Winter Blues | AGPS


It’s snowing again, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to post these photos (taken on the same day that I made Ivy’s Guide to Snow Days). We were supposed to get this huge snow storm a few days ago, but then nothing happened? It was a little disappointing because I wanted more snow days. Anyway, it’s not really snowing right now, just flurrying, but it reminded me to post these.

I feel like some of pictures are way too saturated. I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t edit them to be like that. I still like them, though.

Huh. I never know what to talk about at the end of photo shoots. I probably rant too much on my other blog, and then I don’t have anything new to say here.

Oh, here’s something: an update on my blogiversary giveaway. It’s coming along a little slowly, but I’m getting there. A bought ten new books a few days ago (including the entire Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs) and I’ve been focusing on them rather then working on my giveaway. Sorry? Expect the giveaway around mid April.

Have a good day! :)



Ivy’s Guide to Snow Days

This winter, we’ve gotten lots of snow days. And it snowed again yesterday, about 6-8 inches. School has been cancelled two days in a row and while I’m kind of bored, I’m glad that I have so much extra time to work on blog posts.

Anyway, Ivy is going to show you how to have the perfect snow day. Enjoy! :)

Step #1: Wake up and realize that something is different. The light coming in through the window is too bright and someone’s let you sleep through the start of school.

Step #2: Sit up so fast you get dizzy and peek through the blinds. It’s so white out there and the window is cold against your hand. It’s snowed overnight!

Step #3: Snap a low-quality photo with your phone and upload it to the internet, where your friends have already posted dozens of similar pictures. Don’t forget to put snowflake emojis in the caption.

Step #4: Scramble out of bed and dig your heavy winter clothes out of the closet. Acknowledge that your ensemble doesn’t match at all, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re warm.

Step #5: Make sure to grab your camera before heading outdoors. What’s the point of venturing into the wilderness without a way to document it?

Step #6: Bounce around in the fresh snow until your head starts to hurt from the light and you get snow in your boots. Run back inside to warm up.

Step #7: Decide that you should do a photoshoot with one of your dolls. Instead of going to get a doll yourself, yell for someone to bring one to you, using “I have snow on my shoes!” as an excuse. Keep hollering until one of your sleepy siblings gives you a doll just to shut you up.

Step #8: Shout some more because your sister, who hasn’t bothered to memorize your dolls’ names, has brought the wrong one. Order her to go get the correct doll.

Step #9: Repeat steps 7-8 until you’re holding the doll you asked for in the first place.

Step #10: Cautiously set up your $100 doll in the snow and photograph her until your fingers start to freeze. Discover that you like looking at snow more than being in it.

Step #11: When your doll inevitably topples over onto her face, scream and rush over to her while worrying that she’ll get silver eye.

Step #12: Take all your gear back inside. Once you’re sure that the doll is safe, shed your coat and make some hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Step #13: Change back into your pajamas and spend the rest of the day ignoring your homework, editing the pictures you took, and staying warm in your bed.

What’s your favorite thing to do on snow days?



Peppermint Winter // AGPS

I twirl through the driveway with angelic grace
Till I slip on the sidewalk and fall on my face
This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet
I don’t need to taste to believe

Peppermint Winter // Owl City

I took these pictures of Nevaeh all the way back in January, which was probably the last time it snowed. Hope you liked them.

Christmas break is coming up! I’m planning on spending it continuing my novel (I’m currently at 16k) and working through my stack of unread books. One of them is The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill — has anyone read it? It’s got a gorgeous cover.

I’m also going to a Christmas party at a friend’s church (that’s right, this loser got invited to a party). I haven’t really seen this girl in a couple years, so I’m a bit nervous, but hopefully it’ll be fine.

Do you have anything fun planned for the holidays? Let me know in the comments. :)



How do Titles Even Work

I took these pictures when we got some snow earlier this year. And as I have absolutely zero motivation, I never got around to posting them. But on this dull Sunday (I kind of hate Sundays, but we won’t get into that right now), I finally overcame my laziness and put together a post for you, my lovely readers. :)

I know I photograph Savannah too often, please don’t hurt me.

Yeah, I stood in the middle of the road to take this picture. It’s true, I lead a dangerous life.

Have you guys gotten any snow this year? It snowed this weekend, but it was only about two inches, and melted pretty quickly. Honestly, I like watching the snow fall more than I like playing in it. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.


Savannah + Snow = Lots of Pictures

Hello! I am back from my mini unplanned break. :) Today, I have some a lot of pictures of Savannah that I took when there was still lots of snow on the ground. Enjoy!





























Snow Angel ~ a Photoshoot











Who else got hit by that crazy snowstorm? It’s not snowing here anymore (*sigh*), but there’s still plenty of snow on the ground — over a foot! I took out my one of my Ever After High dolls, Avery (renamed Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella), for a photoshoot in the snow. It’s not my favorite batch of photos, but I still think they turned out pretty nicely. :)

What’s your favorite thing about winter?


P.S. One of my top commenters, Rutvi, started her own blog! It’s called Buzz About AG, and I strongly encourage you to check it out.