Which Doll are You? Quiz | Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone had a lovely day. ;)

In celebration, I’m going shopping with my best friend, and for you guys, I put together a festive quiz! It’s similar to the doll personality quiz I made awhile back, but obviously this one is Valentine’s Day-themed. Enjoy the game!

Which Doll are You on Valentine’s Day?

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Mostly A’s: Isabelle

Platonic love is the most important kind to you, and you go out of the way to make sure your friends know just how much you appreciate them. Despite not celebrating the holiday in a traditional way, you still love putting up heart-shaped decorations and getting dressed up.

Mostly B’s: Felicity

You’re independent, don’t care for romance, and think Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday based in materialism. The excessive amounts of romcoms and lovesick couples make your head hurt, but there is one good thing: the candy. If you don’t get enough from friends to satisfy your sweet tooth, just wait until all the leftover chocolate goes on sale.

Mostly C’s: Nevaeh

A true hopeless romantic, you have heart set on one special person. But you’re shy and think they’re way out of your league, so you’ve never let slip who your crush is. With a love for words, you might try composing a letter that reveals your feelings to send to your sweetheart.

Mostly D’s: MJ

To you, Valentine’s Day is all about being seen: going on romantic dates, dressing up for parties, and taking on-theme photos for your social media. You love the gorgeous snacks that come with the holiday, as well as the sweet gifts your friends and secret admirers give you. You’re always up for a good time, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Which doll did you get? Let me know in the comments, as well as how your Valentine’s Day went!



Updated “The Dolls” Page + Quiz!

550px x 550px – ♡ - Mozilla Firefox 682017 31507 PM

I redid my dolls’ profiles for the first time in almost four years!

A few things changed: I deleted some useless information, so they look somewhat neater now. Most of them have new profile pictures, too, and if I’ve done a review of a doll, I linked to it. A few of them have slightly different personalities, but I didn’t suddenly make Saige a sweetheart or anything drastic like that.

I also added profiles for my Ever After High, Hearts4Hearts, Madame Alexander, and mini dolls, although they aren’t very in-depth. You’ll have to visit The Dolls page to read them.

Now that I have a better understanding of who my dolls are, it might be easier to make photostories. Who knows. ;)

This is a cause for celebration, since it took me over a year to quit procrastinating and update the profiles. So I created a short quiz that tells you which of my dolls you’re most like. Take it and tell me the results in the comments!

Which Doll are You? Quiz

Scroll down to find your results!

Mostly A’s: Saige

I bought Saige with my own money. She’s my third AG doll.

Name: Saige Courtney Copeland
Nickname: Saigie
Age: 13
Birthday: March 22
Date received: March 22, 2013
Doll: Saige Copeland, GOTY 2013
Hobbies: art, fashion, horseback riding
Personality: melodramatic, leader, ambitious, confident, extravagant
Best friend: Isabelle
Dream job: model
Pet(s): Rembrandt (dog) and Alaska (horse)
Favorite animal: horse
Favorite color: red and navy blue

Mostly B’s: Isabelle

I bought Isabelle, my sixth doll, at the D.C. AG Place for my birthday.

Name: Isabelle Rose Palmer
Nickname: Izzy
Age: 13
Birthday: May 2
Date received: March 15, 2014
Doll: Isabelle Palmer, GOTY 2014
Hobbies: dancing, fashion, shopping
Personality: sweet, fun-loving, generous, naive, romantic
Best friend: Saige
Dream job: dancer
Pet(s): Coconut (dog)
Favorite animal: swan
Favorite color: blush and gold


Mostly C’s: Molly

My parents helped me buy Molly and Emily just before their retirement. I bought one doll, they bought the other. She’s my fourth doll.

Name: Molly Kristina McIntire
Nickname: Molls
Age: 12
Birthday: April 22
Date received: sometime in October 2013
Doll: Molly McIntire, retired Historical
Hobbies: gymnastics, make-believe games, animals, hiking
Personality: smart, optimistic, curious, polite, sincere
Best friend: Emily
Dream job: veterinarian
Pet(s): Boo (dog)
Favorite animal: all animals
Favorite color: lavender

Mostly D’s: Tracy

Tracy is the first American Girl doll I ever got. I bought her in 2012 for my birthday.

Name: Tracy René
Nickname: Trace
Age: 15
Birthday: February 28
Date received: February 28, 2012
Doll: JLY #39
Hobbies: soccer, video games, skateboarding
Personality: tomboy, sporty, lazy, dependable, impulsive
Best friend: MJ
Dream job: she has no life goals
Pet(s): Chocolate Chip (dog)
Favorite animal: hawk
Favorite color: lime green

Mostly E’s: Ivy

I bought Ivy (doll #7) when American Girl retired the Best Friend line.

Name: Ivy Jade Ling
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Birthday: February 28
Date received: June 30, 2014
Doll: Ivy Ling, retired Best Friend of Julie Albright
Hobbies: photography, gymnastics, reading
Personality: daredevil, logical, quick-tempered, opinionated
Best friend: Savannah
Dream job: Olympic gymnast
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: squid
Favorite color: amethyst and topaz



A’s and B’s: MJ

I bought MJ for my birthday at the D.C. AG Place. She is my ninth doll.

Name: Mary-Jane Alina Grace Valdez
Nickname: MJ
Age: 15
Birthday: July 3
Date received: February 22, 2015
Doll: Grace Thomas, GOTY 2015
Hobbies: cooking, violin, basketball
Personality: relaxed, outgoing, dramatic, sociable
Best friend: Tracy
Dream job: having her own cooking show
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: dragon
Favorite color: red


A’s and C’s: Caroline

I got Caroline, my second American Girl doll, for Christmas in 2012.

Name: Caroline Noelle Abbott
Nickname: Caro
Age: 15
Birthday: October 22
Date received: December 25, 2012
Doll: Caroline Abbott, retired Historical
Hobbies: being outside, crafting, babysitting
Personality: quiet, resourceful, compassionate, motherly
Best friend: N/A
Dream job: stay-at-home mom
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: bunny
Favorite color: light blue



A’s and E’s: Eve

I bought Eve, my eleventh doll, when I went to the D.C. AG Place for Lea Clark’s debut.

Name: Eve Adriana Cortez
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Birthday: August 14
Date received: January 1, 2016
Doll: Lea Clark, GOTY 2016
Hobbies: exploring, photography, skateboarding
Personality: chill, reckless, independent, clever
Best friend: Parker
Dream job: National Geographic photographer
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: turtle
Favorite color: earth tones


B’s and C’s: Nevaeh

I bought Nevaeh, my tenth doll, at the D.C. AG Place while on a family trip.

Name: Nevaeh Allison Taylor
Nickname: N/A
Age: 13
Birthday: December 6
Date received: October 12, 2015
Doll: TM #24
Hobbies: singing, guitar, gardening
Personality: observant, shy, helpful, humble, anxious
Best friend: N/A
Dream job: musician
Pet(s): Lyric (cat)
Favorite animal: owl
Favorite color: honey and periwinkle



B’s and D’s: Savannah

I was given Savannah (doll #8) for Christmas in 2014.

Name: Savannah Juliet Kingsley
Nickname: Ana
Age: 13
Birthday: January 19
Date received: December 25, 2014
Doll: MAG #55
Hobbies: acting, singing, swimming
Personality: sarcastic, fearless, imaginative, protective
Best friend: Ivy
Dream job: actress on Broadway
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: narwhal
Favorite color: silver

C’s and D’s: Parker

I bought Parker when I went to the D.C. AG Place for Gabriela McBride’s debut. She’s my thirteenth doll.

Name: Parker Jamia Miracle
Nickname: N/A
Age: 15
Birthday: November 2
Date received: January 1, 2017
Doll: TM #40
Hobbies: writing, listening to music, surfing the internet
Personality: apathetic, relaxed, irresponsible
Best friend: Eve
Dream job: ghost hunter
Pet(s): laptop. She takes very good care of it.
Favorite animal: centaur
Favorite color: vanilla




C’s and E’s: Emily

My parents helped me buy Molly and Emily just before their retirement. I bought one doll, they bought the other. She’s my fifth doll.

Name: Emily Natalia Bennett
Nickname: Em
Age: 12
Birthday: September 29
Date received: sometime in October 2013
Doll: Emily Bennett, retired Best Friend of Molly McIntire
Hobbies: running, reading, hanging out with friends
Personality: loyal, honest, forgetful, stubborn
Best friend: Molly
Dream job: English/P.E. teacher
Pet(s): Leo (dog)
Favorite animal: lizards
Favorite color: blue

D’s and E’s: Elise

I bought Elise (doll #12) with my own money.

Name: Elise Penelope Larkin
Nickname: Ellie
Age: 11
Birthday: June 7
Date received: February 29, 2016
Doll: Maryellen Larkin, Historical
Hobbies: science, playing outside, make-believe games
Personality: bubbly, optimistic, friendly, curious, inventive
Best friend: Molly
Dream job: astronaut
Pet(s): N/A
Favorite animal: bugs
Favorite color: sky blue


Do you think your results are correct? Why or why not? Let me know.

Have a good day! :)



Truly Me Quiz Results

*I did not come up with this idea. Madison from Delightful World of Dolls published a post like this awhile ago.*

You guys know about the Truly Me quizzes on the American Girl website, right? Well, I went through and did all of them, and decided to post the answers on my blog. So, there will be a picture with the results, and then I’ll write whether I think it’s accurate or not.

01-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 55337 PM

Starring You! quiz.

They got this one right — I am independent, and I like creating — that’s why I like writing and photography. And I’m an introvert, too, so I like working by myself. But I feel like “bohemian” wasn’t the right word for them to use. I looked up the word, and the definition of bohemian is “a person who has informal and unconventional social habits.”

02-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 55513 PM

What Makes You Happy? quiz.

idk, man. All those things sound pretty sweet, but I’ve never actually been to a concert or gone on many rollercoasters, so I can’t confirm the accuracy of this one. (Hey, Mum, I’ve got an idea — how about we go to an amusement park and an Owl City concert? I’m researching the accuracy of an online quiz [with poor grammar; seriously, what’s with the “&tmdash?”].)

04-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 55640 PM

What’s Your Spring Thing? quiz.

(Hahaha, what a weird name for a quiz.)

(Also, the girl looks like a vampire.)

Yes. Yes. Yes. Soccer is usually a spring sport. That’s really the only thing I like about spring: it’s the first soccer season of the year. So, yeah — good job on this one, American Girl.

03-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 55616 PM

This was one of the questions on the “Spring Thing” quiz . . . I was a bit weirded out, because that is basically exactly what I wear most of the time.

06-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 55837 PM

What’s Your Love Language? quiz.

Nah. Wrong. I know what my love language is, and it’s GIFTS. (I’m not greedy, I promise.) I’m guessing that the only reason I got Sweet Words as my answer was because if there was an answer that had to do with writing or books or English, I clicked on it. I’m a writer, what can I say.

05-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 55652 PM

I kid you not, I saw the quiz description and immediately thought of Annabeth Chase saying “You drool when you sleep.” Percabeth foreveeeeer.

07-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 60026 PM

Are You Open to Adventure? quiz.

Again, don’t know if this is entirely accurate or not (I guess I don’t know myself very well, huh?). The idea of an adventure is thrilling, and I’d definitely say yes to going on one, as long as it wasn’t something spontaneous. I need time to stress about said adventure before going on it. ;)

08-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 60216 PM

Personality Predictor quiz.

(What’s up with American Girl’s grammar on these quizzes? I’m looking at you, suspicious “you?re.”)

I do like being a leader . . . but “practical and organized?” Ha ha ha . . . no. I’m not practical, OK? And you would most definitely not call me organized if you could see my room, doll area, and backpack.

09-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 60354 PM

Are You a Class Act? quiz.

Nah, bro. I’m a very good student (ask my mum). I found that most of these questions were more about class participation than actually working hard on getting good grades. Now, I’m not trying to brag here, but I get fairly good grades without trying too hard. Although, if you looked at my score on Science tests last year, you would see the percentages dropping near the end . . . just because I was so ready to finish school.

10-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 60719 PM

What’s Your Style? quiz.

Pretty sure we already discussed how unorganized I am. My room is not clutter-free. But bold colors and geometric patterns sound like things I’d like. :)

11-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 60948 PM

The Secret’s Out of the Bag! quiz.

(Quiz not actually about secret-keeping.)

*bursts into applause* Good job, American Girl — you got one right! My backpack is extremely heavy. It’s filled with pens and notebooks and writing how-to books and crumpled up papers. On the first day of co-op, when it was the lightest that it was going to be all year, I got my friend Kelsie to carry my bag for me. She grabbed the handle with one hand, and her arm was literally pulled towards the ground under the weight of the backpack.

12-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 61031 PM

Singing Sensation quiz.

Yeah, writing! *fist bumps fellow writers*

13-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 61323 PM

What’s Your Recipe for Making Friends? quiz.

Yeah, right. You just called the socially awkward Queen of the Introverts “totally comfortable in new environments.” If I’m somewhere new and I only know one person, I will shadow them and not utter a single word the whole time.

1-Quizzes Truly Me Play at American Girl - Mozilla Firefox 6142016 70910 PM

What Kind of Friend Are You? quiz.



(Special is a nice way of saying weird.)

If I’m not in a sociable mood (which is most of the time) or I don’t know you well, I will be shy. But around my friends, I am insane.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’ve never posted anything like it before. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking the Truly Me quizzes on the American Girl site. Just remember not to think of the results as law: these are inaccurate quizzes on the internet simply made to entertain you. :)