The Great Escape ~Part 6~

Hello! I know that in my last post I said that OOTW would be up later this that week. While my calendar say that Sunday (When I’m writing this) is the first day of the week, I consider it the last. That’s just the way my brain works. So I’m going to post two outfits on Wednesday instead of one. In case anybody noticed my two day absence (I sure did!), it’s because I went on a mini vacation. Saturday, the day in which I left home, snuck up on me. I didn’t bring a doll (Although I found Emily’s red socks in my bag . . .), so, sorry, no pictures. Please excuse my rambling . . .

Anyway, you can read all the other Great Escape parts here.



“Don’t look now, Maddi, but is that another you?” Amy asked, pointing at a girl who look surprisingly  like their Maddi.


“What?” Maddi began staring intently at the ‘other her’, who was up on a stage, talking to reporters.


“Madison, can you tell us about the time when you . . .,” the young reporter was smiling ear to ear as she got the story.


“Guys, I need to dress up as a reporter, so I can get close enough to know who she is,” Amy said.

“I’ll get it,” Regan volunteered .


Regan dashed back to Amy, carrying a sweatshirt from a nearby chair, a notebook from a trashcan, and a pencil found on the ground.

“Thanks!” Amy took the stuff.


Once in her reporter attire, Amy made her way to the stage.


“Can I have your autograph?” Amy said, trying to sound eager.

“Of course!” the fake Maddi celebrity said.


She signed the paper, then handed it back to Amy.


“The name’s so nice, Mom used it twice!” Fake Maddi quoted.




To look like she was a real reporter, Amy started writing.

This girl is a nutcase. Maddi, I really hope you aren’t this crazy.


Your fake reporter,

Amy Underhill


As Amy scampered away from the stage, the real Maddi shrieked “Let me see that!”


“This girl claims to be me!” she exclaimed after reading the signature. “And she also has the same autograph . . .”


“I know this sounds superstitious, but couldn’t that be a clone?” Regan suggested.

“Um . . .”


Suddenly, the puzzle pieces fit together inside Lily’s head.

“Guys! Guys! Guys!”


She dug the ‘found’ posters out of her pocket, smoothed them out, and began waving them over her head.

“That could be a clone! Do any of you remember what happened after you were taken from your homes, but before you found yourselves in the prison? I know that sounds crazy, but . . .”

“No, I don’t,” Ellie shook her head.

Shaking their heads, everyone answered “No.”

“We could have been unconscious, then cloned, then put in the prison! I know it doesn’t make sense . . .,” Lily shook her head.

“It makes sense,” Amy assured her.

“Be on the lookout,” Lily told them. “For clones, guards, and Dr. Stark.”

“Dr. Stark?” Regan asked. “Who’s he?”

Lily began explaining her theory about being kidnapped by Dr. Stark.


While searching for clones, Amy spotted something in a trashcan.


It was a newspaper.

The headline said:

We are Sad to Announce the Death of Ten Great People

“Um . . . you should probably take a look at this,”  Amy said slowly.

Everyone gathered around.

Then, they gasped simultaneously as the read.


14 thoughts on “The Great Escape ~Part 6~

  1. Great story! Now it’s getting really suspensful… and a bit sccaaarrryy! (Hehe, just kidding. :D)
    Where did you get that pretty sleeved see-through top that Fake Maddi was wearing?


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