Flashback — December 2014

It’s that time again! We’re nearing the end of the month. Which means that I get to do another Flashback post! (You can see my first Flashback post HERE.)


Victorian Beauties ~ Part 5 ~ the Grand Finale. The weird and awkward ending to my second photostory series, Victorian Beauties.


Secret Santa. My dolls did Secret Santa for the first time! (The Historical Characters are still clueless.)


The Doll Mag’s Advent Calendar. I shared some pictures of an advent calendar I made from a printable on Doll Mag.


Trimming the Tree. The dolls decorated last year’s Christmas tree. Saige and Tracy also have a rather confusing discussion about when, not where. 


Sunset Saige. A photoshoot taken at sunset, starring — you guess it — Saige Copeland. (She was featured on my blog quite a lot during December :P )


Days Till Christmas ~ 16. Last Christmas, I posted photos of Saige (almost) everyday doing whatever the Doll Mag advent calendar told her to do.


Christmas Giveaway! I hosted my very first giveaway . . . Devin was the winner. :)


Another GOTY Idea. I talked about my second idea for the GOTY 2015, an animal-loving girl named Kaylyn Evans. In the picture, she’s wearing her birthday outfit.

Hi. Happy House of AG

Shout-Out Your Doll Site! I did my first shout-out. I only got twelve sites to participate. xD


After the Kiss ~ an AGPS (My Weird Parents Made Up the Title).


It’s Almost FINISHED!! I shared the exciting news that my dad was building me an amazing two-story dollhouse.


The Winner of my Giveaway! The title is, perhaps, a bit self-explanatory.


Emily <3. The quest to find the perfect profile picture.


American Girl Place Photos. A short documentation of my second (I think) trip to the American Girl Place in D.C.


Merry Christmas! My dolls celebrated Christmas with some weird Secret Santa gifts. (How much longer until next Christmas?!)


Welcome Home! I made a photostory about Savannah arriving at Happy House of AG. :)


Randomly Awesome News and a Photoshoot. A PS of a brand new Savannah, along with an announcement about Star, Fire, and Ashes . . . a photostory series that still hasn’t happened due to a lack of trips to the beach.


What I Got for Christmas. Christmas haul! Just about everything I got was for my American Girl dolls. XD


New Feature! A rather blurry photoshoot of Savannah in the skateboarding outfit I got for Christmas. I also talked about What’s Up Wednesday — a weekly feature that was discontinued. (I’ve recently been contemplating the pros and cons of bringing it back . . . Thoughts?)

what's up wednesday post

What’s Up Wednesday. I picked a name for my new feature and created a page about it.


Savannah’s Profile.


New Years Eve. An incredibly fun post to write and photograph.


I really look forward to doing these Flashback posts, because I get to look through my blog’s archives and read my old posts — even the not so good ones.


Flashback — November 2014


(Sorry, I recently watched an old and hilarious video my brother made with his best friends, and one reoccurring line in it was YOLO :P)

I’m starting a new tradition on my blog: flashback posts. In theory, near the end of each month, I would look through the archives of that same month, but from the previous year. (Make sense? No, I didn’t think so . . .)

Anyway, I scrolled through the November 2014 archives. Now I’m going to share a link to each post I read.

Flashback — November 2014

Hi. Happy House of AG

So, first up was a post called Hi, where I said a bunch of depressing stuff that made you all comment about how much I mean to you. Thanks for those comments, guys. <3

School Pictures. Happy House of AG

School Pictures! The dolls . . . shared their school pictures. Yeah.

Elven Hairstyle. Happy House of AG

Elven Hairstyle. Isabelle shows how to look like an elf from Lord of the Rings!

This is Not a Post. Happy House of AG

This is Not a Post. Something that is, in fact, a post. I announced The BFF Wars.

Happy House of AG

The Story of How I Came to Love Breakfast (AKA Yum!) Isabelle tries real breakfast for the first time EVER.

Happy House of AG

=D. <– See. Do you see? It is a smiley face. Click on it, it’s good for you.

I Won't Give Up ~ an AGPS. Happy House of AG

I Won’t Give Up ~ an AGPS. Pretty pictures of Izzy in the snow, along with the lyrics to Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up. (Come on, snow, it’s almost December. Where are you?) In that post, I was freaking out because 57 FOLLOWERS (which was a big deal). Now I get to say, 152 FOLLOWERS?! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE LIKE THANKS GUYS YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. THANKS.

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 1. I started my hit series. Yay me! You can see the whole series here: The BFF Wars.

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 2.

Thanksgiving Fun. Happy House of AG

Thanksgiving Fun. This is where the Thanksgiving Tradition started.

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 3.

Audition Day. Happy House of AG

Audition Day. I’m hoping to do this series this year — if it snows, that is. *glares at the oddly warm weather*

What is She Doing?! Happy House of AG

What is She Doing?! #3 Do you like seeing Ivy stuck in an M&Ms bag? Do you like seeing a yelling Caroline in Victorian clothes? If so, go read that WISD post!

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 4. Go see our lovable heroes, Tori and Charlotte, try to do hair in the first challenge of The BFF Wars.

Victorian Beauties. Happy House of AG

Victorian Beauties ~ Part 4. Aw, look, Rosilia Knight has encountered a cute little ghost!

What do you think of the Flashback posts?

Peace out.


2014 Recap

I’ve seen lots of blogs doing recaps, so I thought I might as well do one too :)


On March 27, I started this blog.


In April, the girls signed up for Camp Doll Diaries.


In May, I published one of my first photostories ever, in which Caroline ventures out into the meadow and meets a exotic pink bird.


In June, I went on vacation,


made an award,


won American Girl Fan’s summer photo contest,


and announced my first-ever photostory series, The Great Escape.


In July, I welcomed Ivy into the family on the first,

OOTW a Hint of Pink1

started OOTW,


the dolls went to camp,


and Molly opened her library.


In August, I helped my friend Kelly start her blog, Dolls Domain,


and Ivy went on a two day camping trip with me.


In September Emily celebrated her birthday,


the dolls had a family picture day,

RIP Unicorn-001

I started my new blog,


Tracy got Mini Rebecca,


 and I entered the Doll Wardrobe’s summer fashion design contest.


In October I started Victorian Beauties,

AG Fan Meet-up 2014 Button

hosted the AG Fan Meet-up 2014 and reached 100 posts,


and did my first collab ever with Josie, Cooking With Dolls.


In November, the dolls got their school pictures taken,


I went to the AG Store with my dad,


started The BFF Wars,


and Molly and Emily celebrated Thanksgiving.


In December, the dolls did Secret Santa,


I had my first giveaway,


my dad built me a dollhouse,


we celebrated Christmas,


welcomed Savannah Juliet Kingsley into the family,


and had a New Years Eve party.

Here are some fun-facts from my first year of blogging:

What I Got for Christmas

Hello! Title is self-explanatory, below is all the cool stuff I got for Christmas, with a grand total of 8 American Girl sets =)


First up is To the Stars, Isabelle, Designs by Isabelle, a notebook that I’m doing Josie’s writing program in, and a book by Liz Kessler that I’ve been dying to read ever since it came out, North of Nowhere.
I got this incredibly soft purple bathrobe, but I’m wearing it right now so I can’t show you ;)

American Girl Isabelle's Legwarmer Set

I got Isabelle’s Legwarmers Set.


My mom got all my dolls gifts; a nutcracker, a tray, a notepad, a jar of mini M&Ms, a hat, scarf, and mittens set, an AHG uniform, and a mini pot, watering can, and seeds. Oh, and the just-add-water dirt stuff.

American Girl Himalayan Kitten and Rembrandt

Rembrandt and the My American Girl Himalayan Kitten.

American Girl Skateboard Set

The Skateboard Set.

American Girl Sparkly Camping Outfit

 The Sparkly Camping Outfit.


And then, of course, Savannah.


My parents put this dry-erase board in a box. They didn’t put Savannah under the tree, because of course I would know what it was. I mean, who could miss an American Girl doll box? So when I opened the one box with the dry-erase board in it, I totally freaked out.  I pretty much ran around the room screaming for a few minutes. (No, I’m just kidding, it was only a few seconds.)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for Christmas!

What was your “star gift?”

P.S. I’m working on a DIY, so maybe that will be up soon.

AG Fan Meet-up 2014

I had this idea: why not have an AG fan meet-up? It wouldn’t be at an AG store or anything like that. It would just be something where you could meet other AG fans in your area.

AG Fan Meet-up 2014 Button

It’ll be on October 9th, all day. Just wear a blue shirt and your hair in a bubble braid. So, on October 9th, if you see a girl wearing a blue shirt and a bubble braid, don’t be afraid to say hi! She may very well be an AG fan.

Please post about this on your blog! I would absolutely love to meet each and every one of you. If you plan on attending, please tell me! I’d love to know. Also, put the AG Fan Meet-up 2014 button on your blog’s sidebar.

Here are the details again:

When: October 9th, all day

Where: wherever you are

Why: to meet other AG fans in your area

How do we find you: wear a blue shirt and your hair in a bubble braid


Tracy; all ready for the meet-up in her blue shirt and bubble braid!

Thank you, and please post about this on your blog!


AG Summer Release!

The American Girl Summer Release is here! Let’s see what’s new for Isabelle’s collection:

                            Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress $36

I think this outfit is really cute, but since I have only read the first book from Isabelle’s collection, I don’t know what it’s from. The Nutcracker, maybe?

Isabelle’s Makeup Set $36

This is so cute! I love the nail stickers.

Isabelle’s Fashion Sketchbook $14.99

This is for girls, not the doll. That’s all for Isabelle, I was hoping for more in her collection, or some new stuff for the historical dolls.

On to the My AGs!

The new doll:

JLY#61, Light skin, red hair, green eyes $110

She is such a cutie! She looks really similar to Saige though.

The new clothes:

Coconut Cutie Outfit for Dolls + Charm $30

Coconut Cutie Outfit for Girls $26-60

Coconut Cutie Tee for Girls

Coconut Cutie Tee for Girls $26

Coral Floral Skirt for Girls

Coral Floral Skirt for Girls $34

Petals & Plaid PJ’s for Dolls + Charm $24

AHH! This is so CUTE!

Petals & Plaid PJ’s & Slippers for Girls $24-64

Petals & Plaid PJ's for Girls

Petals & Plaid PJ’s for Girls $40

Fuchsia Moccasins for Girls

Fuchsia Moccasins for Girls $24


School Stripes Dress for Dolls + Charm $28

I love this! This sneakers are awesome! It is just so cute!

School Stripes Outfit for Girls $26-70

Wait. School!? Seriously, AG, it’s SUMMER! Now is not the time to think about school.

School Stripes Dress for Girls

School Stripes Dress for Girls. $44

Doodle Tee for Girls

Doodle Tee for Girls. $26

Starry Hoodie Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $30

Cuteness! Love the hoodie!

Starry Hoodie Outfit for Girls. $38-80

Starry Hoodie for Girls

Starry Hoodie for Girls. $42


Starry Jeggings for Girls

Starry Jeggings for Girls. $38

Bright Stripes Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $38

Sparkly Camp Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $30

I love this new camping outfit! All though the boots might not be the best thing for hiking, the sure are cute!

2-in-1 Cheer Gear for Dolls + Charm. $48

Skateboarding Set for Dolls + Charm. $42

Wow. The. Sneakers. Are. Adorable!  I think I like the old skate-board better though. Only the shape of the board. I like the design on this one better.

Karate Class Set for Dolls + Charm. $38

Hi-i-i-ya! I think it looks pretty realistic, my brother used to be in Karate. But I don’t think the doll could be a black-belt. AG could have inclouded different colored belts, so the doll could move up in her class.

Bee Myself Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $34

The new pets and their things:

Coconut™ the Puppy. $28

Nooo! What happened to the other Coconut?! This one isn’t in the same position, and doesn’t have a collar! Is this the third version? Still, this one is pretty adorable!

Charm-ing Pet Collar $16

Dalmatian Puppy $28

Chocolate Lab Puppy. $28

Corgi Puppy. $28

Princess Pet Bed. $26

Preppy Pet Outfit. $18

Travel Kennel. $26

Pet Grooming Set. $30

Jeweled Collar and Leash. $12

Pet Ballerina Outfit. $18

This would be perfect for Tutu! If it fits her, that is.

Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed. $26

Pet Celebration Set. $22

Spiky Collar and Leash. $12

Petal Pet Outfit. $18

Blossoms Collar and Leash. $12

Pet Camping Outfit. $18

Cuddles and Cures Pet Set. $22

Apricot Poodle Puppy. $28

No! My sweet Honey! :(

Sporty Pet Outfit. $18

Treats and Eats Pet Set. $16

Himalayan Kitten. $28

Aww! She is soooo cute!

Funky Pet Bed. $26

My AG accessories:

Doodle Backpack Set. $28

Trail Accessories. $38

Jewel Highlights Set. $15

Accent Braid Clips. $15

These are avalible in Blonde, Caramel, Red, Brown, and Dark Brown.

Camp Treats Set. $58

Aqua Earring Tree. $10

Wrap Watch. $8

Violet Heart Watch. $8

Pet Earrings $10

Doodle Earrings. $10

3-in-1 Ring Set. $8

New furniture and the other stuff:

Bouquet Bed & Bedding. $38-213

Bouquet Bed Set

Bouquet Bed Set. $175

Bouquet Bedding

Bouquet Bedding. $38

Bouquet Nightstand. $58

Sunset Sleepover Tent. $85

Sunset Sleepover Bag for Dolls. $28

Sunset Sleepover Bag for Girls. $85


This release is huge! I like most of the things, except for the pets.

What do you think of the release? Will JLY#61 be joining your family of dolls? What do you think of the pets? AG did release stuff for the Bitty’s, but I didn’t add that to this post. I’m pretty sure I have the whole release here!