World Doll Day Tag!

World Doll Day Tag picture

*I couldn’t find a picture for the tag, so I made one myself. Anyone who is nominated is welcome to use this picture.*

Sunny tagged me for the World Doll Day Tag!

The dreaded questions:

List three favorite dolls that you bought last year.

I bought exactly three American Girl dolls last year: Isabelle, Ivy, and Savannah. Of those three, Savannah is my favorite.

List three dolls currently on your wishlist.

We-e-e-el . . . you can see my complete Truly Me doll wishlist here, and of those, the three I want most are #24, #37, and . . . um . . . probably #35? idk. But on my BeForever wishlist is Rebecca, Kaya, and Josefina.

OK, I guess that’s it. :) This award has been going around the blogosphere for awhile, so I’m guessing that most blogs have already gotten it. It’s clear that I am pathetic at nominations, so if you haven’t been tagged for the World Doll Day Tag already, please feel free to comment that you’d like the award!


19 thoughts on “World Doll Day Tag!

  1. I would appreciate it so much if you would tag me! I have never gotten an award before and it would mean so much to get it from you, my favorite blog!😁 also, I love your new blog! It has inspired me to start blogging more!


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