Christmas Wishlist | Doll Edition

Hey, guys! Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought I’d share my wishlist of doll things that I’m hoping to receive. There’s not as much stuff as in previous years, since I don’t like dolls as much as I used to, but there are still a few things I’d love to find under the tree.

(Click on the first three images to find out where to buy them.)

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Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Doll

Lizzie is probably my favorite EAH doll. I love her color scheme and that she’s the Queen of Hearts’ daughter. Honestly, the only reason I want her is because she’s pretty, but I guess that’s all that counts when it comes to dolls.

Image result for our generation dolls kitchen

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

My best friend has this set, and let me tell you, it is the coolest thing she owns. It would be great for photostories, because not only is it a sick kitchen, it comes with tons of dishes and food. I’ve wanted this thing forever, but I’m constantly broke and rarely have more than $20 at once. Which is why I’m asking for it for Christmas instead of buying it myself.

Image result for plaid to be here our generation

Our Generation Plaid to Be Here Outfit

This is the cutest outfit I’ve seen in awhile. Plaid skirt? Lace tights? Mustard yellow shirt? Sign me the heck up. It fits with the artsy aesthetic that I like, and idk, I just think it’s adorable and I want it a lot.

Lanie Holland & Sonali Matthews

I’d love love love to have either of these dolls, but they’ve both been retired for years, so it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get my hands on one. (I looked them up on eBay, and while the Lanies are affordable, Sonali dolls go for $300+. Woe is me.)

What’s on your wishlist?




Christmas Eve

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! I also can’t believe that I didn’t ask for any American Girl stuff this year. I’m just happy with my collection at the moment. The only dolls I’d really like to buy are Felicity and #64.

Anyway, I took some pictures of Ivy by the Christmas tree. Enjoy. :)






I was playing around with the settings on my camera and got these two shots.


Are you hoping to receive a doll tomorrow? If so, which one?


Christmas Countdown: 11 Days

Christmas Countdown



Emily got around to writing her letter to Santa today. It says:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like a camera, running shoes, and a mini doll.

Love, Emily.

I went Christmas shopping with my mom today. We found gifts for my brother, my dad, and one of my friends. Mom tried sneaking a gift into the basket while I wasn’t looking . . . it didn’t work. She ended up putting it back because I told her I already had something similar (also, I had seen the present . . . so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise). :P Nice try, Mom!

Out of everything on your Christmas list, what do you want the most?


Christmas Countdown: 12 Days

Christmas Countdown


Twelve Days Till Christmas . . .



I love baking cookies around Christmastime! I made a batch last night and they’re delicious. (You can see a post about it here.)

What’s your favorite type of cookie? I’m a huge fan of gingerbread.


Christmas Countdown: 13 Days

Christmas Countdown


Thirteen Days Till Christmas . . .


Tracy and MJ decided to take the snowmobile out for a spin! (I just made Tracy’s beanie and I love it.)

What’s your favorite winter activity? I like ice skating and snow tubing (and being lazy all day in pajamas).


Christmas Countdown: 14 Days

Christmas Countdown

I skipped a day, huh? I was hanging out with some friends, so I’m not really sorry. I got to practice my sick gymnastics skills on my friend’s trampoline.


Fourteen Days Till Christmas . . .


A common Christmas tradition is going to see The Nutcracker performed by a ballet company. One of my best friends is a dancer (she played a unicorn and a snowflake this year), so even though I didn’t watch her performance, I’ve heard a lot about it.

Have you ever seen the Nutcracker? If you were a dancer in it, what role would you want?