Dear True Love | AGPS

 Dear true love,
I’m a farewell that came all too soon.
I’m a hand-me-down that dreams of being new
When I’m without you.

Dear True Love // Sleeping at Last

I found some fake flowers in the attic and thought they’d be perfect for a Valentine’s Day shoot. Parker’s eyes are too dark in some of the pictures and it makes her look almost demonic. Hope you enjoyed them anyway.

I never really do anything for Valentine’s Day. Last year I got roses from my friend, and a few days ago my mom gave me an orchid, but that’s about the extent of the festivities. As dumb as it might sound, I miss celebrating with my co-op class. We would print out memes and use them as cards and share candy and no one took it too seriously.

Update on the new doll: she arrived on Monday and I absolutely love her. But I’m going on a youth retreat this weekend, so unless I can photograph her and schedule a post before I leave, she won’t be revealed until next week. Sorry, I’m not pushing it off on purpose, stuff just keeps coming up.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell your friends you love them. ♥




Happy Valentine’s Day from the Ever Afters!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you guys! I put together an extremely festive photostory to celebrate, starring my Ever After High dolls!


I adjusted the daisies, plumping up their fresh white petals. Everything — including the flowers — needed to be perfect for the Valentine’s Day party I was hosting for my friends.

There was a knock at the door. My friends were here! I rushed to let them in.


“Hey, Cupid!” they exclaimed together.

Briar Beauty, whose mother was the legendary Sleeping Beauty, waved a ginormous heart-shaped lollipop at me. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” she grinned.

I beamed at them and stepped aside to let them in.


Avery Ella, daughter of Cinderella, was holding a huge red paper heart. It read:


Happy Valentine’s Day


The second they’d put their things down, I tackled each of them in an excited hug. “You guys are here!” I squealed, bouncing up and down.

“Yup,” Bri agreed, un-peeling herself from my hug. “Let’s get this party started!”


I showed my friends to the treats table and pointed at the main attraction: giant Hershey Kisses. “Try one!” I urged, grabbing one and rubbing it lovingly against my cheek.


Bri selected one and folded down the silver wrapper. She nibbled on the chocolate. “Mmm!”


Avery picked up a large cup filled with bright pink punch. She took a sip, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and announced, “Wow, Cupid, you’ve really outdone yourself! This place looks ama-a-a-zing!”


We gazed around the pink heart-coated room, and my cheeks flushed from pride.

“It was nothing,” I said, though I was secretly overjoyed that my friends had complimented my work.


“Seriously, this place is awesome,” Bri told me. She took another greedy bite of her chocolate. “I wouldn’t have had to patience to decorate it all!” Then she spotted something on the other side of the room, shot off toward it as fast as she could in her high heels, and said, “Ooh, look at that!”

Avery and I shared a look and giggled.


“Bri! Get back over here,” I called. With a dramatic flourish, I waved my arms at the vases of flowers I had been working on earlier. “I got you guys valentines!”


Briar zoomed back over. “Ooh!” She reached out and touched the petals of a fuchsia tulip.


I’d bought flowers for my friends at the local flower shop. Daisies for Avery, tulips for Bri.


Bri picked up the Valentine’s Day card that was addressed to her. “Thanks, Cupid,” she smiled.


Avery stroked her flower’s petals, covering her mouth with her hands. There were tears in the corners of her large green eyes. She tended to get emotional over even the smallest things.


Suddenly, Bri cried, “Photo booth!” She grabbed my arm and Avery’s and dragged us over to the photo booth that I had set up.


We squished onto the oversize mailboxes and struck poses.










Happy Valentine's Day from Happy House of AG

Anyone notice how there were less words captioning each picture than normal? In photostories, I usually accompany each picture with several paragraphs. This time, I decided to do something different: more photos, less text.

I want your opinion. In the future, would you rather see photostories with more pictures, less text, or the normal — more text, less pictures? Tell me in the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Miniature Cafe | Super Realistic Clay Food for Dolls

I recently discovered an online shop that sells adorable and realistic clay food for American Girl dolls. Introducing . . .

The Miniature Cafe!

The Miniature Cafe is run by a girl named Rachel, who makes all of the doll food herself out of polymer clay.

Here are some of my favorite products from her shop . . .

Gummy Bears — $9.00 (usually $11.00)

The Miniature Cafe seriously sells doll-sized Gummy Bears! I can’t believe how cute these things are.

Chocolate Chip Cookies — $9.00 (usually $11.00)

I absolutely love these tiny chocolate chip cookies. They look so real!

S’more Set — $15.00

Just take a look at this s’more set and tell me it’s not cute. The graham crackers, the toasted marshmallows . . . I love everything about this set.

The Miniature Cafe sells lots of other cute doll food sets, like peanut butter blossoms, hot dogs and chips, fudge brownies, even Hostess Cupcakes!

There are even Valentine’s Day treats, like these Valentine’s Day Cookies (love the icing!) . . .

. . . Candy Hearts . . .

. . . Chocolate-Covered Strawberries . . .

. . . and Valentine’s Day Cupcakes.

The Miniature Cafe has lots of other adorable doll foods, all the perfect size for American Girl of other “18 dolls! Go take a look, and maybe even buy something.


P.S. Rachel, the owner of The Miniature Cafe, has a blog! Take a look at it HERE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yay!! Valentine’s Day! Candy is totally the best part, right? Well, I just got home from selling chocolate bars in the windy, freezing cold with my AHG troop, so I want SUGAR!


Anyway, I’ve got some exciting news! I’m going to be at the American Girl store in DC on February 21st! So if you live in the area, or just happen to be up there, stop in and say hello. More info on this will be posted sometime in the week, like what I’m wearing so you can spot me and what time I’ll be there, etc.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and eat lots of chocolate!

♥ Loren