Review: OG Gourmet Kitchen

Hey, guys! For Christmas, I got the Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen, and I thought some of you might like a review of this fantastic set. You can get it from Target for $65.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

It has two main parts, a cooking area and a refrigerator. Both are made of hot pink plastic.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

The cooking area has lots of fun features, like a microwave, sink, stove, oven, and dishwasher.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

The window of the microwave has a frosted look.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

The inside is big enough for the included plates to fit comfortably.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

To the right of the microwave is a clock, above some shelving (the shelves are slightly slanted, so unless you put the objects all the way in the back, they’ll slip out). It has tiny hearts instead of numbers.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

The clock swings open to reveal a safe. My friend keeps the set’s cookies in there.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

Continuing to the right are more shelves. There’s not much room in the bottom shelf, but the top one is quite spacious.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | sink

Beneath the shelves are a window and a sink. The sink’s handles turn. The counter is gray with some black streaks thrown in, giving it a marbled look.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | sink

The set comes with a strainer that fits in the sink.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | dishes

Beside the sink is a strip of counter the right size for the drying wrack. It’s not big enough for all the plates and cups, and the blue plates are too wide to fit all the way in.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | stove

On the left side of the kitchen is the stove. The dials turn, which is something I freaked out over when I first discovered it.

The backsplash is light pink, with thin plastic rectangles over it to look like tiles.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | oven

Below the stovetop is the oven. It opens easily to reveal the wrack inside. It can be pulled back and forth on plastic tracks and taken out.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

There’s a drawer under the oven where I keep the pots and pans.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

Moving to the right is a slim cabinet. It’s so thin that not much can fit inside. The cabinet is a bit hard to close, you have to really slam it shut for it click into place.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | dishwasher

Next is the adorable dishwasher! Stickers on the front display the settings.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | dishwasher

Inside are three plastic baskets that, like in the oven, can slide around on tracks. The first one is so close to the top of the dishwasher that a baking tray is just about the only thing it can hold, but the other two are a good size.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | fridge

The second part of the set is the fridge, shown next to MJ for size. She’s a few inches taller, so it’s kind of short, but it doesn’t really take away from the quality of the set.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | fridge

The refrigerator has a water dispenser on one of the doors. The included cups can fit in it without falling out.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | fridge

There are tons of shelves inside the fridge. Plastic tracks line the sides so you can rearrange them how you like. My only problem with the fridge is that all the storage on the inside of the doors are too small to accommodate any of the food.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | freezer

The freezer has plenty of room. I could probably fit all the food in the set in there if I tried.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | dishes

Now let’s take a look at the accessories.

Here are the dishes: a cream mixing bowl with white dots, two cups, two plates, two saucers, a pitcher, and two mugs (which are much too small, in my opinion).

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | dishes

The cooking utensils: spatula, ladle, baking tray, pan and lid, and pot.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | dishes

Baking supplies: measuring spoons on a ring, a liquid measuring cup with markings, and a hand mixer.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | food

Now the really cute stuff — the tiny food. :) Produce: red pepper, raspberries, tomato, and orange. Everything but the berries are squishy plastic.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | food

Milk, orange juice (with French on the back), eggs that come out of the carton, cheese, and butter dish.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | food

Salt and pepper shakers with glitter inside, olive oil, peanut butter, something that might be Nutella, and cans of peaches and tuna. The last two are way too small for 18″ dolls, I think, but they’re still cute.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | food

Box of marshmallow cereal, hamburgers, popsicles, and a sundae kit. They’re made of cardboard, so I’d be careful about accidentally squishing them. Everything is written in French on the other side.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset | accessories

Some miscellaneous stuff: two plants, a cookie jar, and three chocolate chip cookies.

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset

I love this set so much. It’s simply adorable and I could spend hours playing with it and setting it up. The colors are pretty and everything is well made. Plus, the food and dishes can be used as props in photostories.

However, a lot of the food and some of the dishes are too small for 18″ dolls. Things like the mugs and tomato are a better size for H4H dolls or WellieWishers. But overall, it’s an incredible playset that’s definitely worth $65. You can buy it here.

Do you want this set, or do you already own it? What’s your favorite part? Mine is the salt and pepper shakers, eggs, and measuring spoons. 



Christmas Countdown: 12 Days

Christmas Countdown


Twelve Days Till Christmas . . .



I love baking cookies around Christmastime! I made a batch last night and they’re delicious. (You can see a post about it here.)

What’s your favorite type of cookie? I’m a huge fan of gingerbread.


DIY Doll Halloween Candy

Oh, yes: another Halloween DIY. But it’s OK, this is (probably) going to be my last craft for awhile.

So . . . yeah! Doll Halloween candy. Enjoy.



Place a bead in the center of a square of tissue paper.


Twist the paper, twirling the ends in different directions.



Rock Candy


Cut a skewer to about two inches long. Hot glue beads to one end.





Glue a large bead to the end of a skewer (about two inches long).


Cut a square of tissue paper. Twist it around the bead.





Glue two rectangles of brown foam together. Then make a label out of paper and Sharpie. Wrap the label around the foam and glue in place.



Candy Corn


Take three beads: one yellow, one orange, and one white. Stack them on top of each other and glue them in place. (Try to make the white one smaller than the others, but it you can’t, it’s no big deal.)



Peanut Butter Cup


Take a bottle cap and color it orange, using either paint or Sharpie. Cut a circle out of brown foam and glue it inside the bottle cap.



Chocolate Kiss


Cut a square out of aluminum foil and place a bead in the center of it. Twist the foil around the bead. Take a sliver of paper and slip it in the end of the twist.





I have bear-shaped beads that can serve as gummy bears. If you have any animal-shaped beads, create a package out of plastic wrap and tape and put the beads inside.


Camp Dolliwatha, Week One: Popsicles



You will need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Sculpey
  • A Q-Tip
  • Popsicle stick
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors (not shown)


To begin, cut your popsicle stick in half (I’m using jumbo popsicle sticks, but if you have normal ones, than skip that step). Then cut it down to three inches.


Take aluminum foil and scrunch it around the popsicle stick (so you don’t have to use as much Sculpey). Make sure to leave space at the bottom for the stick to poke out.


Cover the foil in Sculpey color of your choice. Once the clay is on, smooth it out with your finger or the back of a spoon. Then bake the popsicle according to the instructions on the Sculpey package.


Once the popsicle is out of the oven, use the Q-Tip to spread Mod Podge over it. This will give the popsicle a shiny look.


Let the Mod Podge dry, and you’re done! Now your dolls have a tasty, cool summer treat.

If you made this craft, email me up to three pictures at I’ll include your photo(s) in the weekly Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday!


I Spy With My Little Eye . . . PIE!

American Girl BeForever Mini dolls | Happy House of AG

Hello. I am Mini Rebecca Rubin the First (but of course you already knew that). I am here to tell you about my day, which started out boring and then got better. But enough about how bored I am . . .

We were bored. Aciana and I had nothing to do. No lessons in spying (taught to us by Saige Copeland, leader of the TSO), no pranks to pull . . . In an attempt to cure our boredom, we decided to introduce our pets to each other.

My pet is Crickety the cricket. He’s fun to ride. Aciana’s pet is Duckie, who honestly doesn’t do much. (I like to call him Demented Duckie, because of the savage, harrowing look on his face.)

American Girl BeForever Mini Josefina doll | Happy House of AG

Our pets greeted each other, as we commanded them to. Crickety said hello stiffly and politely. Duckie just sat there in Aciana’s arms, gurgling (Duckie is challenged in the smarts area).

We sat in silence for awhile, growing bored quickly. Then Aciana jumped to her feet and sniffed the air.

“Do I smell . . . lemons?” she asked.

I sniffed, too. The sharp, tangy scent of lemons filled my nose. “Where’s it coming from?” I wondered, gazing around.

American Girl BeForever Mini dolls | Happy House of AG

“I need to get somewhere high, so I can look for the source of that delectable smell,” I told my Spanish-speaking friend.

With the help of Crickety and Aciana, I was able to reach the scratching post on the wall behind us (it belonged to the humans’ enormous, fluffy cat). The rough rope made my tender hands itch, but I continued to climb. Just above the scratching post was a counter, the perfect look-out place.

American Girl BeForever Mini Rebecca doll | Happy House of AG

Once I reached the top, my hands were red and raw. I heaved myself onto the countertop. My unruly brown hair stuck to my forehead in icky, wilting curls, and my filmy skirt glued itself to my clammy, sweaty legs.

My eyes flitted over the surrounding world, searching for the source of the lemon scent. I murmured to myself, “I spy with my little eye . . . pie?!”

It was! Pie, sitting out in the open, unprotected, on the floor.

American Girl BeForever Mini dolls | Happy House of AG

I tumbled down the scratching post at an unbelievable speed. Once at the bottom, I managed to cry, “PIE!” before zooming off in the direction of the food. Aciana raced after me, her long black braid flying out behind her.

When I reached the pie, the lemon scent almost overpowering me, I collapsed onto my knees. “Pie . . . oh, you beautiful, delicious thing,” I crooned.

Lemon meringue pie

It was my favorite kind: lemon meringue. Perfectly golden peaks rose from the surface of the pie. Thick, custard-like, aromatic filling peeked out from under the meringue.

I giggled to myself, trembling in delight. Pie! Pie! It was almost too good to be true.

Aciana and I were unable to control ourselves, and we soon found our way to the 18″ dolls’ kitchen to borrow a knife. Back to the lemon meringue pie we dashed, where we cut a large piece of pie to share.

American Girl BeForever Mini dolls | Happy House of AG

“Oh my,” I said to myself as we started to eat. “Pie!”

~Mini Rebecca Rubin the First

(and Aciana)

The Miniature Cafe | Super Realistic Clay Food for Dolls

I recently discovered an online shop that sells adorable and realistic clay food for American Girl dolls. Introducing . . .

The Miniature Cafe!

The Miniature Cafe is run by a girl named Rachel, who makes all of the doll food herself out of polymer clay.

Here are some of my favorite products from her shop . . .

Gummy Bears — $9.00 (usually $11.00)

The Miniature Cafe seriously sells doll-sized Gummy Bears! I can’t believe how cute these things are.

Chocolate Chip Cookies — $9.00 (usually $11.00)

I absolutely love these tiny chocolate chip cookies. They look so real!

S’more Set — $15.00

Just take a look at this s’more set and tell me it’s not cute. The graham crackers, the toasted marshmallows . . . I love everything about this set.

The Miniature Cafe sells lots of other cute doll food sets, like peanut butter blossoms, hot dogs and chips, fudge brownies, even Hostess Cupcakes!

There are even Valentine’s Day treats, like these Valentine’s Day Cookies (love the icing!) . . .

. . . Candy Hearts . . .

. . . Chocolate-Covered Strawberries . . .

. . . and Valentine’s Day Cupcakes.

The Miniature Cafe has lots of other adorable doll foods, all the perfect size for American Girl of other “18 dolls! Go take a look, and maybe even buy something.


P.S. Rachel, the owner of The Miniature Cafe, has a blog! Take a look at it HERE.