The BFF Tag With Saige & Isabelle

I adjust the camera on the tripod, hit the record button, and dash back to resume my casual position on the bed. The clicking sound of the camera’s shutters tells me that it’s started filming.

“Hey, darlings! It’s Saige Copeland,” I chirp, shooting the video camera a winning smile that would put any Hollywood star to shame.

Today, my crazy schedule has a rare blank space: no parties, no dates, no riding competitions, just a blissfully boring day to relax. I’ve decided to spend it creating content for my popular YouTube channel, SaigeVlogs.

“My favorite person in the world, Isabelle Palmer from IzzySquizzy, is joining me for the BFF Tag! And by the way . . .” I trail off, biting my lip. My lip gloss tastes like bubblegum. “Being in the spotlight makes her nervous sometimes, so be nice in the comments, mkay?” I give the camera a determined, no-nonsense look. “If I see any hate, that user is getting b-l-o-c-k-e-d.”

The first time Izzy agreed to make a video with me, someone had made fun of her outfit, saying she looked like a kindergartener. Pictures went viral, and she’s been reluctant to appear on my channel ever since. I’ve vowed to do everything in my power to make sure it never happens again, even if that means scrolling through every single response and deleting any hurtful ones.

“Izzy!” I call, waving her into the room. “Say hi to my fans.”

Hesitantly, she walks into view and introduces herself to the camera.

“Move the sign and take a seat,” I instruct, gesturing at the chalkboard I use to announce all my videos. “And, babe, you look adorable today.”

She blushes as she puts the sign on the floor, her hazel eyes scrunching up happily. “What’s the BFF Tag?” she asks, curling up on the bed with me and wiggling her toes nervously.

“It’s simple,” I begin, more for the audience’s benefit than hers. “You read some questions about our friendship from the laptop, and we answer them together. Ready?”

She nods, balancing the computer on her leg. “OK, number one . . . ‘How did you first meet?'”

I grin at her, recalling one of the most bittersweet days of my life. “It’s a funny story, actually. Our mom announced that she was adopting a girl, and everyone was super excited, except me. I already had four sisters, I didn’t want another one! Then Mom got back from D.C. with this girl in the backseat . . .”

Izzy takes over. “Saige was kind of a brat, honestly. No offense!” she exclaims, holding up her hands defensively when I stick my tongue out at her. “There was a welcome party for me with presents and everything, and Saige was off in the corner huffing and rolling her eyes.”

“We had a rivalry for awhile, since both of us are into fashion. I wanted to be the best dressed, and so did she. It was ridiculously dumb, but eventually we figured out how similar we are and became best friends.”

“I’m so, so glad we got over that,” Izzy murmurs under her breath, and I nod.

Thinking about how petty and childish we had been makes my stomach hurt. Over her shoulder, I read, “Next: ‘Do you have nicknames for each other?'”

“Of course! Saige’s is Red Riding Hood, because of all her red hair,” Izzy says.

I tug on one of my braids, showing off my silky locks. My unique hair color has always been a source of pride for me. “And Izzy’s is Sleeping Beauty,” I add. “It’s her dream ballet role, and if no one wakes her up, she’ll sleep all day!”

The next question is “Who is her favorite singer?”

“Hey Violet!” we chorus as I whip out my phone and start playing music. We belt the lyrics to O.D.D. together — “I’m the girl in the back of the class, pink hair but I’m wearing all black.”— while Izzy flips around her magenta hair extensions.

“‘What’s her favorite color?”

Another easy one. “You love gold, which your eyeshadow makes pretty obvious,” I point out, and she flutters her eyes, showing off the sparkly makeup.

“You know it,” she smiles. “Your favorites are the primary colors, right? Because you’re an artist.” She says the last word in an exaggerated French accent. I can feel her relaxing and acting sillier as we go on, and it makes me happy.

#5: How long does it take for her to get ready in the morning?

I grin smugly. “Well, I’m smart enough to pick my outfit the night before, so not that long. Izzy, on the other hand . . .” I shrug, like What can you do? “Her room constantly looks like a tornado went through there. One time I found a discarded T-shirt caught in the fan.”

“Fine, but at least I don’t spend twenty minutes doing my makeup.”

“That’s because you do a simple look, and I go all out,” I object, crossing my arms. “Remember the first day of school? My eyeshadow was the school colors. It looked amazing, admit it.”

She rolls her eyes. That’s fine; I know I did an incredible job. My back-to-school picture on Instagram had gotten thousands of likes.

#6: What’s her dream job?

“Oh, we’ve had this planned forever,” Isabelle gushes, and we share a knowing look that’s full of excitement for the future. “We’re going to move to New York so I can join the NYC Ballet, and she can find a modeling agency. We’ll have a cute apartment and go to Fashion Week together every year.”

#7: What’s your favorite memory together?

We burst into laughter, so hard that we can’t manage any words. It’s such a wild story. Catching myself before I snort on camera, I wipe joyous tears from my eyes and recall that fateful day in the summer of 2015.

“Izzy and I were hanging out with our sister Savannah when she suggested we become spies,” I begin. “So we made up a group called the TSO.”

“Tween Spy Organization,” my best friend clarifies helpfully.

“Right. So we got dressed up in tight black clothes and snuck through the house, taking pictures of anything suspicious. Later, we confronted our family about their weird behavior, but it turned out they all had excuses, and we had just jumped to conclusions.”

Thoughtfully, Izzy adds, “We seem to do that a lot.”

#8: What’s always in her bag?

Izzy claps her hands together cheerfully. “Oh, I know this one!” she exclaims. Springing eagerly off the bed, she rushes off to find our purses.

I call after her teasingly, “I hope you know what’s in there — you’d better, after all the times you’ve snooped through it trying to steal my phone.”

Skipping back into the room, she gives me a guilty smile. “Oops?”

Our favorite bags are tossed onto the bed: mine from New Mexico, decorated with a traditional Navajo pattern; and hers, glittery, gold, and modern.

Counting on her manicured fingers, Izzy lists my necessities. “Well, you always have your mini art kit, with the watercolors and tiny little paintbrush. And some emergency makeup, plus that teeny tripod for your phone in case there’s a vlogging opportunity.” She shoots me a wondering look, silently asking if she’s named everything. And of course she has.

Now it’s my turn. Izzy tends to space out a lot, which means she’ll sometimes stuff things in her purse without realizing it. It’s crammed with candy wrappers and hair ties and notes I’ve slipped to her during class, but I know I’m supposed to guess the things she carries around purposefully. “Your Metro Card, those disgusting fruit snacks you’re addicted to —“


“— and you always seem to have gift cards with you. Where do you get those?”

“I’ll never tell,” she smirks, and winks.

#9: What’s her favorite sport?

When Izzy doubles over, giggling, I brace myself for what comes next: “The only sports you do are Netflix marathons.”

I roll my eyes. “I exercise,” I protest. “Sometimes while I’m binge watching Stranger Things. It’s called multitasking.”

She doesn’t, Izzy mouths at the camera. I knock my sock-clad feet against hers, like Shut up!

“I’m actually an athlete,” she announces. There’s a proud glow on her cheeks. “I do ballet. And anyone who says it’s not a real sport is just jealous.”

“OK, Izzy, last question,” I say, peering at the laptop screen. “You ready?” After she nods yes, I read aloud, “‘What do you like most about her?’”

“Oh, that’s a hard one!” she gasps. She knits her eyebrows together as she considers it. “But, hmm, I think . . . I like everything about Saige. That’s my answer.”

I feel my cheeks start to grow hot, so I clamp my hand over my mouth, as if that’s going to hide it. “I love how sweet you are,” I manage to croak out from between my fingers. “Just like that.”

Recovering myself, I throw my arm around Izzy’s shoulders, and we beam at the camera. “Thanks for joining us! Make sure to check out my BFF’s channel, IzzySquizzy, and like, comment, and subscribe. Stay fabulous!”

What Does My Brother Know About American Girl?

(Inspired by Sam’s post)

Hey, guys!

My older brother, C, agreed to make a post with me. I came up with a list of AG-inspired questions to ask him, with his answers written below. Hopefully you’ll find this as entertaining as I did. :)

What’s my blog called, and how long have I had it?

C: Which one?

Me: The doll one.

C: Happy House of AG, obviously. And I’m going to say you’ve had it since 2014.

Me: I . . . actually don’t know how long I’ve had it. Let me look it up.

C: How am I supposed to answer these if you don’t even know?

Me: Oh, dang, you are right.

C: *dab*

How did I first learn about AG?

C: I almost want to say from toy catalogs. Or internet advertisements? A person? I don’t know. Oh, it was from our uncle!

Me: Yeah, he bought me the Kaya series.

How many dolls do I have?

C: Is it higher than fourteen?

Me: Let me count. Um, no.

C: Is it lower than twelve?

Me: No.

C: Then it’s either twelve, thirteen, or fourteen. Thirteen, that’s my answer.

Me: Good job.

Who was my first American Girl doll?

C: Tracy.

Me: You actually knew that one!

C: Duh, of course I know your first doll. It’s been staring at me for the past four years.

Me: More than four years, actually. I got her in 2012.

C: Fine, almost six years.

Who is my newest doll?

C: Is it Nevaeh?

Me: No!

C: Is it MJ?

Me: No.

C: Oh, wait! S. Is it Savannah?

Me: *shakes head*

C: Wait. Parker! It’s Parker.

What’s the one AG doll that I’ve always wanted?

C: Felicity.

Which internet friend did I meet this year?

C: She was blonde. Right?

Me: No. But she has the same name as one of my friends.

C: Isabelle?

Izzy & Charlotte Anne // Me & Nevaeh

Me: Yeah. Izzy.

How many times have I been to the American Girl store?

C: Somewhere between zero and infinity.

Me: Very specific.

C: About ten?

Me: I don’t actually know.

Which of my friends like American Girl?

C: Isabelle, and . . . *deep look of concentration* Megan?

Me: She used to have one.

C: So it kind of counts.

My mom: Kelsie and Kelly.

C: Does Bethany like them?

Me: No, but her sisters have begged me to give them my dolls.

What’s my most popular photostory series?

C: Well, there are only like three photostories that you’ve actually finished. Road to Pamel?

Me: No.

C: Is it the spy one?

Me: Nah, that was more like a mini series.

C: What is it?

Me: The BFF Wars.

Before it was American Girl, what was the company called?

C: Pleasant Company?

Me: You’re a cheater.

Who is the current GOTY?

C: She’s Brazilian, isn’t she?

Me: That’s not even American.

C: Something Clark.

Me: That’s last year’s. The Brazilian one.

C: Is she African American?

Me: Yes. But you don’t know anything else, do you?

C: No.

Me: *brings up a picture* Her name is Gabriela McBride.

Which GOTY do I look like the most?

Image result for retired american girl dolls

C: *points at Marisol* That one looks homeless.

Me: It was 2000’s fashion.

Image result for grace thomas american girl doll

It’s true, I looked just like her (except for the freckles) when I had side bangs.

C: *points at Grace* You look like that one.

Me: Do you know what her name is?

C: No.

Me: Grace Thomas. My MJ.

C: Oh, the one who lives in France.

Which BeForever doll is your favorite?

C: Will I have to give a reason?

Me: Mmhmm.

C: Kit, because . . . she’ll die the earliest.

Me: No, she won’t.

C: Yeah, lots of people died from starvation during the Great Depression.

Did you know that AG made a boy doll?

C: . . . Yes.

Me: What’s his name?

C: Ken.

Me: What? No, that’s wrong.

C: Oh, sorry, that was from Our Generation. Is it Steven?

Me: No!

C: Dan? Greg? Colin? What do you want from me?

Me: It’s Logan. He plays the drums. *shows him a picture*

C: Ugh, that’s hideous. Just like the rest of them.

Me: *eye roll*

He actually got most of them right, which is pretty surprising! I’ve got to say, I’m kind of proud of him. Maybe.

When I first asked him to help me with this, he was rather uncooperative. He said he would answer selectively. But by the end, he was getting really into it.

Are there more doll-related questions you’d like my brother to answer? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll get C to make another appearance on my blog sometime.



Answers to My Q&A!

Thanks for all the questions on my 121 Followers Q & A post, guys!

DSC_0419 - Copy

Let’s get started! (Prepare for an extremely long post.)


1. Who was your first doll?

Tracy René :)

2. Do you think you’ll ever outgrow your dolls?

I don’t want to say this, but, probably, yes. There are times that I’m super into dolls, and then times where they wear the same clothes for months and I pay them zero attention.

3. What are you wearing right now?

My Everest VBS T-shirt and denim shorts. (It’s a different day now so I’m actually wearing my co-op musical T-shirt and the same shorts.)


When did you start blogging?

March 27, 2014.
Do you think you’ll ever quit dolls?

Same answer I gave to Clara.

Will you ever be satisfied with the number of dolls you have? ;)

LOL no!
How many times have you been to the AG store?

Three times, I believe.


What is your favorite color?

I like lime green, black, and any shade of blue.

What is your favorite doll that you own?

I’m only going to say this once. *covers all the dolls’ ears. Wow I must be a mutated octopus to do that* Savannah.

What is your favorite doll that you don’t own?

Um. Well. Like a billion dolls. But I really like Truly Me #24.

What doll brands, other than AG, do you like?

Ever After High and H4H.

What is your favorite photoshoot you have done?

Well, um, I’m going to say my favorite PS for each doll.

Tracy: Storm Maiden

Caroline: Caroline’s Photoshoot on Vacation or Aphrodite

Saige: I’ve done about a gazillion photoshoots of her for OOTW and other stuff so I can’t really choose.

Molly: Sugar Plum Fairy

Emily: Magic of Books and Emily Natalia ~ {Firework}

Isabelle: I can’t choose xD

Ivy: Asian Flowers

Savannah: Frost Flower

 MJ: All of them!

What is your favorite photo story (or photo story series) you have done?

I’m particularly fond of Mini Monsters in the Attic :)

What is your favorite post you have ever done?

No clue.

Have you written more of Guardian Angels (aka I WANT TO READ IT!!!!!)

Yes, a couple more pages, calm down, Kathleen. *pats you on the head*

What is your favorite writing blog?

Um . . . I’m not sure . . . I don’t read writing blogs as much as I probably should.

What are you favorite books/authors?

You shouldn’t have asked that. Percy Jackson series, all the books by Liz Kessler, all the books by Rebecca Stead, The 39 Clues series, the Secret series, The Hunger Games, the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell, tons of other books that I can’t remember . . .

Other than AG and writing, what are your favorite things?

Pizza, soccer, cats, my best friends, photography, Netflix, Doctor Who, books . . .


Which bloggers do you know in real life?

I know four bloggers, but I’m not allowed to say which ones.

What is the biggest AG store you have been to?

I’ve only ever been to the D.C. one, so . . . that one?

What doll do you want next?

Truly Me #24.

Do you like Maryellen?


What do you want GOTY 2016 to look like and what would her hobby be?

Well . . . *taps fingers together evilly* She would love hunting! And then American Girl could sell doll sized rifles and bows and tree stands and deer carcasses . . . Maybe not the carcass part (What about deer jerky from a deer she shot?), but you get the idea. She would have wavy black hair, brown eyes and freckles. And there would be no pink in her collection! She’d probably come in a camo jacket, plain jeans and hiking boots, and a beanie.

What is your favorite GOTY that you own?

Probably a tie between Saige and MJ (Sorry, Izzy).


Do you play any instruments?

I used to play the flute, and I would like to play guitar and piano.

On average, do you know how many books you read each summer?

A lot.
Do you like to watch sports?

I probably would, but, although my family has a big fancy flat-screen TV, we only have Netflix :(


If you had to move and could only pack ONE doll, who would it be?

Please don’t make me choose.

If you could only buy TWO more dolls, which ones would you pick?



What’s your favorite band?

Imagine Dragons!

Favorite animal? (real or fake)

Um, let’s see . . . I like cats, foxes, unicorns and dragons.


What is your favorite book?

*hyperventilating* Can’t choose.

What camera do you take pictures with?

I use my mom’s camera, a Nikon SLR D3100.

Favorite Song?

Counting Stars by One Republic.


Would you rather doodle or draw realistically?

Doodle, because drawing is not my strong point. I usually draw tiny pictures of characters in stories I’m writing.

Swimming or soccer?


Labradors or Schnauzers? (XP)

Ew, ew, ew, not Schnauzers. My grandma has mini Schnauzers and they are unpleasant little things (no offense to anyone that likes Schnauzers — we all have different opinions). I’d totally go with Labradors.

The Grace doll or the Mia doll?

Probably Grace, although I do love Mia.

Which GOTY would you like to own?

Oh wow, there are so many . . . but the two that I’d really like are Jess and Kanani.

How many people have you helped to start a blog?

Two :)


Which of your dolls has the most unique personality?

Either MJ or Ivy.

 Why did you choose these dolls for your collection, was there something special about them, who spoke to you the most?

 I bought Tracy because my brother thought she was the My AG that looked most like me :) Caroline’s gorgeous eyes really called to me, and my parents loved her too. Saige was just sooo pretty, and she looked like my mom. Molly and Emily were retiring, and sweet little British Em caught my eye. Isabelle was first doll with hazel eyes, and I didn’t think I had enough blondes in the family, LOL. When I heard that American Girl was retiring the best friend dolls, I was going to buy either Ruthie or Cecile, but they sold out before I could get them, so I bought Ivy instead. I’d been wanting Savannah for awhile before I finally got her. Her hair and freckles always looked so cute in pictures! I also wanted to get the My American Girl meet outfit before AG changed it. And MJ is just so pretty, I didn’t have to think twice about buying her :)

3. How did you find out about American Girl?

My aunt and uncle sent me American Girl books, and there was a “send this in for a free catalog” thingy in the back of the books. So one day I sent the ecobob in, and my brain was filled with dolls.

4. What would you say to someone who wants an AG doll but sadly doesn’t have any? (Example: without an AG doll how are you living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Very involved answer that has to do with Tracy coming right up . . .

My mom didn’t want me to get an American Girl doll because she thought they were too expensive and didn’t think they were better quality than Target dolls. I really wanted one, though, so for my birthday, my parents gave my fifty dollars to buy Tracy with. When my beautiful doll arrived, Mom was very impressed by how well made they were, and proceeded to buy Caroline for me at Christmas.

I’m not actually sure what that had to do with the question. Anyway, moving on . . .

Wait! I remember now. You could tell your parents that American Girl dolls are really good quality and show them reviews of the doll you want. For your birthday or Christmas, they might give you money to buy a doll with.

Pick one doll. Where does that doll want to visit?

Saige. *thinking thinking thinking* She wants to go to New York City so she and Isabelle can “shop till they drop.”

Dollies On a Farm:

How old were you when you started collecting dolls?

I don’t know. I had been collecting dolls for a long time before Tracy came along.

Will you ever do any more giveaways?

Erm . . . probably. I was working on a giveaway but for some reason it didn’t get finished.

Do you have, or do you want a YouTube?

I don’t have a Youtube, although I had been thinking about getting one. But then I decided that stopmotion is too hard.

Do you have an Etsy?


If you could only buy one more big accessory (like a bed, or Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor), what would it be?

Samantha’s Garden Gazebo.

Who is your dream doll?

A doll with brown eyes and crazy light blue hair :)

Which doll that you have looks most like you?


Which TM doll looks most like you?

#39. But if you put Molly’s eyes on #57, she would look like me.

Ms. AGdoll:

Which one of your dolls (if you had to pick one of your dolls) would be your first choice to recommend to someone?


Do you have any exotic pets? (bird, fish, turtle, etc)

We have some fish and we used to have fire-bellied toads.


 Do you sew for your dolls?


 If so, what was the first thing you sewed for them?

The first big thing I sewed for them was the outfit in this post.

 If you were to have a doll with wild colored hair (pink, blue, etc.) what color hair would it be?


Christian Homeschooler:

How many siblings do you have?

I have one older brother.

Which do you prefer: GOTY or HC (BeForever)?

BeForever, because the dolls always have such beautiful outfits.


Why did you start blogging?

Because I like dolls, writing, and photography!

What do you do if you see a bee while you’re taking pictures and have you ever been stung by taking pictures?(Sorry… melissophobia. xD)

Bees don’t scare me, and I’ve never been stung by one. But I have been stung by hornets three times!

What camera do you use?

A Nikon SLR D3100.

What advice would you give to starting bloggers?

Good grammar. Grammar is important. And try to mix up what kind of posts you do. So if you really like doing photoshoots, maybe put a review in there sometime. Also, sometimes when you start blogging, you’ll have tons of ideas for posts and want to post more than one thing a day. But being bombarded by posts can get annoying to the reader.

How do you come up with ideas for your photostories?

I pick a main character, select one of their hobbies, and then put a twist in there! Take my Gymnast’s Honor post for example. Ivy is doing gymnastics, her hobby, when there is quite literally a twist!


Do you have a dollhouse? And if so where is it and how much do you have in it/use it?

I do have a dollhouse, and it is in my basement. It’s stuffed (except for the bottom floor) and most of the pictures for my photostories are taken there.


 What doll do you plan to get next?

Either Truly Me #24 or #37.

2. How many AG pets do you have?

Four: Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Rembrandt, and a Siamese cat.

3. Do you sew things for your dolls?

Not really.

4. What is your favorite doll blog?

There are so many amazing ones out there. I can’t choose!


What is your favorite TV show?

Doctor Who.

What is your favorite book series?

Percy Jackson.

Do you like to look back at your own old posts?

Yes, it’s a lot of fun!


Favorite dessert?

Key lime pie.


How many pets do you have?

Two cats.

Who is your favorite doll?

Ask Kathleen.


Who is your favorite doll?

You know.

What doll do you want next?

Probably Truly Me #24.

Do you sew doll clothing?

Not often.

What is your favorite outfit to put Savannah in?

Oh, that’s a hard question . . .  Well, Savannah looks really good in the Our Generation Jumping for Joy outfit! And this outfit. And . . . let’s just say that she looks good in practically anything!


Favorite doll outfit you own?

Um . . . Maybe the Striped Hoodie Outfit? The Sunny Isle Outfit? idk.

Next doll on your wish list?

TM #24.
Favorite photoshoot you ever did?



Do you play any sports?

Do you have any pets?

Two cats, Emily and Boo ♥

Which AGP is closest to you?

The one in D.C.

Favorite song right now?

Counting Stars by One Republic. It’s been my favorite song for like a year xD


What is your favorite place to travel?

I like going to the mountains.

Your favorite book?

We’ve discussed this . . . I am physically incapable of choosing a favorite book.

Your favorite movie?

Um . . . I don’t know. Movies don’t really stick with me.

 Your favorite doll if you can choose?

Kathleen knows . . .


If you could design your own AG doll with a story what would she look like? What would her story be about?

She would love hunting! And then American Girl could sell doll sized rifles and bows and tree stands and deer carcasses . . . Maybe not the carcass part (What about deer jerky from a deer she shot?), but you get the idea. She would have wavy black hair, brown eyes and freckles. And there would be no pink in her collection! She’d probably come in a camo jacket, plain jeans and hiking boots, and a beanie.

I don’t know what her story would be about. Annoying people scaring away her prey, maybe. But I know for a fact that it wouldn’t be about things like not fitting in at school. Oh, oh, what if she was homeschooled?


What camera do you use?

A Nikon SLR D3100.


That’s all the questions! I must say that my Q & A experience was fun but also hard . . . apparently I don’t know myself as I well as I thought I did . . .

Well. Now you know me better than you probably wanted to.


P.S. This post was has 2339 words!

Shout Out Your Doll Site — With a 121 Followers Q&A

Hi! I’m doing a Q & A for 121 followers! Comment your questions below! Just please don’t ask any personal questions, which include (according to my mom): how old I am, when my birthday is, where I live, my full name, blah blah blah. The last day to leave questions is July 29.

DSC_0419 - Copy

OK, on to the shout out . . .

Leave a comment with your doll blog’s URL and I’ll add your blog to this post. Ready? Go!

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