60 thoughts on “Polls

  1. I loved the Road to Pamel. Because it reminded me a WHOLE bunch of Percy Jackson. Did you know that the series of The Heros Of Olympus is the next series of Percy Jackson? Even through he doesn’t make an appearence until book 2.


  2. I Loved Your photo series “The BFF Wars”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think you did such an awesome job! I loved the pictures you took they looked so professional , I cant believe you wrote that!I love how much detail you put in it felt like I was really apart of these wars! I hope one day I can do a photo series just like that on my blog!I would Love It If you could check my blog out! Love your entire blog by the way!

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  3. Your Welcome Loren !!!!! Thank you SO much for looking at my blog it means so much to me, I am new at blogging and no one has seen my blog really yet so that means a lot!!!


  4. I voted for the road to pamel because it was so suspenseful and strange… And I really like strange stuff! AND it was fairy tale-ish and modern at the same time!


  5. I liked the BFF Wars, because it was….idk it was my favorite though, I guess it was sort of like a movie, I mean like that could be turned into a movie easily, but you do a great job at all your photo series!!

    💙~Ryan out


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