Make a Cleaning Paste for Dolls


As you play with your dolls, they’re bound to get dirty. In the past, my dolls have had marker stains and big purple splotches on them. So how to do you rid your dolls of these blemishes? With a simple baking soda paste.


You will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Paper towel
  • Spoon
  • Small bowl
  • Water


Start by dumping a small spoonful of baking soda into your bowl.


Add a few drops of warm water. Stir.


It only takes a tiny bit of water to get this cleaning scrub to the desired toothpaste-like consistency. In the picture above, I put too much water into the bowl, making it soupy. You can fix this by spooning in more baking soda.


Once your paste is done, we can apply it to the doll.


MJ has a black mark on her foot. I’m going to use the paste to clean it.


Get a bit of the paste on the edge of your paper towel. Rub it against the mark, adding more as needed.


Before long, the mark should be gone!


If you want to make the cleaning a more fun experience, try setting up a spa for your dolls. You can see a spa I made in the post The Fairy Tale Spa.





-Behind the Scenes-


My model, MJ, getting her foot cleaned.😉


Navi, my kitten, thought she was being helpful . . .






Definitely not me — some else, probably — but I have lots of shame at the moment and am very sorry.

But, anyway . . . I finally found something to post about! I made a doll-sized basket out of pine needles recently, and it’s so cute I knew I had to share it. So enjoy these photos of Nevaeh with her tiny lil basket, painstakingly made by my own hands.












I love the lighting in this one . . .

13-dsc_0201 14-dsc_0202 15-dsc_0203 16-dsc_0207

Look at her tiny sweater paws. ☺

17-dsc_0212 18-dsc_0215 19-dsc_0221 20-dsc_0227

I’m so proud of my little basket, it took me hours to make.🙂


Bri’s Back-to-School Documentary

Hey, guys, Bri here! School started for me recently, and I thought it would be cool if I documented my transition from summer (aka freedom) back to high school (aka prison). Let’s start with my last day of happiness.

~ The Last Day of Summer ~


Sunglasses, cute outfits, warm weather — summer has it all.





~ The First Day of School~


I did not want to get out of bed that morning. At all.  Eventually I did, and got dressed, did my nails, and did my makeup.



I had to trade in my summer essentials for my school ones . . .



The dreaded place that is high school!




My best friend took some pictures of my back-to-school outfit . . .


. . . Just before I had a breakdown.

I could not go back to school! Months of monotonous classes and boring teachers and annoying peers? The very thought of it made me feel like crying.



Who thinks I’ll get at least eight F’s this year? *raises hand*

Oh, yeah, Loren had her first soccer game of the season today! It was a tie, 2 – 2 (and a really tough game). Loren wants to say that it’s been way to long. And whether she’s talking about soccer or blogging, I don’t know.


Flashback — August 2015

World Doll Day Tag picture

World Doll Day Tag! *sarcasm* That rather stunning picture above was taken by me! Doesn’t it look so very professional?

Review: Caroline Abbott

Review: Caroline Abbott. I can’t believe Caroline is really retired! Oh, well — if you want to see a review of her, that link is your guy.😉

DSC_0419 - Copy

Answers to My Q&A! OK, so I had 121 followers this time last year, and now I have . . . 299?! That’s crazy! But, yeah, I did a kind of lame Q&A; if you guys would like me to do another Q&A, just tell me in the comments.

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Road to Pamel ~season one, episode three~. Ooh, a suspenseful ending to an episode! I’ll just not post the next part for two months! Mwahahaha!

AG Fan Meet-up 2015 poster

AG Fan Meet-up 2015. Huh. I totally forgot that this thing even exists. I wonder if I should do it this year . . .? In the past two years, not many meet-ups between AG fans have actually happened, so idk.


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American Girl Maryellen Larkin doll

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I can’t help but thinking about how much fun the flashback for August 2016 will be. Literally only five posts. I’ll have to be really sarcastic for it to be any good.


Holding on to Hope

GOTY 2016 Lea Clark American Girl

I was taking a walk one warm summer afternoon, with my dog Pete trotting by my side. Deep in thought, memories of my lost family swirled through my mind. The last time I had been with my mom, dad, and my older brother Zac was in . . . January? That sounded right. Mom and Dad took me to Brazil to visit Zac, who was living with some locals in the Amazon as part of his college experience. When our trip was over, my parents decided to stay a little longer and enjoy themselves, on a no-kids vacation. They had put me on a plane back to America, but I had somehow boarded the wrong flight. Instead of landing in St. Louis, Missouri, I had ended up here. Half a year later, I was still waiting for Mom and Dad to find me.

I glanced at Pete. He had a bandage tied around his front leg. When I first found him, the dog had had an awful limp. He still had that limp, but it was getting better.

“Pete,” I asked my pet, “are my parents still looking for me? Or have they given up? Because I’ve almost lost all hope.”


Feet pounded against the asphalt behind me. I turned around and saw her: Elise Larkin, the newest girl in the family.

She waved cheerfully. “Hi, Eve! Hi, Pete!” She matched her stride to mine, walking along beside me. “Mind if I join you?”

I did mind, actually. I wanted to be alone.


“Aww, hey, Pete!” Ellie cooed. Pete bounded over to her, yipping delightedly as she rubbed his ears.

I wanted to leave this place. Yes, I had friends: Tracy and Savannah and MJ and Nevaeh and more. But at that moment, all I really wanted was to be with my family, back home in St. Louis. Or at least for Ellie to go away.


“So, hey, Eve,” Ellie began as we started walking again. “I know we’ve been living together for months, but the weird thing is, I don’t know you very well! I know you’re awesome and adventurous and good at sports and photography, but your past? Nope! I know nothing about that! So would you tell me about your family?”

I froze. “My . . . my family?” It was weird for her to bring that up now, when I’d just been thinking about them.

She nodded. “Yeah. Your family.”

Ellie was the only one who didn’t know about my past. She hadn’t been there in January when I’d shown up at the doorstep and poured out my whole story. There was really no harm in telling her. So I told her a short, to-the-point version of how I’d been separated from my family.


“Aw, man. That’s sad,” she murmured when I had finished.

Sad. I didn’t want people to describe the story of my life with the word sad. Wonderful, brave, an adventure — those are the kinds of things my life should be described as.

“Well, you know, it’s kind of funny, actually.” Ellie was talking again; I was only half listening. “I don’t really know where I come from. All I remember is that I’m from Florida, and then I was just . . . here. At an airport nearby. There was a nice lady there — she looked a little like you, Eve! — and she gave me directions to this place. I haven’t thought about her in awhile. I wonder how she’s doing . . .?”


Hope can make you completely irrational. I suddenly whirled on Ellie and grabbed her shoulders. “What did you say?” I demanded. “About the woman at the airport.”

“Uh, she — she looked like you. A little bit.” Ellie’s voice was unsure now. I felt her trembling beneath my grasp.

I pressed on. “Did she say what she was doing there? Was there anyone with her?”

Ellie looked on the verge of tears. “No!” she squeaked. “She was alone! But she did say that she was looking for someone!”


I released Ellie and collapsed to the ground, feeling deflated. Whimpering, Pete stared at me imploringly, while Ellie stood off to the side, massaging her shoulders.

The woman at the airport . . . she had been searching for someone. Was it my mom? Was she searching for me? And if it was all true, then why hadn’t she found me yet?

“Eve?” Ellie whispered. “Just after I left the airport, there was a loud boom behind me. It might have made the news. Maybe the lady was featured. Do you want to go check?”

I rose unsteadily to my feet. Then I took off like a gunshot, my legs carrying me so fast that Ellie couldn’t keep up.


Back home, we found the laptop sitting on Ivy’s rainbow comforter. I turned it on, brought up a news website, and looked through the archives. When did Ellie arrive? I asked myself. Early March. Look there. I kept hunting through the old stories until I found one that fit the bill. Right time, right location. The date was March 15th, 2016, and it was about a disturbance at a local airport.

A gun was fired in a local airport this evening. Officials say that only one was injured: a middle-aged woman named Melissa Cortez. She was taken to the hospital, where doctors are unsure if she will survive.

The shooter was caught and arrested.

Melissa Cortez has had a tragic life as of late. Her husband Mike and son Zac were killed in an accident in the Amazon rainforest. Her eleven-year-old daughter Eve went missing as of January 23rd, 2016.

UPDATE, 3/16/2016: Melissa Cortez was not able to recover, and passed away at the hospital. Perhaps she will be reunited with her loved ones in death.


I felt numb. I thought my heart had stopped. Mom, Dad, and Zac . . . they had been dead for months, and I hadn’t known it. The world was caving in around me.

I shot a look at Ellie, sitting on the floor with Pete in her lap. I resented her. It was so unbelievably unfair that she had been with my mom on the day she died, and I hadn’t.

Even the sight of Ellie made me angry. Cheerful new-girl Elise Larkin, with her fancy strawberry blonde curls and neat little side bangs.


She was so unafraid to speak her mind. I wished she had just kept her mouth shut and had never told me about meeting my mom at the airport.

Anything — even the false hope that my family was still searching for me — was better than this suffocatingly awful knowledge.


Is Felicity Returning in 2017?

American Girl Doll Artist from Small Dolls in a Big World has discovered an item on Amazon called “BeForever 2017 3 Book Set.” The authors are Kathleen Ernest, Valerie Tripp (the writer of the original Felicity series), and Juliana Kolesova. One book is called “Gunpowder and Tea Cakes” (by Kathleen Ernest), one is called “A Stand for Independence” (by Valeria Tripp), but AG Doll Artist couldn’t find a third book.

Gunpowder? Tea cakes? Independence? All of these things have to do with Felicity Merriman!

When American Girl brought back Samantha Parkington for the Historical revamp, it made all of us fans realize that AG can, and will, rescue retired Historical dolls from the archives. I was hoping that they would bring back Felicity Merriman, AG’s spunky colonial-era girl.

Felicity Merriman doll American Girl


The first American Girl catalog I got was the 2010 holiday edition. It announced that Felicity was to be retired. I fell in love with her and begged my mom to get her for Christmas. I didn’t get her, but spent the next years searching for used Felicity dolls on eBay. I bought a colonial-style dress pattern so I could make Felicity’s meet dress for myself. I thought Williamsburg was the coolest place on earth. I bought the Felicity movie. Felicity was my favorite character.

And now she’s coming back? I’m very excited for my favorite doll to return to stores in 2017!


P.S. A big thanks to American Girl Doll Artist for uncovering all this information!