What to Do if Your Dolls Have Cockroaches

Well. That’s a strange title. I bet you’ll never find another article like this on the internet.

Wait — what’s that? You want to know where your darling blogger (me :D) has been for the past week and a half? Why there’s been a menacing silence floating around this site? Explanation time! I was at a doll craft camp the second week of June. I have no idea how long I spent at it each day, but when I came home, I was too tired to photograph my dolls or write a post. From the fourteenth to the twentieth I was on vacation! There was no internet there ( cue lots of bawling) and I didn’t have my craft supplies. So that’s why there was no Life at Camp or What’s Up Wednesday or any other posts for that matter.

Vacation was fun, thanks for asking. We stayed in a little log cabin like we always do and watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies ( one through three), stuffed cookies and ice cream in our mouths, went shark tooth hunting, swam in the ocean, and went paddle boarding. You know in the Kanani books, she and her cousin Rachel go paddle boarding? (Everything always comes back to American Girl, doesn’t it?)

Guys. It was awesome. Although I fell in quite a lot, I was actually pretty good at it. You’re probably thinking: Loren, falling in is not a sign of perfection. I’d like to point out that my brother pushed me in many of those times.

I also took pictures for Star, Fire, and Ashes. But I only got the pictures for part one, North Star, and the pictures for the first episode of Thalia’s Fire (part two). I guess another beach trip is in order.

The one low thing about my vacation was the cockroaches. TREMBLE IN FEAR, ALL YE BUG HATERS!!!

Nothing was allowed in the house when we got home, not even my dolls. Everything had to undergo careful inspection to make sure no cockroach eggs had hitched a ride.

On the horrible chance that your dolls might be carrying cockroaches, this post is here for you :)


All the dolls were stripped of their clothes and thrown in a giant bag so that they would suffocate. (That wasn’t actually why they were in the bag. They were in there so that no cockroaches could escape.)


The bag was taken outside, and the dolls were removed from the bag, one at a time, and inspected. My mom peered into all of their arm and leg sockets and looked around their wigs. I found it too gruesome to watch, but the camera did not.


We picked through their hair like monkeys searching for tasty fleas in the fur of each other.


I brushed their hair once Mom was done with them.


Dolls waiting to be searched.


Dolls who have been deemed cockroach-free.


Saige was so eager to be done with the whole thing that she started to brush her own hair!

All the dolls seemed perfectly healthy. Until . . .

I found a little silvery-white bug on Tracy’s face, which could have been a baby cockroach. We had to throw her away. And then my mom decided not to take any chances, and all the dolls were thrown away. You can’t imagine how hard I’m crying right now. It’s like a chunk of my heart has been thrown away along with them. And without dolls, this blog can’t run. So I guess this is farewell.

Good bye.






















Sorry. That was a bit unnecessary.

None of my dolls were thrown away, and I’m not leaving. But we did find a bug on Tracy. Now my dolls have been exiled from the house and my mother is making a trap. Once the trap is completed, I can show you some pictures. If you want.


P.S. Really, what I did up there was more than a little mean. I’m sorry about that. I just wanted to know how you guys would react, so could you comment what was going through your mind when you read the “good bye” part?


50 thoughts on “What to Do if Your Dolls Have Cockroaches

  1. You got a bit dramatic and I knew you wouldn’t throw ALL your dolls away, so I didn’t believe you. My mom’s face though…
    “SHE THREW AWAY ALL HER AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS?!” (she knows how expensive they are and that you have a whole lot). LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When I read that, I was like, SHE THREW AWAY TRACY!!!!!!???? HOW COULD SHE THROW AWAY ALL OF HER DOLLS!!!!???? It made me really suspicious and glad that my dolls are cockroach free. One of my sisters has a tick, A TICK, come out of her Isabelle’s eye. EEK!


  3. You didn’t fool me! My friend has 10 dolls and her house was kinda infested with cockroaches, so after her house was exterminated, I had a sleepover there and she said she threw her dolls away, but she didn’t! I can’t believe your dolls suffocated! Sydney, Em, and Camille suffocating now in a box (in their pajamas LOL) and Kim is suffocating in her travel case.


  4. Poor suffocating dollies! I almost thought that you did throw your dolls away the first time I saw this post, and I was like “Nooooo! I love this blog! It can not end!”


  5. You REALLY should have seen my face! Oh my gosh I was on the brink of tears (actually, more like on the brink of a total breakdown)


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  7. I honestly thought you’d thrown away Tracy and bought a new one (why?). I didn’t buy the “Not taking any chances thing” Once when I was filming, I saw a centiped on Molly’s face. I screamed, and grabbed Mallery-Saige (Who was next to Molly) and ran inside. Lol I am such a dork. Oh and Loren, how many AG dolls do you have? I have seven. And one bitty.


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