Is Felicity Returning in 2017?

American Girl Doll Artist from Small Dolls in a Big World has discovered an item on Amazon called “BeForever 2017 3 Book Set.” The authors are Kathleen Ernest, Valerie Tripp (the writer of the original Felicity series), and Juliana Kolesova. One book is called “Gunpowder and Tea Cakes” (by Kathleen Ernest), one is called “A Stand for Independence” (by Valeria Tripp), but AG Doll Artist couldn’t find a third book.

Gunpowder? Tea cakes? Independence? All of these things have to do with Felicity Merriman!

When American Girl brought back Samantha Parkington for the Historical revamp, it made all of us fans realize that AG can, and will, rescue retired Historical dolls from the archives. I was hoping that they would bring back Felicity Merriman, AG’s spunky colonial-era girl.

Felicity Merriman doll American Girl


The first American Girl catalog I got was the 2010 holiday edition. It announced that Felicity was to be retired. I fell in love with her and begged my mom to get her for Christmas. I didn’t get her, but spent the next years searching for used Felicity dolls on eBay. I bought a colonial-style dress pattern so I could make Felicity’s meet dress for myself. I thought Williamsburg was the coolest place on earth. I bought the Felicity movie. Felicity was my favorite character.

And now she’s coming back? I’m very excited for my favorite doll to return to stores in 2017!


P.S. A big thanks to American Girl Doll Artist for uncovering all this information!


27 thoughts on “Is Felicity Returning in 2017?

  1. All the original girls should be back. Never should have been retired. After all Kirsten,Molly and Samantha are the start and foundation of Pleasant Company(American Girl).

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  2. Felicity!? *Shouts for joy* This is GREAT! I so hope that they will bring her back! That’d be outstanding 😉 ! I find it strange for colonial America to be left out of the historical time periods represented by American Girl. Felicity is so pretty, too… 😀 I’m excited!!

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  3. **** give me a second*** screams, dies, (mother walking by) “Are you ok Regan?”
    When I was first getting into AG dolls they where retiring Felicity and Elizabeth. My mom asked me witch one I wanted and I choose Elizabeth. I’m not saying Elizabeth wasn’t a beautiful doll but if Felicity is SOOOO beautiful. If she comes back I’m SO getting her.
    Thanks for that news Loren!!

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  4. Hi Loren! Yay! That’s super exciting! Do you think that they will bring Elizabeth back. I think they won’t because when Samantha came back, Nellie didn’t. Will you get her whole collection (or at least some of it) if she makes a comeback? Have a blessed day!
    🙂 B


    • Alright. I know that I wasn’t the first person to learn about this — in my post, I clearly said that I got lots of my info from the Small Dolls in a Big World blog. I was simply sharing something interesting with my readers.


  5. It would be wonderful indeed, if Felicity returns ! Hope it will be very soon!!! I too have been searching for a used doll but am reluctant to take the risk online. I also would love to see Elizabeth reappear as I want to add her to my AG family. My 8 year granddaughter would also be ecstatic. I know the demand for Felicity is great!

    Thank you in advance

    Very Hopeful


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