Christmas Countdown: 16 Days

Christmas Countdown


Sixteen Days Till Christmas . . .


One of my favorite things about winter? (Well, despite the fact that all the bugs go somewhere to die.) Sweaters! They’re cozy and soft and so cute.🙂

Nevaeh, Ivy, and Eve are modeling some of my favorite doll sweaters. And Eve looks really cute in Molly’s meet sweater . . . I wonder why I never tried it on her before?

What does your favorite sweater look like?


Christmas Countdown: 17 Days

Christmas Countdown

It’s finally December, the month of Christmas and lights and candy canes and phenomenal festive stuff like that. Bloggers generally do special series for Christmas, and I have been planning one myself. Until Christmas, I’ll be posting a festive photo of my dolls per day. Or trying to, at least.


Seventeen Days Till Christmas . . .


Ah, cocoa. A blessing from the heavens. Make it in a pot, in the microwave, over a fire, or in a crock pot. And the ways to spruce it up are endless! My personal favorite way is with tons of whipped cream and marshmallows and minty stuff. Mint M&Ms, candy canes, mint Coffee Mate . . . so good. ♥

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, I posted this rather fabulous thing on my other blog called How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa. So that’s a thing.

Merry seventeen days till Christmas, loves!


Tenney Grant {My Opinions}

I’ve been a bit disconnected from the American Girl community lately, but as I’ve caught up on my reading, I’m learning a lot about Tenney Grant. If anyone is as confused about who this new doll is as I was, this is what I’ve gathered.

For awhile, the AG community thought Tenney Grant would be the Girl of the Year for 2017. It turns out that theory isn’t quite right. I’ve heard it said that she will be American Girl’s “modern doll.” And, despite not being the GOTY, she will be released shortly after the 2017 one, on February 9th.

Small Dolls in a Big World found a leaked picture of Tenney Grant (see it here). However, it looks far more like a costume doll than an official one. The eyebrows and the vibrant lips look a bit off.

It’s been confirmed that her hands will be uniquely shaped, allowing her to hold instruments (she likes playing guitar). This seems a bit weird to me, because I’m wondering if they’ll look strange on the doll.

Normally, the age range for American Girl books are 9 – 12. However, “Tenney’s Journal” is recommended for girls 10 – 14. It could be that her story will deal with more serious topics than AG’s past books.

Finally, part of her collection will be a boy doll called Logan Everett. Many bloggers are against the idea of a American Girl offering boy dolls, and have speculated that Logan will be Tenney’s boyfriend. Personally, I don’t know exactly what to think. On one hand, I dislike the idea of giving a character a boyfriend. AG is targeted at young girls, and is definitely influential. I don’t think teaching 9 – 12 year old girls that they need a boyfriend is a good idea.

But on the other hand, I am considering buying Logan. (It really depends on how cute he is.) I’ve wanted to add a boy doll to my collection for quite some time, but I have no clue how to create a custom. Also, my dolls dislike being dressed up as boys when I need one for photostories/photoshoots.

Anyway, American Girl must have been planning Tenney Grant for quite some time. The names Tenney and Logan have been trademarked for years . . . Maybe since 2014, I’m not quite sure. I’m excited to see exactly what’s in store for 2017!


Pilgrims & Indians

Happy Thanksgiving, guys! I hope you all have great big meals in your near future.

In celebration, I dressed Ellie and Savannah up as pilgrims and Indians and got them to act out the first Thanksgiving. I stitched all the beads onto Savannah’s dress. It took a long time, but it turned out looking really nice.🙂

















American Girl at Costco

I was at Costco today with my mom, and I saw a huge American Girl display in the toy section! Of course, I had to take pictures. Sorry for the bad quality — they were taken on my mom’s phone.


The first thing that caught my eye was a set with Samantha, her first book, the dress from her Holiday Set (which seems to have been discontinued), and her Fancy Coat set for $120. If you bought this straight from American Girl, it would be $150.


Horse and Saddle set, $50. I don’t believe you can buy the Chestnut Horse from American Girl anymore.


They had two craft books there: Lea Clark and Doll School, both $25.


Dogs! These particular ones are not available on AG’s website. They are each $30.

2-cocker spaniel

Cocker Spaniel.


German Shepherd.




American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide ($15) and Ultimate Sticker Collection ($8).


Isabelle’s Ballet Recital Mega Bloks Set, $25.

There was also a Bitty Baby set, but I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry.

By the way, I won’t be posting very often this month. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, and it’s taking up a lot of my time. I’ll try to post a Thanksgiving special, and maybe a few photoshoots, but I can’t promise.



Happy Halloween! Or, for those who don’t celebrate it (at MOM), happy regular Monday on which many  people dress up and get free candy and have lots of fun.

First, I’m going to show you what my dolls dressed up as.


Saige – ballerina.


Ellie – princess.


Eve – cat.


Savannah – leaf blower.


Nevaeh – fire princess.


Emily – sleepy bum.


Caroline – fairy.


Molly – pilgrim.


Ivy – ceiling fan.


Tracy – runner.


Isabelle – artist.


MJ – baker.


Now, the photoshoot. I was planning to take more pictures, but it got too dark.:/