Guest Post — Twisty Chain Headband

Before we get into the post, did you guys notice that I posted episode two of Road to Pamel? I have one comment on it. To be honest, I kind of expected a little more enthusiasm for this new series from you guys. I work really hard on every post that I put on either of my blogs, and comments are how I know you enjoy them.

Rant aside . . .

Evey P. sent in a guest post! Thanks, Evey! She didn’t send pictures, so I added pictures of my own.



I had an idea for a cool doll headband. I call it the Twisty Chain Headband. Here are the steps . . .

Loren’s note: you’ll need to use forty-two bands for each bracelet, including the cap bands.

Make two single-chain Rainbow Loom bracelets, but don’t clip them yet.​

Loren’s note: if you put the ends of the bracelets on the pick thingy, you can twist them tightly all the way.

Cross one end, then cross again, and then keep twisting until you can’t twist anymore.

Now connect the strands that you twisted.


And there you have it! Now just put it over your dolls head!
Thanks again for the guest post, Evey P! If any of you would like to send me a guest post, just follow the directions on this page.


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