Ellie’s Profile

Here’s Ellie’s profile:

American Girl doll Maryellen Larkin

Name: Elise Penelope Larkin
Age: 10
Nickname(s): Ellie, Ellie Penelope
Date Received: February 29, 2016
Type: Renamed Beforever Maryellen Larkin
Birthday: June 7
Allergies: None.
Hobbies: Science, art, exploring, daydreaming, playing outside.
Personality: Energetic, curious, optimistic, friendly, imaginative.
Awesome Fact: I like making my own comic strips!
Random Fact: I’m left-handed.
Pet(s): None.
Fave Animal(s): Horses.
Fave Food(s): Corn dogs!
Fave Color(s): Sky blue.



Eve’s Profile

So! I finally picked a name for my Lea Clark doll, and it’s neither Phoebe nor Megan.

Introducing . . .

















Eve Adriana Cortez!

Here’s her profile:

 American Girl doll Lea Clark

I bought Eve in 2016 with my own money, when my dad and I went to the American Girl store in D.C. for Lea Clark’s debut.

Name: Eve Adriana Cortez

Age: 11

Nickname(s): Eve of Destruction, Cricket

Date Received: January 1st, 2016

Type: Renamed GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

Birthday: August 14

Allergies: None.

Hobbies: Exploring, swimming, hiking, photographing, and playing sports.

Personality: Adventurous, daring, optimistic, resourceful, independent.

Awesome Fact: I’ve been to Brazil!

Random Fact: When I went to Brazil, I kept a blog called Ola, Brasil.

Pet(s): None

Fave Animal(s): Sea turtles!

Fave Food(s): Coconut and shrimp.

Fave Color(s): Anything neon.


Nevaeh’s Profile

Hi, guys!

I completed Nevaeh’s profile, so here it is:

Americna Girl doll Truly Me #24

I bought Nevaeh at the American Girl Place when I went to D.C. with my family for a trip.

Name: Nevaeh Allison Taylor

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Vaeh, T Swift

Date Received: October 12, 2015

Type: Truly Me #24

Birthday: December 6

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, gardening, hiding in the ferns, listening to the radio, making jewelry, horseback riding.

Personality: Introvert, shy, generous, observant, resourceful.

Awesome Fact: I used to live on a farm in West Virginia.

Random Fact: I love fairytales.

Pet(s): Lyric, a Siamese cat.

Fave Animal(s): Birds. Although my favorites are owls, seagulls, hummingbirds, robins, and chickadees.

Fave Food(s): Potato candy.

Fave Color(s): Honey, mint, periwinkle, and watermelon.


P.S. 300 posts!!! *party noises* *Owl City music* *lots of soda being chugged* *ducks because hyper guests like throwing stuff*

MJ’s Profile

Hi =) I made MJ’s profile, it’s on “Meet the Girls” now. But it’s also below . . .



I bought MJ for my birthday when I went up to the American Girl Place DC with two of my friends.

Name: Mary-Jane Alina Grace Valdez
Age: 13
Nickname(s): MJ (everyone calls me this) and Shoe (‘cause Mary-Jane is a kind of shoe).
Date Received: February 22, 2015
Type: Re-named GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas
Birthday: July 3
Allergies: None
Hobbies: Singing, watching movies, playing video games, playing my violin, playing basketball, talking in accents, baking, Pinteresting, and collecting stick-on mustaches.

  Personality: Fangirl, cool, and just all around AWESOME! Yes, that was really vague.
Awesome Fact: I’m a celebrity.
Random Fact: I live with my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins in Paris most summers. And I try to cut all the bows off my clothing.
Pet(s): None
Fav Animal(s): Dragons
Fav Food(s): Lasagna
Fav Color(s): Red, black, and blues.


Savannah’s Profile

Hello! Savannah’s profile is done =)


I got Savannah from my parents for Christmas in 2014.

Name: Savannah Juliet Kingsley

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Ana

Date Received: December 25, 2014(A.K.A. Christmas)

Type: JLY #55

Birthday: January 19

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Acting, watching Disney movies, singing, and I used to like swimming

Personality: Sarcastic, fearless, outgoing

Awesome Fact: I’m from Florida

Random Fact: I have a phobia of swimming

Pet(s): None

Fave Animal(s): Unicorns

Fave Food(s): Ice cream

Fave Color(s): Silver, white, and aqua


Meet Ivy!

Hello lovelies!

I’ve added Ivy to the ‘Meet The Girls’ page!


Go check Ivy  out here!

Also, I’ve edited the rest of girls’ profiles slightly, by adding a ‘Random Fact.’

Sorry this is such a short post . . . :/



P.S. Shout-out to Kathryn at The Best Loved Dolls!