Flashback — March 2015

A few days late? Yes.

Let’s get on with the flashback.


The BFF Wars — Part 6. Team Tori and Team Jules tests their brains in the Academics challenge of The BFF Wars.


The BFF Wars — Part 7. The first challenge that Tori Lee actually excels at: Survival. This post was featured in Doll Diaries’ Picks of the Week, which was pretty exciting. ;)


What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 4.


Au Revoir, Hiver {Good Bye, Winter}. A rather long photoshoot of MJ in the snow. Please don’t question why she’s wearing a tanktop; MJ will not have a good answer.


I Promise. In this photostory, MJ has to leave the Happy House of AG dolls. There’s icky emotions and even a dance number.


What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 11 (or 12) + Acting Out a Story. Thumbs up for long titles and all that. Besides pictures for WUW, there’s some of my old writing — in the style of Pseudonymous Bosch. I might continue the story some day. I’m thinking of calling it “Give the World Hope” or something along those lines. As in, let the world devour the main character.


Wanted: Title. Pictures of Savannah. Hooray. She rubs her Kool-Aid in your face.


Beauty in Pink. I got Briar Beauty, my first Ever After High doll.


What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 18.


Titles are Still Hiding From Me. I have trouble naming posts. It’s Saige’s birthday. That kind of post.


What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 25. A BFF Wars teaser was included in this post. ;)

Guess What? Happy one-year blogiversary to me-e-e-e-e-e-e.


(Are you ready for a whole lot of BFF Wars posts? Good.)

The BFF Wars — Part 8. Dance! Art! Fashion design! Writing! The teams participate in the Art challenge.


The BFF Wars — Part 9. Venus and Tori compete in Sports 1.


The BFF Wars — Part 9 1/2. Let’s play soccer!


The BFF Wars — Part 10. Tori and Jules compete in part one of Sports 2: swimming.


The BFF Wars — Part 10 1/2. An epic dodgeball battle ensues.


The BFF Wars — Part 11. Baking is not Team Tori’s strong point.


The BFF Wars — Part 12. The last challenge of The BFF Wars . . . Horseback Riding!


The BFF Wars — Part 12 1/2. Learn who won The BFF Wars in this episode.


The BFF Wars — Part 13. The BFF Wars comes to an end . . .


Guest Post ~ Daffodil Girl. A guest post by my friend Megan over at A Barefoot Gal!

So, as you can tell, basically the entire month of March was The BFF Wars.




15 thoughts on “Flashback — March 2015

  1. BFF WARS FOR LIFE!!! I love all these posts! Loren not to sound as if i am copying but I had a name that doll contest for the new doll i am getting and my friend outside of blogging said Savannah , soooo now everyne wants that name and plus my cousin is named that . i just wa


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