Parker’s Profile

Hey, guys! I finished Parker’s profile a long time ago and never got around to posting it. But it’s here now. 🙂

Name: Parker Jamia Miracle
Age: 14
Nickname(s): None
Date Received: January 1st, 2017
Type: Truly Me #40
Birthday: November 2
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing the internet, sleeping, trying to creep people out, reading useless facts.
Personality: Sarcastic, apathetic, confused, relaxed.
Awesome Fact: I’ve been told that I give off good vibes.
Random Fact: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen aliens.
Pet(s): The laptop. I take very good care of it.
Fave Animal(s): Dragons, man.
Fave Food(s): Plain pasta is pretty good.
Fave Color(s): Vanilla.

She’s sort of named after Jamia Iero (whose husband is Frank Iero. He was in the band My Chemical Romance.). I like the name Jamia (pronounced ja-mee-a), and I’m band trash, so it felt like a good choice.

I feel kind of bad about how short this post is. But profile posts usually are. idk, what have you all been up to this summer? I want to chat with you guys in the comments. I went to North Carolina for vacation (and I didn’t get any doll pictures, I’m so sorry), and I’ll be going to summer camp with my best friend next month.

Have a good day, my friends! 🙂




Ellie’s Profile

Here’s Ellie’s profile:

American Girl doll Maryellen Larkin

Name: Elise Penelope Larkin
Age: 10
Nickname(s): Ellie, Ellie Penelope
Date Received: February 29, 2016
Type: Renamed Beforever Maryellen Larkin
Birthday: June 7
Allergies: None.
Hobbies: Science, art, exploring, daydreaming, playing outside.
Personality: Energetic, curious, optimistic, friendly, imaginative.
Awesome Fact: I like making my own comic strips!
Random Fact: I’m left-handed.
Pet(s): None.
Fave Animal(s): Horses.
Fave Food(s): Corn dogs!
Fave Color(s): Sky blue.



Eve’s Profile

So! I finally picked a name for my Lea Clark doll, and it’s neither Phoebe nor Megan.

Introducing . . .

















Eve Adriana Cortez!

Here’s her profile:

 American Girl doll Lea Clark

I bought Eve in 2016 with my own money, when my dad and I went to the American Girl store in D.C. for Lea Clark’s debut.

Name: Eve Adriana Cortez

Age: 11

Nickname(s): Eve of Destruction, Cricket

Date Received: January 1st, 2016

Type: Renamed GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

Birthday: August 14

Allergies: None.

Hobbies: Exploring, swimming, hiking, photographing, and playing sports.

Personality: Adventurous, daring, optimistic, resourceful, independent.

Awesome Fact: I’ve been to Brazil!

Random Fact: When I went to Brazil, I kept a blog called Ola, Brasil.

Pet(s): None

Fave Animal(s): Sea turtles!

Fave Food(s): Coconut and shrimp.

Fave Color(s): Anything neon.


Nevaeh’s Profile

Hi, guys!

I completed Nevaeh’s profile, so here it is:

Americna Girl doll Truly Me #24

I bought Nevaeh at the American Girl Place when I went to D.C. with my family for a trip.

Name: Nevaeh Allison Taylor

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Vaeh, T Swift

Date Received: October 12, 2015

Type: Truly Me #24

Birthday: December 6

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, gardening, hiding in the ferns, listening to the radio, making jewelry, horseback riding.

Personality: Introvert, shy, generous, observant, resourceful.

Awesome Fact: I used to live on a farm in West Virginia.

Random Fact: I love fairytales.

Pet(s): Lyric, a Siamese cat.

Fave Animal(s): Birds. Although my favorites are owls, seagulls, hummingbirds, robins, and chickadees.

Fave Food(s): Potato candy.

Fave Color(s): Honey, mint, periwinkle, and watermelon.


P.S. 300 posts!!! *party noises* *Owl City music* *lots of soda being chugged* *ducks because hyper guests like throwing stuff*

MJ’s Profile

Hi =) I made MJ’s profile, it’s on “Meet the Girls” now. But it’s also below . . .



I bought MJ for my birthday when I went up to the American Girl Place DC with two of my friends.

Name: Mary-Jane Alina Grace Valdez
Age: 13
Nickname(s): MJ (everyone calls me this) and Shoe (‘cause Mary-Jane is a kind of shoe).
Date Received: February 22, 2015
Type: Re-named GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas
Birthday: July 3
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Singing, watching movies, playing video games, playing my violin, playing basketball, talking in accents, baking, Pinteresting, and collecting stick-on mustaches.

  Personality: Fangirl, cool, and just all around AWESOME! Yes, that was really vague.
Awesome Fact: I’m a celebrity.
Random Fact: I live with my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins in Paris most summers. And I try to cut all the bows off my clothing.
Pet(s): None
Fav Animal(s): Dragons
Fav Food(s): Lasagna
Fav Color(s): Red, black, and blues.


Savannah’s Profile

Hello! Savannah’s profile is done =)


I got Savannah from my parents for Christmas in 2014.

Name: Savannah Juliet Kingsley

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Ana

Date Received: December 25, 2014(A.K.A. Christmas)

Type: JLY #55

Birthday: January 19

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Acting, watching Disney movies, singing, and I used to like swimming

Personality: Sarcastic, fearless, outgoing

Awesome Fact: I’m from Florida

Random Fact: I have a phobia of swimming

Pet(s): None

Fave Animal(s): Unicorns

Fave Food(s): Ice cream

Fave Color(s): Silver, white, and aqua