you do, it is your birthday after all, Emily . . .”

I barely heard her, as I was completely lost in his sweet, gigantic eyes.


Then I blinked and asked, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Boy,” Molly replied. “I told you already.”

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly, rubbing the dog’s — my dog’s — head. “I wasn’t really listening.”


Suddenly, my puppy grabbed my new headband in his mouth and took off. I instantly jumped up and chased after him, scolding him affectionately as I ran. And the delighted way he looked at me as I pursued him reminded me so much of a certain character from Heroes of Olympus that in that moment I knew exactly what I would name him.



So, Emily’s birthday was on September 29th, but I didn’t get around to making a post about it until now. That seems to happen a lot, actually . . .

Anyway, I hope you liked the photostory!



New Years Eve


On that fateful day that is every year, called New Years Eve, the girls were gathered in the living room; Savannah watching Disney movies on the laptop, Tracy playing Minecraft on her phone, Molly writing, Caroline and Emily having a pleasant chit-chat, and Ivy trying very hard to read while the new kitten walked back and forth on her magazine.

But where are our lovely Girl of the Year friends, Saige and Isabelle?


Why, in their Cave of Despair, of course.

They had shut themselves up in a closet in Loren’s room the minute it was December 31, the last day of 2014.


They didn’t do anything. Only cry bitterly and watch Saige Paints the Sky and Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight again and again.


Nobody was allowed in — not even the girls’ pets, Coconut and Rembrandt.


Caroline was really quite worried about them. They were in such a state of despair that they didn’t even want ice cream.

She had knocked on the closet door and asked, “Can I come in? I have ice cream!”

“Leave us alone,” and “Go away,” was what she heard.


“I’ve got strawberry and vanilla for Isabelle, and banana and mint for Saige,” Caroline continued.

“NO!” they replied, and then burst into another round of sobs as they saw a picture of GOTY 2015 Grace.


They really were quite pathetic. Saige’s heart was broken because she was about to be retired for one whole year, and Isabelle thought that the world was ending because in a matter of hours she would no longer be the GOTY.


*Back in the living room*

Someone knocked on the door — our special visitor from Dolls Domain.


Emily rushed to let her in. “It’s Kanani!” she exclaimed.


“Yippee,” Tracy said sarcastically. She didn’t always get along with Kanani.


When Kanani came in, the New Years Eve party began!


There was pink velvet cake.


And Sprite,


and cupcakes!


And there was a rainbow of pom-poms on the floor. Since we didn’t have any balloons, the pom-poms were used instead. (This should be fun to clean up . . .)


On the house tour Kanani was kindly given by her  frenemy Tracy, she walked into a pole.


And another.


Well, Tracy had to physically drag her sisters out of the Cave of Despair. They put up quite the fight; Saige even found the butter-knife Tracy was going to use to cut the cake.



Blooper =)


When Tracy finally retrieved the knife from her “traumatized” sister, she cut the cake.


Hehehe!! (Kelly from Dolls Domain is spending the night with me — we just tried a piece of the cake and it is very interesting. The icing is extremely textured — we kinda might have used granulated sugar instead of powdered :P)

The dolls are very determined to pull an all nighter. (So are me and Kelly — lets see if we can do it 🙂 )