American Girl Summer Release 2015

The American Girl Summer release is upon us! Let’s take a look at the goodies AG has given us this time :)

Truly Me:

American Girl Recess Ready Outfit

 Recess Ready Outfit — $30

This outfit is cute, but the overall appearance is a bit weird. I’d purchase this outfit for mix-n-match.

American Girl Mod Monster Costume

Mod Monster Costume — $34

Um . . . OK? I know this is a Halloween costume, but the wig is kind of over the top.  I like the dress and the boots. Especially the boots!

American Girl Basketball Outfit

Basketball Outfit — $34

This is really cute, and I’m glad it’s not pink or purple. I was going to get the old basketball outfit for MJ, but the lavender color threw me off. This outfit would be great for Julie dolls.

American Girl Sparkle Sweater Outfit

Sparkle Sweater Outfit — $30

My mom said this looked like they just took a bunch of leftover pieces and threw them together, and I’d have to agree. Mix-n-match potential, perhaps? But those boots are pretty great . . .

American Girl Sparkle Socks and Leggings

Sparkle Socks and Leggings — $12

It’s a pretty good deal for only $12, but I don’t really like the pants . ..

American Girl Tweed Driver's Cap

Tweed Driver’s Cap — $10

It’s a little too busy, but I think a dark-haired doll could pull it off.

American Girl Fun Fedora

Fun Fedora — $10

I like that the strap isn’t pink. A boy doll could wear this too.

American Girl Silver Sparkle Beanie

Silver Sparkle Beanie — $10


American Girl Striped Hoodie

Striped Hoodie — $14

I like it! American Girl sells a girl-sized version of this for $42.

American Girl Rhinestone Baseball Cap

Rhinestone Baseball Cap — $10

My dolls have been asking me for a baseball hat :)

American Girl Hot Lunch Set

Hot Lunch Set

Ador-r-r-r-able food! I really like the fruit salad, and how the straw is a separate piece. Oh, and look at that fork!

American Girl Sport Storage Bench

Sport Storage Bench — $48

Cute!! Looks like it comes with the bench, a clipboard, cones, a jump rope, baseball bat, Wiffle ball, football (eek!), and maybe the blue ball is for dodgeball. I wonder why there’s no soccer ball. I mean, if they’re going to include the cones . . . But I think this is such a cute set, and if they put it on sale, I’ll definitely get it. My dolls do love sports!

American Girl Science Fair Set

Science Fair Set — $32

OVERPRICED. I LOVE that telescope, but is looks like you could make most of the things in this set. Makes me want a star-obsessed doll!

American Girl Slow Cooker Dinner Set

Slow Cooker Dinner Set — $58

I love this too! The butter dish is so cute :)

American Girl Shearling Boots

Shearling Boots — $16

Fuzzy purple boots with bows? Cute! Saige can totally see herself being lazy in these xD

American Girl Sparkle Sneakers

Sparkle Sneakers — $14


American Girl Hairstyle Tools

Hairstyle Tools — $20

Normal, normal. What is the pointy pink thing? This set is WAY too expensive for what it comes with.

American Girl Stylin' Bangs

Stylin’ Bangs — $20

Disgusting. That’s all I have to say.

American Girl Double Braid Headband

Double Braid Headband — $20

Eh. It’s better than the single braid headband, but you could still do this easily on your doll. I do like the gold in each one, though.

American Girl Terrier Puppy

Terrier Puppy — $28

Is this the new Sugar? If it is, I’m glad this puppy doesn’t have a pink bow in its fur. But why is there another dog? American Girl needs cats for their My AGs — excuse me, Truly Me dolls.

American Girl Flip-Top Desk

Flip-Top Desk — $58

Cute! I just wish the chair wasn’t attached to the desk. It guess $58 isn’t too much for this set.

Historical BeForever:

American Girl Julie's Zigzag Pajamas for Doll & Girl

 Julie’s Zigzag Pajamas — $24

Eh. Looks like something the Bitty Babies would get.

American Girl Julie's Daisy Vanity Set

Julie’s Daisy Vanity Set — $60

Just the vanity and an alarm clock and a hairbrush that can’t even be used on the doll? It’s overpriced anyway.

American Girl Julie's Bed and Bedding

Julie’s Bed and Bedding — $125

I wish they hadn’t changed it . . . I liked the old one much better.  I think it’s the flowers that I don’t like. But I’m glad they kept the beads. I just wish the beds weren’t so expensive! Doll beds are really easy to make. I’m not gonna spend $100+ on a bed, no matter how much I like it.

American Girl Josefina's Nighttime Accessories

Josefina’s Nighttime Accessories — $45

Josefina’s got a doll! I like this set.

American Girl Josefina's Nightgown

Josefina’s Nightgown $24

Simple nightgown, but I like it.

American Girl Josefina's Bed and Bedding

Josefina’s Bed and Bedding — $85

I like this much better than the old one.

American Girl Kit's Bed and Bedding

Kit’s Bed and Bedding — $95

Eh . . . I like the colors of the old one better. And does it still fold out, now that she’s the only doll in her collection?

American Girl Kit's One-Piece Pajamas & Puppy Print Pajamas for Girl

Kit’s One-Piece Pajamas — $24

Puppy print? Seriously, AG, puppy print?! You can do better than this! The old one was better. WAY better. And because the pjs are one-piece, young kids might have trouble putting it on their doll.

 American Girl Kit's Radio Set

Kit’s Radio Set — $42

I like the book, but not so much the rest of the stuff . . .

American Girl Rebecca's Satin Pajamas

Rebecca’s Satin Pajamas — $24

Way too much pink. The old ones were much better.

American Girl Rebecca's Bed and Bedding

Rebecca’s Bed and Bedding — $125


American Girl Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories

Rebecca’s Bedroom Accessories — $45

Adorable!! Look at those nesting dolls!

American Girl Addy's Nightgown

Addy’s Nightgown — $24

Eh. Nothing too special.

American Girl Addy's Bed and Bedding

Addy’s Bed and Bedding — $85

It’s not very different from the old one. I think they should have made the pillow white.

American Girl Addy's Bedroom Accessories

Addy’s Bedroom Accessories — $45

$45 for three little things?!

American Girl Pow-Wow Dress of Today

Pow-Wow Dress of Today — $42

It’s better than Kaya’s Jingle Dress of Today, but I like the other dresses in her collection. I wish Kaya had more stuff.

American Girl Blue Patterned Pajamas for Girls

Blue Patterned Pajamas for Girls — $48

I really love the shirt!

Girl of the Year:

These have been out for a couple of days but whatever.

American Girl Grace's Sweet Hairstyles Set

Grace’s Sweet Hairstyles Set — $22


American Girl Grace DVD

Grace DVD — $9.95

I’m excited to see this! Did AG say anything about showing the Grace movie on TV this year?

American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit

Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit — $30

I LOVE this outfit and hope to get it! American Girl Artist did a really nice review of this on her blog.

American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Accessories

Grace’s Sightseeing Accessories — $28

*shrugs* The little shawl thing is OK, but I’m not going to buy it.

I skipped some stuff (Bitty Baby and girl-sized, some books), and if you want to see bigger pics, just go to the American Girl website. AG wouldn’t let me copy their pictures very easily so that’s why they’re really small. What do you think of this release? I’m glad that there’s not a lot of pink in it!


25 thoughts on “American Girl Summer Release 2015

  1. My favorite is silver sparkly beanie thingymajig! American girl really should make more cats. If they made more cats, then they would probably get a lot more business because most of the people I know (including me :)) love cats.


  2. Scottie Dogs were extremely popular, and considered high fashion in the 30s. :)
    Also, erm, Loren? When you said “but what exactly can you give a Native American girl?”, it just sounded a little off. It is entirely true that she wouldn’t have had many clothes, but as a partially Native girl it sounded a tad bit offensive. :) I know you did;t mean anything other than that most Native people didn’t have many clothes in that point at history (2-ish dresses, I’d say), but it just sounded like you meant something different.


    • Oh, I didn’t mean it to sound like that! I know that Native Americans didn’t have very many clothes, and Kaya has several dresses. She already has a food set, animals, and a tepee, so I wasn’t sure how AG could expand her collection. Perhaps a fishing set? I’m going to go edit that right now.


      • This is Loren’s mom hacking her account. We also have Native American heritage, so it would be odd if she were making disparaging remarks toward the group. The readers could not have known that, however. I do applaud you, dollsanddance, for taking her to task politely. I love the netiquette I observe on this blog and others like it.

        -Loren’s mom
        (who will let Loren read this comment before posting because hacking one’s daughter’s account is not good netiquette.)


    • No, it’s fine! I just annoys me how much AG has already been neglecting her, and so I was just worried that that might be taken the wrong way. So I didn’t, but I was saying that other people might. :) Oooh a fishing set would be super cool! I’d love one!
      Loren’s mom-Haha, my mom hacks my account occasionally. ;)
      Ah, ok, I’m sorry I did not know that. Thank you. :) And yes, I do too.


  3. Ew. I HATE Rebecca’s new bed. It’s too princessy, like you said. Also, I am Russian, and I have doll sized nesting dolls in a doll sized version.


  4. The little pink thing in the hairstyling set is used for flipping hair, if you look up cutegirlshairstyles corner flip unders you will know what I mean. I love the fedora! And I NEED the slow cooker set!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I think AG has gotten a lot more detailed and cuter in this release and I just watched the Grace movie on youtube–for free! And I latterly HATE what Ag is doing with the historical line I mean all the pink and junky stuff like that!


    • I agree with you on both things. When adding stuff to the BeForever line, AG should consider what colors and prints girls from each era would be likely to wear. I think there would be a lot less pink in the collections then! I’ll try to find the Grace movie on Youtube. Maybe I can watch it tonight! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, i mean look at Samantha’s collection and in the books and movie she HATES pink and girly stuff but thats all her stuff is pink and girly! And I haven’t read the Rebecca books but I don’t think she would have had a bed like that. I think Julie’s clothes and furniture is quit on point…. But I HATE the new bed, I mean what was wrong with the other one? I’ve never liked Beforever, I feel like their trying to make it more modern to “appeal” to little girls and make everything more colorful… IDK, sorry for writing so much :).


  6. The pink pointy thing in the hairstyle set is to do flippy twists. You do a ponytail, put the loop around it, then stick the pointy end in the hair above the ponytail and pull it through. Attachable bangs? That sounds weird but maybe cool. I’ll have to look at them on the website.



  7. I love both the old and the new beds (except Becca’s. I don’t really like hers. :P)…They’re different, yet still a little like the old ones. My favorite piece from this release (that rhymed! XD) is the amazing Silver Sparkle Beanie. I can so see Jasmine, Cécile, and Chloe in it…


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